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I open my eyes and discover myself in my 12-year-old room, with ফুলেরডালি decorated all over the roof. Beside me there was a little ফুল shaped টেবিল with a vase upon it, of course with ফুলেরডালি in it. The floor is coverd with ফুল shaped pillows and stuffed animales with ফুলেরডালি as well. Last I remember, I trew all of this as soon as I turned fourteen, because I got tired of it. I get out of বিছানা and look at my ফুল shaped clock, 07:52.

This is bad, I run into my bathroom and brush my teeth, wash my face and look at the mirror. A twelve-year-old me is standing there and touching itself on...
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posted by Mushii
Name     Kisa Sohma
Gender     Female
Age     12
Hair Color     Gold
Eye Color     Gold
Family     Unnamed Mother
Year     Tiger (Zodiac) Dragon (real)


Noted দ্বারা the author, she was in the tops for prettiest character. Kisa has golden eyes and light কমলা hair, much like Kyo Sohma's.


When she was in elementary school, she was constantly teased for her hair and eye color. Eventually, everyone started to pretend that she wasn't there. But, they managed to notice her every time she would say something, and would laugh at her for everything she said. Soon after her class started ignoring her, she sealed her ability to speak. Hatori Sohma ব্যক্ত that her words were there, but she mentally shut them off. She started deteriorating, and eventually stopped going to school completly.

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