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 Joseph and Candice
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This Klaus & Caroline ছবি contains সাইন, পোস্টার, টেক্সট, চকবোর্ড, and ব্যবসা উপযোগী. There might also be সুবেশী ব্যক্তি, মামলা, প্যান্ট স্যুট, pantsuit, and সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান.

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Remember that famous scene in 3x11 where Klaus gives Caroline that speech about the beauty of the world? Everyone focused so much on the poetic, inspiring part of it that we completely overlooked the fact Klaus admited to being suicidal in the past.

His first actual conversation with Caroline, and he says he used to think about killing himself. The gravity of what he ব্যক্ত just hit me, and I can't even believe it. My mind is blown. He was always so adament on only displaying his strengths to people, appearing all-powerful, even to his family. And then he tells some dying vampire he barely knows...
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-First 11 spoilers are from the CW employee named Christian Waston, who পোষ্ট হয়েছে it on his ফেসবুক account
Other, 12-14 are the spoilers from different sides, but they are confirmed; mostly from Julie Plec.

''1)A big Klaus and Tyler fight is coming in Mystic falls.
2)don't expect Katherine any time soon, cause they have informed me that the writers are not planning anything for her just yet.
3)I can assure আপনি that there will be a lot of romantic tension between Delena.
4)Sage will help Damon figure out Rebekah's latest agenda, related to her discovery of the white oak বৃক্ষ that could kill her and...
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