Blaine pulls his car into his driveway carefully.

It’s dark out, he has to squint to see Kurt whose still asleep in the passenger seat.

“Kurt honey were here.” He says softly.

Kurt gasps and sits up quickly.

“You ok??” Blaine asks peering at his boyfriend concerned.

“I’m good.” he উত্তর unbuckling.

Blaine gets out and gets his bag, then he scoops up Kurt’s.

He puts the messenger bag over Kurt’s small shoulder.

Taking up each other’s hands they walk to the entrance of the Anderson mansion.

“Wow.” Kurt remarks seeing the house fully.

Blaine chuckles at the shocked look on his face.

“Yea, this is the Anderson mansion, if your lucky আপনি might see a glimpse of my parents.” Blaine remarks bitterly.

Kurt squeezes his hand lightly as the dark haired teen rings the doorbell.

A young girl উত্তর the door, she has hazel eyes similar to Blaine’s and dark curly hair.

She is wearing black skinny jeans and a black tank with a hoodie over it.

“Blaine!” she exclaims throwing her self at the surprised teen she loops her slender arms around his neck.

“Kurt, this is my sister Cacey, Cacey this is my boyfriend Kurt.”

The young girl unloops her arms from Blaines neck and looks at Kurt.

“Nice to meet you.” She says smiling warmly at him.

Kurt lets out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding.