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Yet another amazing album দ্বারা my পছন্দ মাউস fursona Kitsune^2. Get it here for free from the official Site while its still there!! অথবা make a donation for the track, your call X3 link
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posted by LoneWOLF2272
It has been quite awhile since I have interacted with my পছন্দ group of fursona's "lapfox trax." Their সঙ্গীত though, however, is burned inside me ever since I've listen to my পছন্দ song, "Renard-Spring Rain." So it came to me দ্বারা surprise when I finally decided to stumble onto the link The লিঙ্ক is the same however instead of Lapfox Trax, it was Halley Labs. I still dont know why Renard change the name from Lapfox Trax to Halley Labs, Could be there are আরো artist contributing to the page, অথবা the incident I heard he was accused of made him change his name. Whatever the case may be, Lapfox Trax is now Halley Labs apparently.