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posted by NCISLuver524
Chapter 1- May 5, 2011

Olivia and Elliot exit a restaurant together. Olivia has her arm around Elliot.

“Thanks for dinner. El,” She says. They continue to walk down the street, heading towards Olivia’s apartment. They walk in silence. Elliot slips his arm around Olivia’s waist.

“El, I think Kathy would not like আপনি holding me like this,” she laughs. Elliot pulls himself closer to her.

“Who cares what Kathy thinks,” he whispers. Elliot then kisses Olivia on the lips. They চুম্বন for a long time in the street.

“Dad?” Elliot whips his head up, only to see Kathleen, his daughter....
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posted by crowdreamer
Chapter One

Hour Twenty-Four

Part 1.

Olivia had known something was up. When she entered her apartment, she had that feeling—the one where the creepy-crawlies made every hair stand on end—on her arms, on the back of her neck. Ignoring it would cost her dearly, and she would never forgive herself after this. She knew that, once her own gun was pointing towards her head, and that sick fuck Lewis was at the other end.

Part 2.

Elliot saw the প্রতিবেদন on the news about the rapist set free in Manhattan, and he couldn't help thinking of her. She would be horrified right now—obsessing over the injustice...
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posted by livi_wells
One of my favourite things about SVU is the amazing dialogue the charcters have. Here is a selection from season 1.

Narrator: In the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of a elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

(Cragen chews out Olivia for not arresting a woman who then committed suicide.)
Don Cragen: আপনি just used your Get Out of Jail Free card, Olivia. There’s only one in the pack.

Olivia Benson: Question. Who'd want...
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posted by loloperks
Olivia runs into the office searching wildly for Elliot with a look that could kill. Storming in she notices that the offices remains empty, as if everyone has done প্রথমপাতা for the night, but then she notices Elliot sitting at his ডেস্ক sorting through paperwork concerning todays case.

"Elliot!" yells Olivia as she starts throwing papers off of his ডেস্ক to get his attention. "How dare আপনি try and take that bullet for me today?! আপনি had no right risking your life for me. আপনি have a wife and a family! আপনি have to start thinking আরো clearly!"

Slowly, Elliot stands up reaching for Olivia, "Liv will...
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posted by livi_wells
This is my alltime favourite SVU episode. I watched the প্রদর্শনী before this, but this was the episode that got me hooked on it!

Here are some great উদ্ধৃতি from the episode - my heartstrings were plucked mercilessly...

John Munch: I hear আপনি had a date.
Olivia Benson: Yeah. Even had theater tickets.
John Munch: To what?
Olivia Benson: Spamalot.
John Munch: I hear it's funny.

Olivia Benson: (on the phone) Maria, wake up, Maria ... Maria?
Richard Dwyer: Who is this?
Olivia Benson: This is the police. We know exactly where আপনি are.
Richard Dwyer: No, আপনি don't.

Don Cragen: What are we going to believe, the...
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posted by livi_wells
Thursday July 22nd

She burst into her apartment. Throwing her bags to the floor she went to the cabinet and selected the bottle with the highest alcohol volume. Not bothering with a glass she stormed into her bedroom, tears streaming down her face. She stripped off and climbed into her sheets, pulling them around her until she felt safe. Taking a swig from the bottle she closed her eyes, her mouth and throat burned but she took another. She had to forget. It worked for her mother; it should work for her. Still আরো tears streamed down her cheeks. Her tears turned to cries and then to sobs. She...
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After a hard long দিন of dealing with pedophiles with Olivia, Elliot goes home. He was dealing with a very personal case that got to him.
Olivia told him to go home, but he thought he might go get a drink. "Nah, I'll go প্রথমপাতা and see Eli,", he says to himself.
As he drives into the driveway, he notices that his bedroom light is on, and no one is home.
So, being the couragious man he is, Elliot grabs his gun, and heads for the door. As he grabs a hold of the door nob, he notices that his hand is wet. he goes into the light and sees that it is blood.
He graps his gun even harder and bursts through...
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posted by HuddyJoy0524
I wrote this a few months পূর্বে and put it on fanfiction.net but I thought id post it here as well. It's a Fin/Melinda but I probably wont be able to resist putting some E/O in there ;) Let me know what আপনি think!

“Hey! Elliot!” Olivia Benson motioned for her partner. He frowned and walked over to her desk.
“What’s the problem?”
“Do আপনি think Fin has been অভিনয় strange lately? He’s been kind of…”
“Withdrawn.” Elliot finished her sentence, sighed, and nodded. “I didn’t want to say anything because I thought you’d think I was…”
“Overreacting.” Olivia finished Elliot’s...
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posted by crowdreamer
Part I—The Assault
There she was, sitting at her desk…with his gun. What the heck was I thinking, leaving her alone like this? he asked himself.
    “Liv. Liv what are আপনি doing?” A huge pit opened up in his stomach, while each hair on his head stood at attention. She raised the gun to her head.
    Just one মাস ago, Olivia Benson had a regular life--as regular as it could be for a detective who investigated rape cases. While other cops in her department came and went, burning out due to the egregious nature of the horrendous crimes they witnessed...
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elandlivfan wrote this...

I read somewhere that liv is going to tell el about sealview in the epi "truth" which was going to be on this tuesday but they changed it like thay changed PTSD and Persona. And this is what it said:

"While Stabler and Benson are on an investigation for a rapist the case bring out the truth in Benson and she shares her story to stabler about the time she almost got raped.The case gets even আরো persoal when the rapist is related to the guy Olivia almost got raped by.They both get too involved with the case leading to great danger."

so i guess the ep is going to be called "Truth"...

posted by v30CRUSH
Olivia pulled a বিয়ার out the fridge. She stares at it for the longest time. In a flash, she flung it at the wall, shattering it. She collapsed on the floor, heaving and sobbing. It had been two weeks since they took Calvin away from her. His absence was like a new tear in her heart. She had হারিয়ে গেছে so much. " Why!" she screamed at the silent walls looming around her. Loud knocking on her door caught her attention.
"Liv, open the door. It's me, Elliot!
Olivia wiped her face and stumbled to the door. When she opened it, Elliot pulled her into his arms. She gratefully wrapped her arm around him,...
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posted by RosalynCabenson
Here are some সাম্প্রতিক Neal Baer tweet's. Read from the bottom up.

# @jrcprc Yep, আপনি two original SVUs will air on Sept. 22nd.

@Gigi_Barros পরবর্তি week is SVU Gag Twitvid #2!

@jrcprc Have a little faith. This season starts with Benson, Stabler, Fin and Munch and a drip in the ceiling of Cragen's office...

@ReubenIngber September 22nd with TWO ORIGINAL HOURS of SVU RT

What is Benson going to get this season? Well some things she's always wanted. And to start, watch eps 1 and 2 for a surprise..

Taken from SVUfans.net পোষ্ট হয়েছে দ্বারা rambabe.
And here are some suggestions from the discussion on SVUfans.net.

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posted by BeSafe
A fanfiction I wrote about Cragen and how I believe he sees all of his detectives...:)

Looking Back

Don Cragen sat in the slightly uncomfortable chair in his office, it was late and not many people were around. He reached under his ডেস্ক and grabbed a drink he knew he shouldn’t being a recovering alcoholic but after the দিন he’d had he felt like he deserved it. It was like this most days. Working sex crimes isn’t a job for the faint of heart. It was gruesome, cruel, and sometimes plain unbearable. Looking into the eyes of the victims as they relive what happened to them is terrible. You...
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posted by Mariskafan21
Elliot had always had trouble at home, but nothing as bad as this...
He always had someone to talk to with Kathy and the kids at home,
but not this time.
He always found reliance in Olivia.
So, he went to her apartment.
She had invited him in, as usual..
oblivious of what was wrong with Elliot.
As they sat down on the couch, a tear slid down his face...
'What's the matter?', Olivia said.
'Kathy left me, Olivia.' he said.
Then tears flowed down is face as he buried his face in his hands.
He'd always hated প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে his emotions... especially around Olivia
Olivia rapped her arms around him, trying to comfort...
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So, who would stand দ্বারা her husband when he’s accused of being a serial rapist?

Actress Gayatri Bahl was brought in to do exactly that in last night’s “Decaying Morality” episode of LAW & ORDER: SVU.

I had a chance to catch up with Gayatri Bahl to find out আরো about her experience working on the show.

What can আপনি tell us about your role in “Law & Order: SVU”?

GAYATRI: I play the wife of the prominent dentist, Dr. Neil Alexander, played দ্বারা Paul Adelstein ("Scandal," "Private Practice"), who gets caught up in the investigation.

How was it to work alongside this veteran cast?...
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posted by roshelle12
one night olivia was at প্রথমপাতা sitting on her পালঙ্ক in her night gown.all of a sudden she heard the phone ring and it was elliot OLIVIA:hey el whats going on.ELLIOT: i need to talk to আপনি do আপনি think আপনি could come outside for a sec and olivia ব্যক্ত sure.so when she came outside she seen elliot on the front step.OLIVIA: নমস্কার el is something wrong ELLIOT: how long have we been partners LIV: i dont know about nine years why.ooooooooh nothing i just wanted to know come on আপনি know আপনি can tell me anything.well over the years ive kinda grown some feelings for you.olivia was silent there for a second.so liv ব্যক্ত can i ask আপনি something.elliot was like ya. i kinda have feeling for আপনি to.so they leaned over and kissed each other.while they were স্নেহ চুম্বন elliots phone rang.He looked at it and it was cathy. elliot had to leave. Before he left he gave olivia a peck on the check.
posted by livi_wells
Payback was the first ever episode of SVU.

Although later episodes reveal that Benson's mother was an alcoholic and verbally abusive to her, Serena Benson is portrayed in this episode as caring and loving. She asks Benson whether অথবা not she would have been better off without her, to which Benson lovingly holds her mother's hand.

While Olivia and Serena Benson are enjoying lunch, the waiter pours wine into both their glasses. This is somewhat strange since later episodes state that Serena has a serious drinking problem.

John Munch: Not to mention the fact that I হারিয়ে গেছে a wife after less than one...
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posted by BeccaL
It was 9:30 pm at the 1-6 and Donald Cragen was p.o.'d. Washington wanted two of his best Detectives to go undercover for a বছর at least.
He stormed into his precinct and saw Benson and Stabler working at their desks. "Benson, Stabler my office NOW!"
He walked into his office followed দ্বারা his to lead detectives.
Benson spoke up first. "Captain, did we do something wrong?"
"No, the bosses at Washington want আপনি two to go undercover for awhile."
Elliot spoke up. “Captain I can't do that. My divorce is being finalized and I need to be at that end hearing."
"I'm sorry Elliot but আপনি have to....
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just found that post on tumblr:

If অনুরাগী wrote a season of SVU, here’s what would happen:

দ্বারা mhfan11794:
- Olivia would get shot, kidnapped অথবা tortured (or any combination of the three).

- EO hookups every episode and confessing their প্রণয় on a stakeout.

- Kathy would die.

- Munch would make an appearance.

- Find out what happened to Simon (You know, Liv’s family?).

- Olivia would get custody of Calvin.

- We find out what happened to Maureen, Lizzie, and Eli.

- Every episode will make sense and have a logical plotline.

I loved that!
especially the eo and Lizzie and Maureen! and Much and plotline and oh আপনি know all XD
Feel free to add what would happen in আপনি episode!