Kate Beckett <3
1-Where are আপনি from and how old are you
I am from Athens, Greece and I am 17 and half years old :p ,well actually I will be 18 in October ;)

2- What are your favorites?
-TV Show: বন্ধু
-Book : The last song
-Movie : Mamma Mia
-Couple : Ross&Rachel
-Female : Kate Beckett
-Male : Ross Geller
-Actress : Jennifer Aniston
-Actor : Patrick Demspey
-Friendship/Relationship : Carrie/Miranda/Charlotte/Samantha

3- How would আপনি describe yourself?
Let me tell আপনি that this is the hardest one haha :p . Ok well I think I’m down to earth but at the same time I’m a dreamer ;) . I’m a sucker for romantic things and I প্রণয় funny, good and honest people <3 . I প্রণয় making my friends/family happy and inspiration is really important to me . What else should I say ?! xD I প্রণয় meeting new people but I don’t open up easily so sometimes I may seem distant but that’s not the case and I really don’t like talking about myself so I will let this one on আপনি =) haha !

4- Who is your biggest role model and why?
Trying to answer this প্রশ্ন I figured out that I don’t have one . Ok, I mean that I প্রণয় many qualities from many different people (both artists and my close environment people) so my biggest role model is a faceless person that combines all these different qualities <3 . It would be so unfair to name just one person because there are so many beautiful humans out there who inspire my daily!

5-How did আপনি come about the LPF?
আপনি mean how did I join? I think I joined the spot the period I was watching OTH and being obsessed with Leyton firstly I thought it had to do with these two . Then I saw that people were making really cool and different kind of picks and I started answering e.t.c . I have already spoken with some of the members as well such as Ade and Bee and then I just started making picks too ?! Haha I really don’t remember .

6- What do আপনি hope to be/achieve when আপনি are older?
Uh… well I won’t name a certain profession . I will just say that I want to do something that will inspire the rest of the world and something that will inspire me to keep doing it . Also, I want to be surrounded দ্বারা my পছন্দ people .

7-What is a dream আপনি really want to accomplish in life?
Do something –professionally wise- that has to do with art <3

8-Your absolute পছন্দ quality in a person and your absolute least পছন্দ quality in a person?
Favorite: humor and honesty (can’t choose :p)
Least favorite: fakeness

9-If আপনি could live anywhere in the world other than Greece where would আপনি live?
I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else tbh :p but If I had to choose I think in Rome/Italy ;)
10-If আপনি could play any type of t.v. character on any type of show; what kind of character would আপনি play and on what show?
Uhm … I would want to be a অনুরাগী পছন্দ (LOL :P) haha . Ok I would like to be in a প্রদর্শনী like স্বতস্ফূর্ত ,something that combines comedy, drama, সঙ্গীত all together ;) and as for the character I would like to be a funny/badass one !

Maria's beauitful OTP

[b]11- What 3 songs mean the most to আপনি and why?

Oh man that’s hard :p
Ok I will go with
1) Wings দ্বারা Birdy : Even though I don’t like ranking my পছন্দ songs ,the last বছর I’ve been telling to everyone that this one is my পছন্দ and the hopeless romantic in me just adores the lyrics
2) Time of our lives দ্বারা Tyrone Wells : THE LYRICS MAKE MY CRY :’( . So as আপনি know I just graduated from high school and Nic made a really emotional video with this song for our graduation celebration. I’ve always loved this song but now I প্রণয় it even আরো because I already miss school like crazy and how we all were so close ,especially the last year, so yeah going with this one ;D
3) I’m torn between Shake it out (Florence and the Machine) and Cannonball (Lea Michele) for the third place :p but after some serious thought (heh) I will go with Cannonball : Let’s just say that from November of 2013 until March of 2014 wasn’t the best period of my life . These 6 months were hard for me because I had some English exams going on and some school things going on ,anyway I was feeling alone sometimes ,when it came to friends, and sad so when this song came out ,January of ’14 the lyrics really spoke to me haha <3. It gives me strength and I’m আরো of an optimist ,so yeah I relate to it. Plus it’s my পছন্দ singer গান গাওয়া it how could I not adore it?!

12-Describe each of the LPF members in 5 words??
ADE : honest, independent, adventurous ,friendly, caring
ALINE: admirable, funny, caring, badass, independent
AMBER: sweet, caring, understanding, open-minded, admirable
ATIE: sarcastic, badass, cute, loving, friendly
BEE: bubbly, kind, open-minded, friendly, enthusiastic
CELINE: nicest (person), caring, loving, princess, dorky
ELLE: funny, caring, honorable, independent, smart
FATEMEH: stylish, independent, sarcastic, loving, badass
HOLLY: brave, admirable, passionate, strong, loyal
INES: innovative, smart, caring, creative, honest
JESS: friendly, nice, brave, smart, funny
KIR: smart, caring, friendly, honest, enthusiastic
NAD: independent, sarcastic, strong, loving, funny
NEREA: creative, friendly, honest, caring, loyal
NIC: loyal, brave, funny, stylish, (my person<3)
RACHEL: kind, brave, smart, loving, caring
RANA: smart, loyal, funny, strong, lovable

13- If আপনি were a superhero what super power would আপনি have?
Cure illnesses ;p . I’m pretty sure this is not a super power but oh well it could be!

14- What's a talent আপনি wish আপনি had?
Sing better?!

15- Besides Nic...who would আপনি say are your closest LPF people and why?
First of all I want to say that I consider myself pretty lucky because I think I am close with most of আপনি <333 so I will narrow it down to the three people I think I’m cloeser because of course I want to include আপনি all :D
- Rana because she is my actual big sister <333 (we’re the twisted sisters after all ;P). I can be completely honest with her and I can talk about anything with her whether it’s fangirling অথবা real life stuff!
- Aline because once again I can be completely honest with her <333 . For me Aline is probably the most admirable LPFer and I feel that everyone who talks with her has something to gain!
- Celine aka my (snow) twinnie <3 . We haven’t talked in ages tbh :p but whenever we do talk it’s like no time has passed since the last time . I প্রণয় this girl ,she is my personality twin and I feel really close to her!