Amazing Aline <3
So I have a thing about doing articles, and I haven’t done one for a while, so I thought now would be a perfect time to do one. The LPF and আপনি guys have been such a big part of my life, and even though I have come and gone, আপনি have all remained in my life in some way অথবা another, and I am forever thankful for আপনি guys. This spot is very important to me, and so are you. Even if this spot never dies, I know our friendships and family will always be there. I can’t wait to continue to make আরো memories with আপনি all and to one দিন hopefully meet আপনি all for some drinks and heaps of marathons

Here are some individual messages আপনি tell আপনি all how much আপনি mean to me <3

Aline! Gah, I probably have never ব্যক্ত this before, but I honestly admire আপনি a lot. আপনি just have this presence আপনি that always makes me happy. While আপনি and I don’t talk much, I still enjoy the times we do, and I like learning new things about আপনি every day! আপনি are the voice of reason on the LPF, and I hope we can create আরো memories and find আরো things in common. আপনি are such an amazing person with a wise soul, and I am forever grateful to have met আপনি <3

Amazing Aline <3

AMBERRY! MY BEAUTIFUL AND KIND HEARTED FRIEND. Gosh, the world would be a sad place if আপনি weren’t in it. Like Mooshy আপনি and I have been বন্ধু for ages, and I still remember our LLT chats. আপনি were still the biggest sweetheart even then. আপনি have always made me smile and so happy, and I adore your personality and kind nature, and I can’t thank আপনি enough for all the times আপনি have made me feel special.

Beautiful Amber <3

Adorable Atie. Gosh, আপনি are such a sweetheart, who never fails to make me smile অথবা laugh. I adore আপনি in every single way. Thank আপনি for being yourself and for always making sure আপনি say hello to everyone. I remember when I first met আপনি and I honestly was amazed at how much আপনি made me laugh. আপনি are such a great addition to the LPF and your crazy comments, humor and beautiful personality and something I will always treasure. আপনি are the little sister I never had, and I will always be here for you.
প্রণয় আপনি little Atie <3

Awesome Atie <3

CELINE!!! Ahhh, my angel! I honestly have so much প্রণয় for you, and gosh আপনি make me happy. No matter what আপনি always manage to bring so much happiness to the LPF and I missed আপনি so much when I was not there. We have been বন্ধু since the LLT days, and আপনি will forever be one of my পছন্দ and original LPF girls <3 I প্রণয় how আপনি and I always seem to adore the same characters and our friendship always seems to stay the same no matter how much we talk অথবা don’t talk.
I adore your artwork and how excited আপনি get over all your পছন্দ things. আপনি always make me feel welcome and like I belong in this crazy family. Thank আপনি for always being there for me and thank আপনি for being the amazing person আপনি are, প্রণয় আপনি forever <3

Stunning Celine <3

FATEMEH, আপনি GODDESS. I am always in awe of your beauty and kindness. আপনি are so fantastic to talk to, and I adore আপনি in every way. We haven’t spoken in a while but when আপনি do আপনি always amaze me with how easy আপনি are to talk to. I know আপনি will go far in life and I can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things আপনি do. Never stop being who আপনি are because it makes the world a better place.

Fabulous Fatemeh

চিরশ্যামল গুল্মবিশেষ <3 What can I say, আপনি inspire me so much! আপনি have been through so much, and yet আপনি are so strong, আপনি are so open minded, and আপনি always listen to other people’s views. I am forever grateful to have আপনি in my life. I will always remember how we always skyped and we always spoke every day. আপনি made me appreciate brucas, and I প্রণয় that আপনি always made me feel like I could do and achieve anything in this world. আপনি were one of my first স্বতস্ফূর্ত buddies and OTH buddies, and that is something I will never forget. Holly, this LPF would not be the same without and my life would certainly be sadder if আপনি weren’t in it. Thank you, Holly, for everything <3
Inspiring চিরশ্যামল গুল্মবিশেষ <3

We haven’t spoken as much as I would have liked, but আপনি mean so much to me. আপনি have such a unique and vibrant personality. I প্রণয় learning new things about you, and I adore how passionate আপনি got about things আপনি love. আপনি honestly complete this family with your mind and your heart, and আপনি are always the first to help everyone. Thank আপনি for letting me be your friend and thank আপনি for everything আপনি do.

Unique Ines <3

KIR KIR KIR! Do আপনি remember the good old FANATIC 5 DAYS! Ahhh I sometimes really miss that group. আপনি and I have been through soooooooo much together. From the FANATIC 5 Days to the LLT days and now the LPF days. আপনি and I have always had this amazing connection, and I have felt so proud to watch আপনি grow and become the amazing lady আপনি are. আপনি inspire me every day, and I প্রণয় how আপনি carry yourself. Kir I adore you, I প্রণয় our chats and all the memories we have made. Thank আপনি for being one of my first বন্ধু on ফ্যানপপ and always remember that I am here for you. One দিন we shall meet, and I can’t wait.

Strong Kir <3

What can I say, আপনি are such an amazing friend, and আপনি provide such wisdom and laughter around here. আপনি will forever be my Regina, Rachel Berry, Amelia and Outlaw কুইন Twin! আপনি got me hooked onto Castle, and it makes me happy. When I first came back, আপনি messaged me straight away, and a new friendship had formed. I don’t know but I আপনি honestly mean a lot to me, and আপনি are always willing to talk to me and help me when I am upset. I feel like you, and I are very similar at times, and I feel a huge connection to আপনি that I hope never breaks, because আপনি are amazing Maria and my life would be shit without আপনি <3

Magnificent Maria <3

Nic Nic Nic! My fandom twin and honestly I sometimes think আপনি are my soulmate :P. The one person I can always rely on to agree with me on nearly everything! Ever since I came back to the LPF, আপনি and I have grown so close, and I am grateful for that. I wish I had met আপনি sooner, but I am glad that I did meet you. আপনি are never afraid, to be honest, and be yourself, and আপনি are always making me laugh with your sass and sarcasm. আপনি are nearly always the first person I message if something exciting happened in my life and আপনি will never judge me for my mistakes অথবা regrets. পরবর্তি বছর when I come to Greece…WE ARE HAVING A COCKTAIL.
Thank আপনি for everything আপনি do, and I will always cherish everything about you. Thank আপনি for being my B.Davis, Phoebe, SATC and Seth Cohen buddy. প্রণয় আপনি MY CARRIE <3

Sassy Nic <3

MY LITTLE SISTER, MY MOOSHY MOO, ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PEOPLE EVER. Honestly, আপনি have impacted my life in such an amazing way. আপনি are ALWAYS there when I need you, and আপনি always make me laugh no matter what. We rarely NEVER EVER agreed on any fandom things except for RIVERDALE (Betty and Archie are the best!) and DAIR, and আপনি are the bamf while I am the sweetheart. But the one thing we always agree on is how we will always be there for each other. আপনি are always the first I message if I am sad অথবা happy and আপনি have made me feel so much better when I am stressed অথবা upset. I can’t wait to meet up in person with you, and we can have our OTH and OC marathon. Thank আপনি for being such an amazing yet sometimes annoying friend who makes me do picks with আপনি all the time :P…AND I CAN’T WAIT TO CREATE আরো MEMORIES WITH YOU.

Badass Rana <3

The LPF has been such a lifeline for me and it will always be a special place for me to relax. Thank আপনি all for making it the place it is. I may come and go but আপনি guys will forever be my family <3

Forever Family <3