Leyton Family<3 [#2-loser like me দ্বারা new directions] songs I relate to ; which of these lyrics do আপনি think fits me most ?

Pick one:
U may think that I'm a zero,but everyone U wannabe probably started off like me
all of the dirt you've been throwing my way, it ain't so hard to take
i know one দিন you'll be screaming my name & I'll just look away
go ahead & hate on me & run your mouth (so everyone can here)
hit me with the worst আপনি got & knock me down (baby I don't care)
আপনি wanna be, a loser like me
I'll get আপনি back when I'm your boss
I could be a superstar, see আপনি when আপনি wash my car
আপনি can throw your sticks and আপনি can throw your stones
l-o-s-e-r I can only be who I are
 Nicolas97 posted বছরখানেক আগে
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