Leyton Family<3 All the parallels between Leyton/Lucaya; your favorite?

Pick one:
Both girls are super into art and সঙ্গীত
Both boys believe/support their art and সঙ্গীত
Both girls are "hard" and "scare" the boy
Both girls are closed off and believe people always leave
Both girls fall for the guy because he's a "good guy"
Both girls stepped back at one point for their best friend
Both couples are in a প্রণয় ত্রিভুজ with the girls cheery brunette bff
Both boys think its unfair that bad things keep happening to the girl
Both girls have made a speech about how they want their art to mean something
Both boys have made a speech about how the girls art DOES mean something
Tortured artist meets Tortured athlete applies to both
Both boys and girls have a complicated relationship with their parents
Both girls bffs have been there for them during tough times
 mooshka posted বছরখানেক আগে
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