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posted by liam_a_ninja
Once opon a very যেভাবে খুশী long time পূর্বে there was a young dragon named blaze. Blaze is a rare breed of ড্রাগন know as the elemental dragon, the elemental ড্রাগন have every single type of element in them *im not naming them cause i dont feel like it, now back to the story* Blaze's parents was hybrids that means that blaze is mixed with lots of many different creatures and he can turn into them. Blaze's mom was a serperior * a ঘাস type starter pokemon of the unova region * a নেকড়ে and a and a alicorn. Blaze's dad is a dragon..... just a dragon..... but a elemental one..... and i also forgot he is also mixed with a শিয়াল so blaze is a fox, alicorn, dragon, serperior, wolf, and a fox..... his main form is a dragon, but he will change into is other forms except his fox, he never changed to a fox... well আপনি know is orgins so im done writing