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The door opened, fractionally, just enough for Cal to catch a brief glimpse of surprise and pleasure on the face of the woman he loved.

Giving her no chance to recover herself Cal virtually pushed his way through the small opening giving no regard to the sharp intake of breath he left in his wake.
Reaching the middle of the living room Cal turned and faced Gillian who had only just finished closing the door

“So Foster, do আপনি make a habit of opening your door this late at night, not knowing who is on the other side – অথবা were আপনি expecting company? – should I leave?”
“Good evening Cal....
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Already the সেকেন্ড season finale?? Where did this season go?
Oh, I remember now.

*Rant Ahead* - Ye be Warned.

I know plenty of people who were completely thrown off of Lie to Me because of the idiot decision শিয়াল made to extend this season while it's original '13 episode' season was almost done.
By doing that, it shortened the 'intended' season down to 10 episodes, and what followed after that was a 6 মাস hiatus so the writers and everyone involved could pick up the order.
However the GOOD news, is that Season 3 returns alot SOONER than usual. (So far the তারিখ is set for November 10th, but don't...
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Just had this প্রবন্ধ pop up on my computer (I have a Tim Roth Alert thing) Apparently there is this guy who belongs to a Comic Book Movie অনুরাগী Site and he has decided that he has his own idea of re-casting the film The Incredible Hulk.
His মতামত on his choice is as follows:

"He looks just like Tim Roth and could totally do a great Blonsky." (See ছবি at bottom)
Well I admit that I wear glasses, I have tried looking at this pix with and without them. I have tried closing one eye - then the other - Rose tinted Specs- I have tried upside down and sideways.....The ONLY conclusion I can come to is that the person that পোষ্ট হয়েছে this 'effort' is the one taht needs glasses!!!!
I mean, COME ON PEOPLE, I am not saying the guy in the pix is ugly অথবা anything BUT...
No sexy, slightly wicked sparkle in the eyes. No charismatic, almost magnetic humour that our Mr Roth exudes.
Is it just me - can ANYONE see ANY similarity ????
posted by Juliana_House
Well, honestly, this case wasn't very interesting until the end. It was a little slow, but it had some amusing scenes throughout and that's what kept me hooked. (That and the fact that I need to write this full review....and Tim Roth...)

Gillian and Loker's case:
Now, at the beginning, I didn't fully understand what was going on. All I heard was blood, blood...and something about tainted blood. It was a good case, emotional on some level, but all around boring. Eli stayed in the lab, stating the obvious to the audience ("He's setting a base line" ect) and Gillian was all awesome asking the right...
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There's an প্রবন্ধ in this month's Sky Magazine about the সেকেন্ড half of Lie To Me, which it says is returning to Sky 1 in Late Spring. It's only a short piece, but I've copied it below.

Love ত্রিভুজ for Dr Lightman?
When we last saw human behaviour expert Dr Cal Lightman, he was dealing with everything from death threats at a high school to trying to suss if a farmer's plan to blow up the US Treasury Department should be taken seriously. Thankfully, Dr Cal and co have survived their numerous ordeals, and Season Two of Lie To Me will resume in May - but this time it seems the troubles are of...
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Gillian had spent the first 30 মিনিট of the বড়দিন party faking a festive smile and making polite conversation. It was only when Cal, accompanied দ্বারা Emily, entered the room that she felt her spirits finally lift.
Now, as she watched him সরানো round the room doing his ‘duty’ socialising, she could see through the fake smile and recognised that he was very tired, and still tense.
After what he had just returned from it was hardly surprising and a বড়দিন party would be the last thing he needed, but he was doing his best, for Emily.
Mentally shaking herself free from Cal, Gillian started...
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posted by Dadog5
Let me make a prediction! So okay there's two আরো episodes left of season 2, and I know that on the season finale, something, I don't know what, will happen between Cal, and Gillian, something bigger than Cal admitting that he likes Gillian.
So I LOVED the end of Exposed, the scene with Cal, and his daughter Emily.
"You never tell the truth, I guess that's why you'll always be alone."
Emily says.
Out side, of restaurant , আপনি can see Gillian sitting, পাঠ করা a book.
Cal looks at her, then back at Emily, he then gets up, and says,
"I'm not alone". He leaves, and walks out side to যোগদান Gillian. It was way sweet! And Gillian ( I think) has dropped her dumb fake boyfriend, and seemed to be happy to see Cal. And Emily even smiled, so that was extra points!
posted by Juliana_House
Sorry for the lack of my review last week, but I was away at camp, and as many times I ask for them to set up TV and never happens.
So today I watched last weeks episode and caught tonights to get things back on track.

And I must admit, I was pleasently surprised with last weeks episode 'Pied Piper'.
Considering it was the type of case that I absolutly LOVE, I was immediatly hooked. (Creepy children গান গাওয়া nursery rhymes is generally something I watch all of the time. Nightmare on Elm Street, anyone?)
So about last weeks was 'bloody' amazing. Perfect in every way, and so...
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posted by Juliana_House
Sorry for the delayed review, I got caught up in a bunch of things, and for the first time since this series started, Lie to Me actually slipped my mind!
Not that anyone will notice that this is a late review, but I let myself down. =(

Anyway...this episode was quite a mish-mash of alot going on. And I'm actually glad for it, because Lie to Me has been so drama heavy (hence why it's a drama) but it's been lacking that element of humor, mainly in Loker. And tonight, they brought it back.

Now we all know what happened in the episode, someone get's shot, someone's set up, and they go searching for...
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posted by Juliana_House
Ok, first of all, for one of the best episodes so far in this season...this one is it. This episode is the first one to start revealing things about the characters, and it's beginning to take a turn to tell us আরো behind who they are. In this case, this episode was dedicated to our dear Ria Torres.

But as for an over all, 'I know when you're lying' episode, it was ok. I found it predictible to watch, because I knew how it ended half way through, picking up on clues that they dont put in zoom for আপনি has become a habit to me now. But the অভিনয় was amazing! As always, Tim Roth did a great job...
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posted by Juliana_House
I have to start off দ্বারা saying that Tim looked absolutly amazing in this episode.

We begin with a great opening sequence with Cal and the obvious case of three people trapped underneath a building... but I'll get to the case later.
This was one of the funniest and most dramatic episodes I've ever seen. I've never seen such an intense case with such 'lol' moments besides the occasional episode of House.
The Highlight: Gillian slapped Cal. Priceless-- the শিরোনাম couldn't be আরো accurate. If the shipping hadn't already started, this would be the beginning.

Cal's highlights:
"She's the shrink, I'm...
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posted by Juliana_House
 Why not just call this the Callian episode?
Why not just call this the Callian episode?
Last weeks episode got us back into the basic দোল of things...and this week it reminded us of exactly how much emotion this প্রদর্শনী can carry. And this episode bared it all. Callian অনুরাগী will be extatic with this episode, and while I still don't exactly support their ship...I certainly respect it a heck of a lot more.
This episode was all about Cal and Gillian's relationship, nothing আরো and nothing less. (Unless আপনি count the explosions and বন্দুক as 'something more')

I won't run over the episode plot, but I will briefly talk about the key scenes in this episode.

We literally start things off with...
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1. Gillian is happy about the divorce:
Does it get any better than Gillian going off on Cal about how incredible it is for her to wear pink? I thoroughly enjoyed Gillian's little tirade about being happy and free since the divorce. The girl deserves some happiness, too! And she can definitely rock the পরাকাষ্ঠা dress ;)

2. Cal is happy about the divorce:
I loved the wine he bought Gillian as her "divorce present", a present which soon changed to the woman with multiple-personality disorder. আপনি could tell Cal wasn't exactly upset দ্বারা the divorce and seemed quite happy himself....
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posted by Juliana_House
Well I'm back from my trip, and I'm glad that there was no new episode last week, so I didn't miss anything.
But this episode was just super, wasn't it?? The cases was very interesting, and the emotions from everyone in this episode was like a rollercoster ride.

Let's start off with Jennifer Beals first apperance on this show, and she is just perfect to play Cal's wife. (It was a reunion for her and Tim if আপনি go back to one of Tim's earlier চলচ্চিত্র called Four Rooms, Jennifer was a part of two of the 4 stories that took place). Zoe is very strong, and I immediatly liked her. I don't really...
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The uneasy silence continued when all three entered the house.

Gillian went and perched on the edge of a chair whilst Emily stomped her way through to the kitchen.

Cal made a quick appraisal and decided to tackle the easier of the two problems দ্বারা following his daughter through to the kitchen.

“Still sulking are we, daughter of mine?”

Emily was standing at the রান্নাঘর sink getting a glass of water, she had her back to her father and made no effort to reply অথবা turn to acknowledge Cal in any way.

“Cum on Em, whatsup? I was always under the impression that আপনি secretly wanted this to happen”...
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posted by Dadog5
Gosh! Okay so I saw previews for পরবর্তি week! And it's about Fosters boyfriend ( UGH HATE HIM lol) any way and like he gets kidnaped, অথবা something like that. So there's this scene with Foster, Lightman, and Fosters boyfriend.
And this is was is ব্যক্ত [that made me scream!]:
" This isn't about foster!" Lightman says to Fosters boyfriend.
"No, it's about you! আপনি want her!" Fosters boyfriend says.
"In the most worst way!" Says Lightman.
EEEK! And like Foster looks at him with a surprised look.
Gosh! I always knew Lightman liked her! So here's what I would say to Foster: " Drop your dumb boyfriend, and hook up with Lightman! It's gonna happen either way!"
posted by Juliana_House
 I loved the inclusion of this picture in the episode.
I loved the inclusion of this picture in the episode.
I must admit, for the past 2 episodes, I haven't been very enthusiastic over the plot. We really haven't seen anything new, (that's to be expected from drama's), the only difference is what situation the characters are in, and in this case, it's a murderer plot circling around Cal.
He's bit into illegal underground fighting, and 80% of it is completley for buisness pourposes. Apparently. (How much do আপনি want to bet we'll never hear about Cal's interest in this 'sport' again?)

But even with Cal caught in the middle of the mess, and everyone trying to cover up for him...I honestly didn't care....
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posted by Juliana_House
Wow what an episode.
After a week break, I was SO happy that last weeks episode was a re-run, because there was no way I would have been able to write a review...hehe

But this episode was fantastic. As they all have been.
However, something made this episode really stand out from the others, and it wasn't explosions, অথবা shouting, it was the emotional weight it carried.
While we hardly saw ANYTHING of Ria and Eli, Cal and Gillian গাউন the screen, along with a new, and hopefully short term, student/buiseness partner Clara. (I knew she would stick around at the end of the episode with the amount...
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posted by Juliana_House
Well fellow Lie to Me fans...I'm back!! This is just a little update to share with আপনি my feelings on our long wait for the rest of season 2, and to share a quick update with my reviews.

First off, it's GREAT to be back! I was going to start লেখা out my reviews on Monday, when Lie to Me comes back to মোড়ানো up it's 2nd season, but I figred I would get ahead of the game and share how DIFFICULT this wait has been for me!

Now, as আপনি can see দ্বারা my icon, I did have something else to obsess over (Alice in Wonderland) so it kept me alive through the long absence of my পছন্দ TV প্রদর্শনী of all time,...
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It was just past 10am when Lightman came storming into the office.

Ignoring all attempts দ্বারা various members of staff to catch his attention, he made his way straight to the reception.

“I will be in my office – I DO NOT WANT to be disturbed দ্বারা anyone, অথবা anything for ANY reason.

Is that CLEARLY understood?”

His eyes were almost black with unconcealed anger as he spat out his directions to a slightly shocked, and visibly unnerved member of staff that was ‘holding the fort’ temporarily.

Ignoring the out held hand with his post Lightman had already turned away.

“Oh, but Dr Lightman..theres..DR…”...
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