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posted by anouk1998
বন্ধু and Family:
For my Beautiful Mother and Father: (deep breath and big gasp for air on this one!) Each of us have pioneered unusual imperfect lives and challenges individually, GOD I wish we could have all been there for the other in doing so. It may not have made it any easier but it would have been a lot less serious. We are still an eternal unit never broken, and I প্রণয় and appreciate আপনি two so very much it could bury me alive! I hope I haven’t been too much of a burden to bear, but hey! If I have, it runs in the damn family! :)
    My babies: Until আপনি have...
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01. "One thing he had was a lot of pride and dignity and if anybody tries to take it away, I'm kind of hardcore with that."

02. "Sometimes I do. I have to kind of get into a mindset, a certain headspace, I definitely do. I'm আরো prone to his '70s material, which is what I was around for and watched a lot. I listen to a lot of that stuff. It probably influenced me quite a bit. I'm আরো drawn to the darker, sadder songs."

03. "My kids are so much আরো together than I ever was. They're my baby-sitters! It's funny having kids when you're young, because আপনি grow up with them. There's something...
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May 14 Lisa will be signing copies of Storm & Grace at Sun Studios starting at 7pm.

May 15 Lisa Marie Presley will be on “Good Morning America”

May 17th she will be on “American Idol”

May 17 American Express will present “An Evening with Lisa Marie Presley” at the GRAMMY Museum’s Clive Davis Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. After an interview Lisa will take questions, and perform a selection of songs from Storm & Grace. www.grammymuseum.org

May 21st she will be on “The Tonight প্রদর্শনী with স্থূলবুদ্ধি বাচাল ব্যক্তি Leno”

May 22 she will be on“Jimmy Kimmel Live”
In the true spirit of what this time of বছর is all about I would like to bring attention to something I feel needs help and support. I have recently become a Patron of a very new and small charity that I would প্রণয় to help grow and get on the map.
It is called The Dream Factory.

... It is based in The UK and was founded দ্বারা a lady named Avril Mills in 2008.

Avril হারিয়ে গেছে her 9 বছর old son Oliver to acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and decided to turn her overwhelming and horrendous grief into a medium in honor of Oliver that could help other children and families that are going through any sort of...
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posted by anouk1998
আপনি flourish in your disciples bringing
You pleasure in so many masturbated ways

Until you’ve simply no use for them any more
And then they will remain and suffer in your
Concentrated haze

Devotion আপনি seek from them is the starvation
And abolishment of their little souls

But আপনি escape all responsibility in that
Because of course আপনি were the one (yeah of course)
Who was hurt more

All the ones who dared to ক্রুশ paths
Seen your rabid dog bait
And it’s funny how it’s always the same
Old familiar story

You no longer hold that power
You’re letting in a man gone sour
It’s too bad আপনি ever let me in

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Kristina Feliciano
April 11, 2003

Lisa Marie Presley launches a recording career in the shadow of her famous father, and proves the King passed on আরো than his royalties.

LISA MARIE PRESLEY HAS JUST released her first album, and it's better than suspicious minds would think-a flawed but promising debut. To Whom It May Concern is a 12-song set of country-flecked rock with wedges of pop and not a little surliness. This is a CD you're meant to blast as a borrowed f--- আপনি to those who thwart, misunderstand, interfere with, and otherwise annoy you. And Presley's got the right voice for the job....
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posted by anouk1998
 Ariel and Lisa :)
Ariel and Lisa :)
August 2nd, 2003 - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee

My Nashville trip to see Lisa Marie Presley turned out to be the best দিন of my life....but it didn't start out that way to begin with. For the past 4 weeks I have been living with my grandpa (he has been a father to me, many times I've mistakenly called him dad, অথবা referred to him as that). My grandpa had been sick for months, but I always ব্যক্ত he'd get through it....hell, nothing could kill grandpa, no matter how hard it tried. All the cousins would always joke that he had আরো lives than a cat. Well, my grandma is legally blind so...
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This album is dedicated to my children as they are the true loves of my life, and to my parents. And to all of the artists out there who are creating and who continue to create whether known অথবা not in spite of themselves, and all the various opposition they encounter in life. There is a place for আপনি and a beauty in all of it. ~LMP
    Riley and Benjamin... I প্রণয় আপনি too damn much, it's painful! Your sweet little faces and selves are what give me life. Everyday I am so lucky and honored to have আপনি as my children.
To my beautiful Mother and Father. Thank আপনি for giving me...
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posted by anouk1998
To Lisa Marie :

█▀█░ █░░░█░ █▀▀░ ▄▀▀▄░ ▄▀▀▀▄░ █▀▄▀█░ █▀▀
█▀█░ █░█░█░ █▀░░ ▀▄▄▄░ █░░░█░ █░░░█░ █▀░
█░█░ ▀▄▀▄▀░ █▄▄░ ▀▄▄▀░ ▀▄▄▄▀░ █░░░█░ █▄▄


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posted by anouk1998
Very difficult question!
Because she helped me,she's not an angel,she's just a woman...who has a amazing deep voice
She's just amazing
She's not "MJ's ex-wife" অথবা "Elvis girl"
We all know it
She's a singer,songwritter,mother...and much,much more!
A lot of people hate her (idiots) but she never gave up
She's still fighting
No one is আরো talentous than her
She never needed help to be herself
She's ,,,
Well...not an angel,not a demon,not a human....
She's Lisa
That's all I can say
She's unique
No one can change her
May be I like her 'cause she is...
Well,she's really the best!
The Princess of rock 'n' roll is not good enough

The Quenn of Music!!!

I ♥ আপনি Lisa!!
posted by anouk1998
1)the best female singer in the world
2)the most beautiful woman in the universe
3)a great model
4)a woman wih amazing videos
5)soooooooo smart
6)very sweet
7)a girlwith a perfect voice
8)my idol
9)my inspiration
10)my savior
11)a woman who teached me to be myself
12)a singer who teached me to never give up
13)a very nice mother
14)a beautiful lady
15)one of the best things ever happend o me
16)on of my resons to live
17)a woman who can ake ma laugh,cry....
18)an angel
19)The best!!!!

and I almost forgot

20)Elvis's daughter
21)Michael Jackson's ex-wife and true love
posted by anouk1998
Lyrics: S.O.B.

You say I seem so grim. Darling do আপনি forgive me. I went out on a limb. ‘cause I needed to be. Near the fireflies flying high above me. Then I hit the sky and it fell down on me. আপনি ব্যক্ত it wasn't sharp but I cut my finger. আপনি ব্যক্ত it just wouldn't burn and I scarred my face. আপনি know I bite my nails, my skin and my fingers. And I've heard that's my liver, my nerves and my brain. I ব্যক্ত I just like to bite on my fucking fingers. Do আপনি have another intelligent answer for me today. আপনি ব্যক্ত it wasn't sharp but I cut my finger. আপনি ব্যক্ত it just wouldn't burn and I scarred my...
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posted by anouk1998
Lyrics: I’ll Figure It Out

Boat rocking trouble maker
Non conforming shit starter
Rebel DNA pirate spirit

It took me all my life
To finally figure out
That I’m not in the mood
To be anything like you
Maybe it’s alright
And maybe not
I’ll conduct my choir
I’ll figure it out

Truth seeker big bullshit detector
The point is made but not well received
Plastic ফুলেরডালি whatever

It took me all my life
To finally figure out
That I’m not in the mood
To be anything like you
Maybe it’s alright
And maybe not
I’ll conduct my choir
I’ll figure it out

And I, আপনি know I tell the truth
Even if আপনি wanna...
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posted by zupanic
To say that I miss আপনি as much as আপনি miss me is an understatement.
I am sorry it has been so long since I have পোষ্ট হয়েছে anything.

I spent the first months of this new বছর quitting smoking (cold গাধা turkey) and আপনি wouldn't have wanted to hear anything from me at that time anyway. I didn't want to hear from me. It was unbearable being in my own skin. The absolute hardest thing I have ever done. It took MONTHS to overcome the drug's powerful pull but, understanding what the process is and what nicotine does helped me fight and finally win.

If anyone wants good insight about this for yourself or...
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posted by presley108
lisa marie presley now has 4 childen 2 with ex-husband danny keough. & 2 with now husband সঙ্গীত purodcer michael lockwood. lisa has been married 4 times to: 1st danny keough seperaded after 5 years of being togher father of 1st 2 kids. 2: michael jackson. they got married in '94 the couple বিভক্ত করা in '95 there marrige was not a sham. they where truly in love. 3rd nick cage বিভক্ত করা in 3 moths they got married in '03. 4th michael lockwood michael is the father of 2 of her kids who where born in 'o8. lisa is loving liffe spending time with her husband and her loving kids!happy new year!
There are many things about my father, Elvis Presley, that so many others and I can admire eternally. He rose from humble beginnings and when the realization of his dreams and aspirations exceeded all that he had imagined, it gave others hope - a new awareness of their own potential, whatever challenges they might be facing in life. With his success came the accolades and respect he deserved. However, the fame also brought with it a harsh kind of scrutiny and judgment that no one should ever have to experience. The truth of his artistry and his character always rose above this. It always will....
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posted by Vexi
Lisa Marie is eating herself to death!
Lisa Marie's weight is under attack!

Like seriously, the media should fuck off. There is no way Lisa is fat. It was either because she was pregnant at the time অথবা just had her adorable babies.

I know the media does this to every celebrity, are selfish for cash, are nosy little bastards, and need to do something pathetic for their life; but I wish they'd just leave Lisa alone. She's a private person, as she stated herself.

I admire how she knows how to defend herself; she's strong and she has a kick-ass attitude.
posted by Vexi
Lisa Marie is very involved with children and literacy. In October of 1997, Lisa Marie, along with friend and fellow Memphian Isaac Hayes, opened the Literacy, Education and Ability Program (LEAP). LEAP is a free program for children and people of all ages in Memphis, Tennessee. LEAP provides effective educational services and materials that help people learn how to learn and study effectively and thereby have the ability to achieve their goals and realize their full potential. LEAP provides effective learning tools, known as Hubbard Study Technology. Study Technology is based on break-through...
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posted by Vexi
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is dedicated to exposing and eradicating criminal acts and human rights abuses within psychiatry. The sister organization, Fight For Kids educates parents worldwide on the facts about today's widespread practice of labeling children mentally ill and drugging them with heavy, mind-altering, psychiatric drugs. On September 26, 2002, Lisa Marie Presley, International Spokesperson for Children's Rights, testified before a Congressional Hearing. Click here to read a transcript of her testimony. Lisa Marie has said, "The Psychiatric labeling & drugging...
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To Whom It May Concern;

1. "S.O.B".
2. "The Road Between".
3. "Lights Out".
4. "Better Beware".
5. "Nobody Noticed It".
6. "Sinkin' In".
7. "Important".
8. "So Lovely".
9. "Indifferent".
10. "Gone".
11. "To Whom It May Concern".
12. "Excuse Me". [Hidden Track]

Now What;

1. "I'll Figure It Out".
2. "Turbulence".
3. "Thanx".
4. "Shine" w/ P!nk.
5. "Dirty Laundry". [Cover]
6. "When আপনি Go".
7. "Idiot".
8. "High Enough".
9. "Turn To Black".
10. "Raven".
11. "Now What".
12. "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow". [Hidden Track & Cover song.]

Other songs;

"Yellow To Blue".
I also heard she had a song called "Discipline."
"Burnin' For You".

Songs she sings with other singers;

"Heartbreaker" w/ Pat Benatar.
"In The Ghetto" w/ Elvis Presley.
"Don't Cry Daddy" w/ Elvis Presley.
"White Wedding" w/ Billy Idol.