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ET is with Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley and family as they commemorate the দিন that Elvis would have turned 75.

The ladies celebrated at Elvis' famous home, Graceland, where thousands of অনুরাগী traveled to যোগদান them. Priscilla ব্যক্ত of the occasion, "You go into his life and what he's accomplished... and আপনি can only imagine what he'd be doing at this age."

This week marks the beginning of a year-long series of events tied to the King's birth -- including a multi-city Ultimate Elvis Artist tour.

Enjoying a night out after reluctantly announcing her pregnancy earlier this month, Lisa Marie Presley joked to PEOPLE on Friday, "I'm doing all right [but] I'd rather be in বিছানা right now."

Presley revealed on March 7 that she was expecting her third child this fall. The baby will be her first with husband guitarist and সঙ্গীত producer Michael Lockwood, 46.

At the opening night of PaleyFest, where her father Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special played at Hollywood's Arclight Cinerama Dome, Presley told PEOPLE, "I'm fine ... lovely."

Added grandma Priscilla, who was also at the event: "It feels...
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Lisa Marie Presley

Mike Flokis/Headpress/Retna
FacebookTwitterE-mailAfter a week that saw her outed as an expectant mom and named as the plaintiff in a libel suit across the Atlantic, Lisa Marie Presley is reaching out to অনুরাগী and expressing her gratitude.

With a happy face punctuating her MySpace Celebrity blog, the singer, 40, writes, "Your overwhelming support has not gone unnoticed. It has been heartwarming to see. It has made me very happy. 
Thank you. Much প্রণয় and respect, LMP."

On March 7, Presley announced that she and her husband, guitarist and সঙ্গীত producer Michael Lockwood, 46,...
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posted by Vexi
A newspaper has been forced to apologize to Lisa Marie Presley – who is pregnant – over claims she was pursuing a poor diet like her late father, Elvis.

Last month, Britain's Daily Mail published a ছবি of Presley, dressed down and without makeup, eating with বন্ধু in Los Angeles, and the accompanying প্রবন্ধ ব্যক্ত she was "growing just like her dad."

Presley's lawyers sued for libel, and on Friday the newspaper printed an apology: "On March 4 we published a photograph of Lisa Marie Presley while she was dining with friends. We suggested she might have an unhealthy appetite similar to...
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Lisa Marie Presley has been staying out of the public eye as of late, but has decided to come out in the open about a topic close to he heart, which is Scientology.

She took to her Myspace Celebrity blog to unleash her feelings about how the world মতামত the religion, which she is a believer in.

She also took time to acknowledge John Travolta and his family, with whom Lisa ব্যক্ত she is very close with, and sympathized with them at this difficult time. Here’s part of her blog entry.

On John and Kelly losing their son Jett:
“My হৃদয় is crying and bleeding for them. I personally would not have...
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posted by Vexi
To Whom It May Concern

The Road Between
Lights Out
Better Beware
Nobody Noticed It
Sinking In
So Lovely
To Whom It May Concern
Excuse Me

Now What

I'll Figure It Out
Dirty Laundry
When আপনি Go
High Enough
Turned To Black
Now What
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Yellow To Blue


Burning For You
Don't Cry Daddy
In The Ghetto

Most of the songs lyrics I have already পোষ্ট হয়েছে in the প্রবন্ধ section. :]
 God's Gonna Cut আপনি Down video
God's Gonna Cut You Down video
Name: In The Ghetto w/ Elvis
Release: August 16th, 2007
Director: Tony Kaye
Location: New Orleans

[Johnny Cash's video]
Name: God's Gonna Cut আপনি Down
Release: November 9th, 2006
Director: Tony Kaye

Name: Idiot
Album: Now What
Release: November 2nd, 2005
Director: Patrick Hoelck

Name: Dirty Laundry
Album: Now What
Release: Week of March 21st, 2005
Director: Patrick Hoelck
Producer: Billy Parks
Editor: Steve Rees

Name: Sinking In
Album: To Whom It May Concern
Release: July 2003
Director: Barnaby Roper

Name: Lights Out
Album: To Whom It May Concern
Release: February 2003
Director: Francis Lawrence

Name: আপনি Are Not Alone
Album: HIStory (Michael Jackson)
Release: July 28th, 1995
Director: Wayne Isham
 Sinkin' In video
Sinkin' In video
posted by Vexi
 Presley Place
Presley Place
Presley Place
In June of 1999, the EPCF (Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation), announced its commitment to fund the building and operational costs of Presley Place, a $1 million-plus development managed দ্বারা MIFA (Metropolitan Inter-faith Association) as part of Estival Communities, MIFA's housing program for homeless families.

Presley Place is a joint venture between the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation and the Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA) that houses dozens of families annually. The complex consists of two four-bedroom apartments and 10 two-bedroom apartments and is part of...
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As the 30th Anniversary of Elvis’s death comes to pass, Lisa Marie Presley গান গাওয়া “In the Ghetto” will accompany her late father and some high tech visual effects, bringing them together in a duet to be পোষ্ট হয়েছে August 17th on Spinner.com. “In the Ghetto” is from Presley’s 1969 track. Proceeds are to benefit the homeless in New Orleans দ্বারা building temporary shelters.

“We had two hours to lay down my vocals,” she says. “So the পরবর্তি morning, I heard the rough … and … I’ve never cried when I’ve done anything … ever … but I just হারিয়ে গেছে it when I heard it.”

 Lisa don't cry.
Lisa don't cry.
 As beautiful as ever.
As beautiful as ever.
Lisa Marie Presley and her husband Michael Lockwood had their twin শিশুরা last week, and their names have finally been released.

The new baby girls are named Harper and Finley.

I like those names.� They are not too trendy, but they’re not typical girl names either.� And best of all, they’re not spelled weird!!

Welcome Harper and Finley and congratulations Lisa Marie and Michael!� Grandpa Elvis would be so proud!

I know this spot has only 9 অনুরাগী and hardly is active, but come on! Let's প্রদর্শনী our প্রণয় for Lisa, and invite as many অনুরাগী as we can get! And add as much content and make this fanspot as active as possible!

I'm in with this, and I hope আপনি are too. Lisa Marie Presley is one of the best সঙ্গীত artists ever. She deserves আরো than just 9 অনুরাগী on Fanpop. I know there's way আরো অনুরাগী than just 9 on Fanpop. There's got to be more. And I know this spot can get আরো active than just one thing per 5 hours.

See, I'm trying my best to make this আরো active. I'm thinking up interesting topics for অনুরাগী picks, questions, pop quizzes, articles, links, and forums. And I'm adding many pictures of Lisa.

Umm... I'll give আপনি props?
posted by Vexi
It kind of looks like we won't make it, my friend.
And it looks like আপনি can't take it again, my friend.
And all the pretty ফুলেরসাজি wilted up and paled themselves away today.
The শিরছেদনার্থ যন্ত্রবিশেষ, guillotine of truth has fallen, somehow I'm the one আপনি blame.

This can't be happening.
Not so fast, I'm so mean.
I can't stay indifferent.
Because I know the outcome.
And I'm the target for the daggers.

That the truth's thrown your way, today.
And the পরবর্তি one maybe she'll be easier.
She'll make it go away, hey.
She's still calling you.
I'm still calling him.
Can we do this.
Here we go again.
The package.
The baggage.

This can't be happening.
Not so fast, I'm so mean.
I can't stay indifferent.
Because I know the outcome.
This can't be happening.
It started out not so clean.
আপনি chose your path.
Mine's wrong, আপনি can say that.
posted by Vexi
Well, what do we have here Daddy.
The lights are quickly changing.
Will I leave your হৃদয় along with the phone lines you're erasing.
A spineless ending.
Well, who would have guessed dear daddy.
Turned out to be a coward.
When I turned my back আপনি cut my throat it bled for hours.
Was that your power.

You, you're the lovely victim again.
You, well your হৃদয় is breaking.
You are the only one let down.
Are আপনি really now.
Well, soon here we'll have dear Daddy with the পরবর্তি one on her knees.
And she's gonna call him daddy like the rest of them, like me.
How easy it will be Replacing me.
And what's that...
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If আপনি can't even stop the symptoms
Then why in the hell do আপনি drug the children
The others can make their own decisions
And with some help from আপনি they become dependant

You should be sorry 'cause আপনি let them down
But আপনি become a big part of their lives
They always trust আপনি but they're dying out
I've seen the things আপনি do it blows my mind

There's a doctor on every campus now
And he's gonna tell আপনি what you're feeling
Momma wants আপনি to গেলা this down
It's gonna make আপনি sit still and listen

I'm sorry children আপনি don't have the choice
Your parents gave আপনি something way back when...
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posted by Vexi
Please remember me forever
Believe in me as someone
Who's never gonna wish আপনি well

I'm gonna tell আপনি what I think about আপনি in that unforgivable way I do
You're an idiot
And I hate your guts
I guess I'm about as happy for আপনি as I would be a cockroach in my food
I know it's terrible
I really hate আপনি though

Do আপনি have your fairytale lie
Or are আপনি dancing to the white trash twist
Oh please remember me
Believe in me as someone
Who's never gonna wish আপনি well

I heard the thing that আপনি hate about me almost everyday, but আপনি still wouldn't leave
I had to pull the plug
Ooh, I hated your guts
And I heard the...
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 Elvis, Priscilla, and Lisa
Elvis, Priscilla, and Lisa
I heard broken footsteps
Was that আপনি limping
Well I wish I that could have spent just a little bit আরো time with you...yeah

Tears on my ceiling
Weren't আপনি watching
Well I guess that none of us will ever know what comes after this

You're still lovely
You were lovely then
All that আপনি had to endure
I guess nobody noticed it

I know your resemblence
Um it's out there walkin'
And I wanted আপনি to know that I haven't forgotten

When they try to make আপনি look broken
Not while I'm livin'
But I wanted আপনি to know that I heard what আপনি ব্যক্ত when it was rainin'

You're still lovely
You were lovely then
All that আপনি had...
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