1. It was প্রণয় at first song
”When we got grouped [on The X Factor], it was daunting, but as soon as we sang together, I thought, Oh, my gosh, this is going to be something special.”-Leigh-Anne

2. They want to conquer the world
”Coming to America feels a bit like starting over, but we’re so excited to reach new fans!”-Jesy

3. Perrie is crazy for color!
”I dye my hair all the time! I’m lucky because my mom is a hairdresser—she can fix any major disasters!”-Perrie

4. Jade is obsessed with bows!
”I’ve got hundreds of bows! There’s a special black one I wore on The X Factor that I still wear all the time—It’s my good luck charm!”-Jade

5. Leigh-Anne’s tattoo keeps her strong
”I have the word ‘believe’ tattooed on my neck. I’ve believed in myself from the start—even when people around me weren’t supportive—and look what happened!”-Leigh-Anne

6. Jesy has a freaky phobia
”I have a phobia of sandwiches! Everyone is like ‘You’re such a freak!’ Basically, I just don’t like slimy stuff in bread.”-Jesy

7. Little Mix beauty must-have? Lashes!
”We always carry eyelash glue—you never know when your eyelash will end up on your eyebrow!”-Jesy

8. Haters don’t faze ‘em
”Once we read that we all fought with Jesy because she had a boyfriend and we didn’t. Ha! Like we would let a boy come between us.”-Perrie

9. Katy is Perrie’s fave
I think Katy Perry is so cool! When I met her at the Kids’ Choice Awards in L.A., I totally crumbled. I walked past her and she ব্যক্ত ‘Your hair is so awesome!’ I was so nervous, I just said, ‘I feel sick!’ and literally walked away. It was horrible!”-Perrie

10. They talk things out
”Our tip for girls: honesty. If you’ve got a problem, speak up. That’s our secret.”-Leigh-Anne

11. Backstage is a giant party!
”Before shoes, we blast music, dance, and then have a huddle and do a pep talk. Just before we go onstage, we try to make each other laugh.”-Jade

12. They worship the Spice Girls!
”When we met the Spice Girls, Emma Bunton told us to keep being বন্ধু because that’s the connection অনুরাগী প্রণয় আপনি for.”-Jade

13. They give good dating advice!
”When I first met my boyfriend, I was terrified of dating! But he’s so sweet—when I go on tour, he hides letters in my suitcase. It’s good to do things like that—it keeps the spark alive.”-Jade

14. They have big ambitions
”We’d প্রণয় to work with Nicki Minaj অথবা Beyonce!”-Leigh-Anne

15. Sleepovers always include scary movies!
”When we’re on tour, we all hang out in one room, order loads of food, and watch scary movies. We just watched Side Effects with Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara—it freaked us out!”-Perrie

16. Jesy is the jokester
”Jesy should be a comedian! She makes a million funny faces and she’s really good at accents too—especially American.”-Jade

17. 1D gives them advice!
”I asked the boys from One Direction how to make it in America and they basically said: ’Be yourself and আপনি can’t go wrong. People know when you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Just be true to who আপনি are.’ So that’s what we’ve been doing!”-Leigh-Anne

Little Mix♥
“I প্রণয় being in a girl group—they’re my best friends, my sisters! I can’t even remember life without them.”-Leigh-Anne
"When you're doing what আপনি love, আপনি wake up every morning and it's like 'Ahhh!' That's how I feel!"-Perrie
“To make your dreams come true, আপনি just have to believe yourself.”-Jade
“I try to never compare myself to other people. I just think, This is who I am! You’re happier when আপনি think that way.”-Jesy
Little Mix♥