I do apologise first of all, on the poor quality of this article, but it's my first soapbox article. I plan to do one of these after each episode until the finale, when I'll just write something huge.

Right, so it is the beggining of the end according the the trailers being shown to us, and with only a few episodes to go to the Season 3 finale, that would seem true.

This week we recieved the promised 'new female character who is pivotal to the plot, who is not a survivor, Other, part of DHARMA, অথবা flashback character' as Damon & Carlton ব্যক্ত we would.

It seems an awful lot of things end up on the Island. We have (in chronological order, I hope) The Black Rock, Rosseau's Expedition, The Elizabeth, Nigerian Drug Plane, Henry Gale's Balloon, Oceanic Flight 815 and finally Naomi, our mysterious parachutist.

হারিয়ে গেছে does very well in giving us ten আরো প্রশ্ন when it has answered one, and this week is also the first time we saw a Charlie death. I'm still not sure as to whether Charlie will die অথবা not, and am frankly a little uncaring for the situation now, much like Desmond.

So what is with 'Woman Who Fell From The Sky', Naomi? She has a ছবি of Desmond & Penny, which I assume is the third copy in existence, with Des & Penny both having one. She was also carrying a Hawaii dancer doll as well as a Porteguese copy of Catch 22.

I think this means she may be related in some way to Mathias & Henrik from The Listening Station at the end of Season 2, and she will of course be able to give the survivors some information about what the outside world knows of their flight. For the few brief সেকেন্ড we saw her, I trust her. Though দ্বারা telling আরো things about the outside world to the Losties, Juliet, our undercover Other, will also know as they have not been able to recieve any information (as far as we know) from the outside world.

Oh! And as other users have pointed out, Ms. Hawking ('That man is wearing red shoes') was in a ছবি with Brother Campbell on his desk. I'm not entirely sure what this could mean, and could rattle on for a week অথবা two with my big theory, but won't. Also, anyone got any theories about what happened to Rosseau after Sayid & Kate were captured?

Now for পরবর্তি week's episode, a small discussion at least. Will Sun be saved somehow, অথবা will she prove to be fine and have the child, and if so how? We have seen The Staff in the promo, and I would প্রণয় a return there. Maybe আরো Ethan, which is always good.

But now, your thoughts on my thoughts please, and I shall do another one on Thursday/Friday.