"LOST" RETROSPECT: (2.94) "Everybody Hates Hugo"

Unless I am mistaken, Season Two of "LOST" is not very জনপ্রিয় with the show's fans. This season expanded on the Hatch (DHARMA রাজহাঁস Station) subplot that was touched upon in the সেকেন্ড half of Season One. This season introduced a tiresome running joke surrounding the Michael Dawson character. And it also featured the introduction of the survivors from Oceanic 815's Tail Section, which included the unpopular character, Ana-Lucia Cortez. In some way, the fourth episode - (2.04) "Everybody Hates Hugo" - seemed to be some kind of manifestation of Season Two.

Aside from the joke regarding Michael Dawson, "Everybody Hates Hugo" touched upon most of the topics I brought up in the পূর্ববর্তি paragraph. In the পূর্ববর্তি episode, (2.03) "Orientation", the survivors of Michael's ভেলা (Michael, James "Sawyer" Ford and Jin Kwon) were captured দ্বারা a mysterious group of people upon their return to the Island. "Everybody Hates Hugo" focused on their incarceration inside a deep pit. Before Sawyer could finish plotting their escape, the mysterious group revealed to be survivors from Oceanic 815's Tail Section. Despite some hostile conflict between Sawyer and the Tailies' leader, Ana-Lucia Cortez, all agree it would be best to head for the Fuselage passengers' সৈকত camp. Claire Littleton stumble across the bottle of messages from Michael's ভেলা on the beach. She and several survivors worry over the fate of Michael, his son Walt Lloyd, Jin and Sawyer. Following the tiresome three-episode introduction of the রাজহাঁস Station's interiors, Jack and Sayid explore the hatch. They also order a very reluctant Hugo "Hurley" Reyes to ration the খাবার found inside the station. The episode's flashbacks reveal the consequences of Hurley winning the lottery . . . and his reasons for wanting to be in charge of খাবার distribution on the Island.

I have to be frank. The episode's main subplot involving Hurley's job in the Hatch and his flashback did nothing for me. I found it boring. Well . . . I almost found it boring. Hurley's reasons behind his reluctance to win the lottery and be in charge of the Losties' খাবার distribution clarified an aspect of his personality that I have always suspected. Despite some flashes of wisdom and common sense, Hurley is at হৃদয় a man-child who is reluctant to grow up. Unfortunately, this is an aspect of Hurley's character I have never admired. In fact, I found it tiresome . . . over and over again. And I never could understand why অনুরাগী have never noticed in past viewings. One could point out that Hurley became আরো mature as the series progressed. I find that hard to believe, considering the circumstances behind Hurley's eventual fate. Hurley's minor quarrel with Charlie over the secrecy of the রাজহাঁস Station struck me as infantile. It did not help that Charlie's constant rants about betrayal really irritated me. But I must admit that both Jorge Garcia and Dominic Monaghan gave first-rate performances. The only thing about this subplot that I found entertaining was Hurley's interaction with Rose Nadler, portrayed দ্বারা the very talented L. Scott Caldwell.

The সেকেন্ড subplot regarding Jack and Sayid's exploration of the রাজহাঁস Station only seemed a step above the main subplot. The only reason I found it slightly আরো interesting was due to the mystery surrounding the Hatch. It seemed like a আরো mature subplot than one about Hurley's man-child issues. That even includes Jack's accidental encounter with a nearly nude Kate Austen, after she had finished taking a shower. What interested me was Sayid's discovery of an electromagnetic energy within the Hatch's walls. This discovery will end up being fully revealed দ্বারা mid-to-late Season Five. The third subplot involved Claire's discovery of the bottle of messages from the raft. This subplot struck me as irrelevant . . . period. Aside from giving Shannon Rutherford a moment to see a wet manifestation of Walt - an event that will have greater impact in a future episode - this subplot did nothing to drive the series' main narrative forward. Instead, it involved some of the female survivors speculating on the fates of the raft's passengers. And nothing more.

It was the final subplot regarding Michael, Jin and Sawyer's experiences with the Tailies that really injected energy into the episode. It was not so much the mystery surrounding the ভেলা survivors' captors that made "Everybody Hates Hugo" so interesting to me. The three men discovered they had been captured দ্বারা survivors from the Tail Section before halfway into the episode. But the psychological conflict between the আরো familiar characters and the newcomers crackled with a lot of energy that made me take notice. I especially found the conflict between Sawyer and Ana-Lucia, thanks to Josh Holloway and Michelle Rodriguez's intense performances very entertaining. I realized that a good number of "LOST" অনুরাগী disliked the Ana-Lucia Cortez character ever since this episode aired during the fall of 2005. I must admit that I had a different reaction. The powerhouse মুষ্ট্যাঘাত that Ana-Lucia delivered to Sawyer in "Orientation" had already thrilled me. Her continuing abuse of the always annoying Sawyer filled me with even আরো glee. I realize that most অনুরাগী would probably be put off দ্বারা my comments. But I do not care. I like Sawyer, but he was a real pain in the গাধা in this particular episode. At least to me.

"Everybody Hates Hugo" ended both on a mysterious and uplifting note. The Tailies led the ভেলা survivors to another hatch that had been originally constructed দ্বারা the DHARMA Initiative. Apparently, they had been using it as refuge from the jungle and the Others inside the nearly abandoned অনুষ্ঠান- অ্যারো Station. So much for the mystery. What did I find uplifting about the episode? Certainly not the cheesy monologue featuring Hurley's generous distribution of the খাবার from the রাজহাঁস Station. It was that moment when one of the Tail Section survivors approached the ভেলা survivors and asked if they knew Rose. Thanks to a poignant performance দ্বারা Sam Anderson, I nearly cried when he revealed himself to be Rose's missing husband, Bernard. Great way to end an otherwise mediocre episode, "LOST".