Season five, here we come!
All right, so after watching "Jughead", I realize that we হারিয়ে গেছে অনুরাগী have a lot to talk about!

(If আপনি haven't seen "Because আপনি Left, "The Lie" অথবা "Jughead" yet, then please stop পাঠ করা so I don't spoil it for you!)

All right, so I'm about to go on a Lost-rant? Ready? *Deep breath* Here we go:

This theory has been floating around for a while, so I thought I'd bring it to ফ্যানপপ and see what আপনি guys thought: Sawyer stepped on that piece of bamboo (or whatever it was) in "The Lie". It was pretty big and dug into his foot pretty deep. People have speculated that because of this, Sawyer ends up getting a toe amputated. Could he be the one the Four-Toed Statue was made for? He has been awful heroic lately... (Saving Claire from her buring house? Jumping out of the chopper?) Could he become the few remaining castaways' saviour and they make a statue in honour of him?

I'm not sure how I feel about this theory... but I'm just throwing it out there :)

Now, Locke: Is he finally the master of this own destiny? Hear me out on this one. Locke saw Ethan in the jungle in "Because আপনি Left". We saw this from Locke's point of view, but think of it from Ethan's: A man appeared out of thin air, told him Ben Linus appointed him to be the Others' leader, then disappeared in a flash of light. Weird, right? I'm thinking Ethan probably told Richard অথবা Ben (or both). So now Ben and Richard are deffinatly on the look-out for this "John Locke", right?
Don't worry Claire, Ethan won't be back to kidnap আপনি for a few years...

Also, remember in season one Locke and Ethan went "hunting" a lot... could they both have known what was going to happen? Or, what had already happened?

And in "Jughead" Locke tells Richard that Jacob sent him. Not entirely true, seeing as Locke hasn't spoken to Jacob yet, except for the "help me" in season three. Locke then tells Richard when and where he was born, which was why Richard was there in "Cabin Fever". Now, remember, in that same episode we see Richard give young Locke a few items and asks him to choose the one that "already belongs" to him. He chooses the ছুরি (could he already have memories of his knife-slinging ways because he used them in the past, before he was even born?). Anyways, I'm assuming Locke was supposed to choose the compass, as it was what Richard gave to him in "Because আপনি Left".
Locke chose the knife... but what was he supposed to choose?

But Locke didn't choose it.
So is he really meant to lead the Others? Could he be there new leader because he went back in time and told them he was their leader? Not because he was actually meant to?

Now for the bomb, jughead. Daniel seems very certain that everthing will be all right once its burried. Yes, the Island is still there in 50 years, but how does he know that that's what saves them? Does he know anything about bombs? Does he know that burring the bomb will make sure its নিরাপদ because he's flashed অগ্রবর্তী and saw it done? Excellent, আরো questions... :P

Okay, now to Ellie, our new chick-butt-kicker-Other who takes Daniel to the bomb.
This is Ellie: have we seen her before?
This might be nothing, but considering what we now know about Widmore, I think this makes sense. Ellie could deffinatly be short of Eloise. Ms. Hawking's first name is Eloise (as was Daniel's rat, which leads me to believe that she is his mother...). Could Ms. Hawking have been on the Island at the same time as Widmore (or Jones... why Jones, I wonder)? Is this how she knows so much about the Island and Desmond?

If she was on the Island with Widmore, then why is she in cahoots with Ben and not him?

Anyways, so if Jughead was burried, could this be what the Hatch was for? (Side note: Why does Desmond call it "the Hatch"? Wouldn't he call it The Swan?) Maybe the Hatch was there to make sure the bomb was difused অথবা something... I don't know, I'm not as smart as Faraday :(, but that's my guess.

All right, so amid all of this craziness that has gone on in the last three episodes, we did get at least one answer: The US military was on the Island in the 1950s. This explains Goodwin's (remember good ol' Juliet lovin', Tailie-infultrating Goodwin?) knife. Remember, Ana Lucia noticed it was from the army in the '50s?
Goodwin's knife.

This leads me to believe the writers actually know what they're doing with the story... then again, they could have just got lucky :P

Lastly, (fangirl moment!) Desmond and Penny have a baby named Charlie!!!
And Dan loves Charlotte!!! (What's up with her, anyways...?)
Charlie Hume...... aawwwwwww!

Anyways, there are tons of প্রশ্ন left and tons of প্রশ্ন left to come... Why was Daniel in the Orchid with Chang/Candle/Wickmund? Was Chang's child really Miles? What was the mysterious package Ben pulled out of the vent? Where the heck is Jin??

Anyways, until পরবর্তি Wednesday!
Crazy stuff, man!