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In the Koopa Kingdom:
"My king," one of the Hammer Bros. addressed their ruler, "it would appear Mario managed to prevail against our forces."
Bowser laughed evilly. "All part of the ploy, my fool. I'd counted on that goody-two-shoes Mario to win, and so he did. Now, it's time for Phase Two of the whole plan."
The Hammer Bro looked up, looking thoroughly confused. "My...king...?"
Bowser breathed আগুন at the place where the Koopa soldier stood, causing the Hammer soldier to jerk away. "You ignorant buffoon. The whole point of us losing was to make that চিংড়ি think he'd won over us—which,...
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"Thank আপনি so much for saving me...Mario!" Princess পীচ cried with joy after the main Mario Brother had defeated Koopa King Bowser and saved her for the nth time.
The মাশরুম Kingdom princess rushed toward her love, oblivious to the সেকেন্ড Mario Brother lingering about in the corner; for all anyone but Mario knew, he was all but invisible.
"What about me?" Luigi complained in a quiet aside.
Nothing came up—the princess and a handful of Toads were still focused on "their" hero.
Luigi grumbled. "I fought Bowser too, আপনি know..."
Nothing again.
Giving up, Luigi sulked as he watched, with...
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posted by odiemodie
It's always the same ol' set up...

The main character/ Hero gets the call, comes up with the plan, drives the cool car, plane, boat, spaceship, etc, solves the puzzle, defeats the bad guy, saves the world, gets all the credit, gets the girl, then rides off into the sunset... with the SIDE-KICK trailing behind in the shadows... FUNK DAT!

Without the faithful side-kick, Batman, the Green Hornet, Captain America, Ash of Pokemon, The Lone Ranger, Plastic man, Inspector Closeau, MARIO OF SMB, and many others, they wouldn't be where they are at... Iconic Heroes! I think the main hero, when they have...
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