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36. Madonna, “Hung Up”
“Hung Up” employs a ticking clock to represent fear of wasted time, but ম্যাডোনা isn’t গান গাওয়া about aging অথবা saving the world—she’s talking about love. It had been years since Madge sounded this vapid. With its pitched-upward vocals, infectious arpeggio sample from ABBA’s “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight),” and the bridge’s unironic, archetypical key change, the track decidedly points to the past, and it proved that, 20 years into her career, ম্যাডোনা was still the one and only Dancing Queen. SC
33. Madonna, “Don’t Tell Me”
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News is just in to MadonnaTribe that Madonna's new single Revolver will be officially released দ্বারা Warner সঙ্গীত in Italy in the মাস of March 2010.
Madonna's singles are not officially distributed in the Italian market anymore and the Fimi single charts are now based on digital downloads only. অনুরাগী know that record shops may still carry copies that are imported from Germany অথবা the UK, but this time Warner সঙ্গীত decided to distribute Revolver in Italy in its 12" vinyl single format.
Because the vinyl release will follow the CD maxi, Revolver will reach Italian stores on March 2nd 2010.
In other...
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posted by keninv
I think আপনি wanna' come over, yeah I heard it through the grapevine
Are আপনি drunk অথবা আপনি sober? Think about it, doesn't matter
And if it makes আপনি feel good then I say do it,
I don't know what you're waiting for

Feel my temperature rising
There's too much heat I'm gonna' lose control
Do আপনি want to go higher, get closer to the fire,
I don't know what you're waiting for

Come যোগদান the party, yeah
Coz' everybody just won't do.
Let's get this started, yeah
Coz' everybody wants to party with you.

Boy আপনি got a reputation, but you're gonna' have to prove it
I see a little hesitation,
Am I gonna' have to প্রদর্শনী you...
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posted by keninv
I’m outta time and all I got is 4 minutes
(repeat several times)
Break down

Come on boy
I’ve been waiting for somebody
To pick up my stroll

Well don’t waste time
Give me a sign
Tell me how আপনি wanna roll

I want somebody to speed it up for me
Then take it down slow
There’s enough room for both

Well, I can handle that
You just gotta প্রদর্শনী me where it’s at
Are আপনি ready to go
(Are আপনি ready to go)

(Madonna & Justin:)
If আপনি want it
You already got it
If আপনি thought it
It better be what আপনি want
If আপনি feel it
It must be real just
Say the word and imma give...
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Organizers for the all-star “Hope for Haiti Now” telethon say the event raised $57 million and counting.
“The public has set a new standard of giving for a relief telethon with ‘Hope for Haiti Now,’ and the donations continue to come in,” Lisa Paulsen, president and CEO of the Entertainment Industry Foundation, ব্যক্ত in a statement released Saturday. The group is helping to oversee the funds gathered from the event.
The two-hour telethon aired Friday night on the major networks and dozens of other channels, including MTV, Bravo, and PBS, and was also streamed live online. Stars like...
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All proceeds from album sales of Hope for Haiti Now will go to the Clinton গুল্ম Haiti Fund, Oxfam America, Partners in Health, Red Cross, UNICEF, United Nations World খাবার Programme, and Yele Haiti Foundation. In addition, all proceeds from the special studio version of “Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)” দ্বারা Jay-Z, Bono, the Edge, and রিহানা will go to Partners in Health.
Hope For Haiti Now Digital Album at link/ Video on Demand atlink
1. Send Me An অ্যাঞ্জেল – Alicia Keys
2. A Message 2010 – Coldplay
3. We Shall Overcome – Bruce Springsteen
4. Time To প্রণয় / Bridge Over Troubled Water...
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We are happy to নিশ্চিত that ম্যাডোনা will যোগদান the upcoming তারকা studded Telethon to air on every major network this coming Friday evening.

Organized and hosted দ্বারা George Clooney, the Telethon is set to raise millions for the citizens of Haiti, which were affected দ্বারা the সাম্প্রতিক earthquake.

‘Hope For Haiti’ Telethon Info
Several major broadcast networks and cable channels will air এমটিভি Networks’ “Hope for Haiti,” an all-star telethon for Haitian earthquake relief, on Jan. 22.

Networks প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে the telethon are ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN, BET, the CW, HBO, MTV, VH1 and CMT. It will...
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“My prayers are with the people of Haiti. I can’t imagine the terrible pain and suffering they are experiencing. Sadly the depths of the tragedy are just becoming known and the need for our support grows আরো urgent with every passing moment.

I have প্রদত্ত a donation of $250,000 to assist Haiti’s earthquake victims through Partner’s in Health (www.pih.org) one of Haiti’s leading health care providers. I urge all of my বন্ধু and অনুরাগী around the world to যোগদান me collectively to match my contribution অথবা give in any way আপনি can. We must act now.

Thank আপনি for your support”

Following the usual Warner Bros Records pattern for European new releases, অনুরাগী from countries where রাস্তা dates are scheduled on Fridays - such as the Netherlands, Italy and the Republic of Ireland - will have once again the opportunity to enjoy a new ম্যাডোনা release a few days before those from the rest of the world.
Fellow fansite MadonnaUnderground just got official confirmation about the Friday, March 26 release তারিখ of Sticky & Sweet from Warner সঙ্গীত Netherlands today. No official confirmation yet about the UK release, which should be set to Monday, March 29, the দিন before the new DVD will hit the stores in the U.S.
Sources: MadonnaUnderground, Madonnatribe
Internet rumors have been swirling about whom ম্যাডোনা has pegged to produce her পরবর্তি album, the follow-up to 2008’s “Hard Candy.” Among the আরো surprising–and exciting– names bandied about over the past two weeks was Grammy Award-winning rock producer Brendan O’Brien, of Pearl Jam/Rage Against the Machine/Bruce Springsteen fame.

We reached out to O’Brien for another story, but couldn’t resist asking him about Madonna. He goodnaturedly reminded us not to believe everything we read. “No one has contacted me about working with Madonna,” he says. “Someone actually showed me something today that ব্যক্ত that Bruce Springsteen was going to আগুন me because I’d worked with Madonna. It was awesome. It’s really hilarious. I’m a huge অনুরাগী of Madonna’s but no one has talked to me. The internet is bulls***. আপনি can write that down.”
Madonna's most সাম্প্রতিক stage extravaganza, the Sticky & Sweet concert, will be released on March 30th, it was announced today দ্বারা Live Nation, the world's largest live সঙ্গীত company. Sticky & Sweet, which was produced দ্বারা Live Nation, was the most successful tour দ্বারা a solo artist in history and was seen দ্বারা over 3.5 million অনুরাগী in 32 countries around the world. The show, which will be distributed দ্বারা Warner Bros Records, will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD and will include many of the Material Girl's hits from the course of her unprecedented career including, 4 Minutes, Like A Prayer,...
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What with all her many talents and incarnations we could almost overlook Madonna's primary career as a musician. A career that is a triumph of style and substance as demonstrated দ্বারা how skillfully she has taken on new সঙ্গীত genres and new looks... all the while remaining true to herself and her best নকশা allies.

While Madonna's সঙ্গীত career has always been an everchanging affair (and has gone from strength to strength for that very reason) but some elements have accompanied it all along. One of these is her longtime collaboration with the designer duo whose main line she has become the face...
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When ম্যাডোনা and Sean Penn were spotted together at a tony New York City restaurant on Thursday, rumors swirled that the former Mr. and Mrs. Penn might be rekindling their romance.

Not so, according to Madonna’s longtime publicist Liz Rosenberg, dismissing reports the pair, who divorced in 1989 after a stormy four-year marriage, lingered over a cozy, three-hour-plus ডিনার at Adour at the St. Regis Hotel.

“Madonna was at the St. Regis having ডিনার with friends,” Rosenberg tells PEOPLE. “Sean stopped দ্বারা the টেবিল to say hello. He sat for ten মিনিট and then left. ম্যাডোনা continued with her dinner. That’s all it was.”

source: people
Checking in with her ex, ম্যাডোনা was spotted out for a nighttime rendezvous with actor Sean Penn in New York City on Thursday evening (January 7).

Looking stylish in an all-black ensemble, the 51-year-old singer was chauffeured over to the ডিনার তারিখ held at the Adour দ্বারা Alain Ducasse restaurant at the St Regis Hotel.

Once inside, Madge and her Oscar-winning ex-husband reportedly spent three and a half hours together inside the swanky Manhattan property.

As previously reported দ্বারা Gossip Center, ম্যাডোনা spent the পূর্ববর্তি evening out on an “Avatar” তারিখ with with her current beau, model যীশু Luz.
While ম্যাডোনা & co have not yet officially confirmed that a new album is in the works, seems like the press is already eager for a new ম্যাডোনা record, less than 2 years after Hard Candy. Online media is all over a supposed DJ A-Trak quote about working with Madonna, who once again denied it on Twitter, saying: "That quote is made up. The whole thing is phoney... but very entertaining. And who knows, could happen one day." Rock producer Brendan O'Brien has also came out of thin air and now supposedly ম্যাডোনা is mixing "rock and rap"...

Other artists expressed their wish about working with...
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The ‘Celebration’ singer is working with both rap producer A-Trak and rock producer Brendan O’Brien – who has previously worked with Pearl জ্যাম – and attempting to merge the two genres on the follow up to her hip-hop influenced 2008 LP, ‘Hard Candy’.

A-Trak, real name Alain Macklovitch, told the Daily তারকা newspaper: “It’s my production, turned into song structure – halfway between rap and electronic and whatever else I listen to.”

Madonna, 51, is ব্যক্ত to be set on making a track to match the success of Run DMC’s groundbreaking 80s hit ‘Walk This Way’, which defined the rap/rock genre – and went on to spawn acts such as Korn, Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock in the 90s.

source: iol.ie
The self-proclaimed king of the Roma ব্যক্ত Tuesday he wants to give ম্যাডোনা a স্বর্ণ plaque to thank the singer for criticizing discrimination against his people.

Madonna performed in Bucharest in August as part of her “Sticky and Sweet” tour, and at the সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান ব্যক্ত she was “very sad” because of the “discrimination against Romas and Gypsies in general in eastern Europe”.

Self-declared king Florin Cioaba ব্যক্ত the Roma wanted to প্রদর্শনী their appreciation for the US star’s gesture.

“Madonna deserves great credit. She drew the whole world’s attention to discrimination against the Roma,”...
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Merry Xmas ফ্যানপপ and I wish আপনি 2010 to be full of love,friendship and great news about M!
Here are some news and rumours:
The basis of the সঙ্গীত album outtake "Run" can be streamed on William Orbit's official site in the form of the groovy "Forbidden Planet" instrumental track [his Streamcast includes a lot of released/leaked ম্যাডোনা songs and instrumentals]. Recently, Orbit has been asked about working again with Madonna, but it is highly unlikely to happen at this point.

The original version of Give It 2 Me was apparently a Timbaland produced track, which was favored দ্বারা Warner. This version...
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ম্যাডোনা has been crowned the most famous celebrity of the decade with আরো প্রবন্ধ written about her than anyone else.
The 51-year-old তারকা was the focus of আরো than 45,000 stories since 2000.
Her nearest rival was Robbie Williams – with just under 28,000 newspaper mentions.
The celebrity of the decade survey was conducted দ্বারা Liv, the UK’s first online TV channel.
Britney Spears and David and Victoria Beckham make up the rest of the শীর্ষ five.
But this বছর no one could compete with king of pop Michael Jackson who was easily the most talked about star.
The tragic legend was the focus of 6,838 প্রবন্ধ – covering both his planned comeback concerts and his untimely death in June.
Meanwhile the award for most-improved celebrity goes to Simon Cowell who garnered just 18 stories in 2000 – but দ্বারা this বছর was the written about over 6,000 times.
Billboard magazine has released a special double-issue celebrating the end of the 2000s decade, which includes a segment dedicated to Madonna's biggest achievement of the decade, the record-breaking success of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. She gets a lot of congratulations for the biggest solo tour of all time, including from her own manager Guy Oseary. Her 50 biggest hits on Billboard are also listed, Like A Virgin being in the pole position.

There's also an interview with the manager, Live Nation's Arthur Fogel and a Warner Bros. Recods Chairman/CEO, Tom Whalley. Arthur Fogel says the 2008-2009...
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