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ask me plez before usin it
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Autummfall closed her eyes slowly. She felt depressed her mother had left their tribe to যোগদান Fierce tribe. She had left her behind her old প্রথমপাতা to make clans instead. The clans were known for their personalities Snowclan are the sneaky ones they tend to lurk in the Snow since most Snowclan মার্জার have white fur. Moonclan মার্জার are mysterious and friendly they like to help other মার্জার but, act আরো elegant yet they're tough in battle. Grassclan মার্জার are quick and very loyal they enjoy their days out on open moors chasing rabbits some even go inside rabbit borrows! Blazeclan happened to be the ব্রেভ and bold ones who were ready to charge into battle at any moment. I think Snowclan is nice but, my পশম color won't match the description... we will arrive at camp when we set off in the morning. "Autummfall are আপনি coming অথবা not? We're going early!" Smokeshadow called from the entrance of her den. Her হৃদয় leaped with excitement she was going to be part of a clan!
To be continued...
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The wind whistled in a tone Lemonheart knew. A spirit she trained with named Breezefang. As a child Breezefang was jealous of his brother so he killed him so, his mother would প্রণয় him. His father had died in a fight with Blazeclan when he was young he wanted his mother to প্রণয় so, he made up lies. He would raid camps in the middle of the night killing just so his mother would প্রণয় him. Sad enough she didn't care at all. One night Blazeclan মার্জার caught him in the act and killed him. His body was swept down the river where his mother found it. She had told the truth about his brother so, Snowclan...
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Crystalwing headed into the moors of Grassclan. Her mother Lillyflower was just killed and not a single cat had sympathy অথবা wanted revenge on those Snowclan cats. The two clans had clashed a two hours পূর্বে and still everybody was expecting them to charge into camp and finish up the rest of them. Suddenly, she saw a flash a yellow. Crystalwing slowly stalked অগ্রবর্তী ready to attack. Then, she was her cat. It was Lemonheart her little sister. "Where are আপনি going? Revenge like আপনি were meowing about?" Lemonheart asked fixing her two mismatching eyes on her. "You guessed right." Crystalwing replied...
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