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 Ashley Fuller and Mary-Kate Olsen
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Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley, the Tween কুইন Twins! Your new best বন্ধু have just arrived...

The annual Spring Fling's coming up and Mary-Kate and Ashley have hot dates for the dance. At least they think they do -- until they find out their dates have asked other girls instead. To make matters worse, Mary-Kate's crush is going out with her best friend!

Should Mary-Kate and Ashley just go ahead and get new dates for the dance? অথবা should they get...revenge?

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been huge international stars since the age of 9 months, when they shared the role of Michelle in the sit com FULL HOUSE. With videos, video games, CDs, dolls, books, a fashion line and a magazine already under their belts in the US, they are poised to take over the UK market in 2002.
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