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 Mary's HS AU Outfit
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Mary's outfit that she wears in my fic.
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This Mason Forever! ছবি contains পদাবরণ, leging, লেগ আচ্ছাদন, সুবেশী ব্যক্তি, মামলা, প্যান্ট স্যুট, and pantsuit. There might also be হোসিয়ারি, পায়ের পাতার মোজাবিশেষ, hosiery, hose, hip boot, thigh boot, আঁটসাঁট পোশাক, and leotards.

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The formatting was messed up on this one too, so I did this.

MADE BY: Fanlovver.

... with my life.

fanpop is being a total দুশ্চরিত্রা deleting mah articles.

So I was being really productive last night and cleaned my room and my closet and threw away loads of clothes and went to বিছানা at 3 am. Which lead to that I woke up 2 pm. I went upstairs and made ডিনার for my family, ate, I dunno did whatever. And then I logged on ফ্যানপপ and what did I see? MASON FOR NEVER! প্রবন্ধ TELLING ME TO KILL JASON AND I WAS LIKE WHY SO I WENT ON THE দেওয়াল AND WAS LIKE WHYYYYYYYYYYYY? WHY DID আপনি DO THIS? WHAT HAVE YOU...
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This was an প্রবন্ধ Hajirah made a while back, but the formatting wouldn't work. So I'm going to post it so everyone can read this masterpiece! :D

MADE BY: hajirah4.

Jessie Reisman: a man with a no-nonsense attitude who wore thick rimmed glasses and had a few gray hairs, was sipping his ol' cup of joe. It was a Monday like any other at the farm. Except this day, Mary, Mr. Reisman, and the জন্তু জানোয়ার were awaited দ্বারা a visitor. But not the visitor they, অথবা আপনি are going to think of. He got up, and swiftly wrote a bold, red X on the দিন that was yesterday on the calender. "It's finally here," He's...
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নমস্কার everybody! As I mentioned in my link, I really would প্রণয় to set up a reunion for all of the Mason shippers on this club, as well as production for link While আপনি do not have to come to the reunion, I really suggest আপনি do, it has been a while since this club has experienced a surge of activity, and it's been months since all of the Mason shippers have come on at one time. I know there isn't much left of Mason now, but I want to fix what is broken, which is this club. (And the ship, but that's another story.)

I will see when as many of us are on as possible and try and get a time for the...
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This all started August 15th, 2014. Let us not forget that amazing day, when the ship was started and the club was founded. In honor of this amazing occasion, I think we should make a sequel to the original Mason Movie. I have set up link I suggest we start production in one week. The Mason shippers must have a full reunion, all of us. (Or as many of us online at the time.) I really hope all shippers will participate in the reunion of the ship and the production of the সেকেন্ড movie.
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