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This Maximum Ride ছবি might contain সংবাদপত্র, কাগজ, ম্যাগাজিন, ট্যাবলয়েড, and টেনা.

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My Soundtrack for the flock
Somewhere I belong(How Ari felt toward Jeb and maybe for his death. It could be a good song for the flock too.)

Savin' Me দ্বারা Nickelback(When they kidnapped Angel)

Girlfriend দ্বারা Avril Lavigne(The whole Lissa-Fang-Max deal)

What i've done দ্বারা Linkin Park( The whole fight in Germany with Omega)

Welcome to the world অথবা N.Y.C দ্বারা Kevin Rudolph(When the flock is in New york)

Take me Away দ্বারা Avril Lavigne(When Max is cutting the chip out of her arm)

Holiday দ্বারা Greenday(When Erasers are attacking the school with Anne)

Burning Bridges দ্বারা The...
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maximum ride
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These kids are hilarious! I have tons of favorites, but let's just stick with the ones I most like:

-Am I tough? Am I strong? Am I hard-core? Absolutely. Did I whimper with pathetic delight when I sank my teeth into my hot চিকেন ফ্রাই sandwich? আপনি betcha.

-"So, Fnick, can I change the channel?" Iggy asked. "There's a game on."
"Make yourself at home, Figgy," Fang said.

-He shrugged looking tired again, and pushed away the খাবার tray. "Sure." He lay back down and shut his eyes.
"After all, Fnick is Superman," ব্যক্ত Iggy.
"Shut up, Jeff," I said, but I was smiling.

-The cool-eyed general spoke again....
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