CNBC is reporting that Kodak is offering $5,000 to the person who can identify “Rose Boy”, the teenager famously and heartbreakingly snubbed in a "Kodak moment" while trying to hand deliver a beautiful yellow rose to the equally beautiful Megan Fox.

CNBC indicates that the ট্র্যান্সফর্মার তারকা is "upset" about missing the young man’s attempt to hand her a ফুল outside the theater in লন্ডন where Megan শিয়াল was on hand for the premiere of the new “Transformers” blockbuster.

“Although this thoughtful gesture fell victim to ‘the wrong place at the wrong time’,” the firm’s press release says, Eastman Kodak Company believes that fate has other plans for this "idealist young lad."

Kodak is asking the "Rose Boy" to “come অগ্রবর্তী and identify himself so that the company can help arrange a real rose exchange.”

Kodak is offering to pay for travel expenses for the boy and his family.

They'll even throw in a new rose.

If আপনি know this boy, consider yourself $5,000 richer. যন্ত্রপত্র what আপনি know to

Author: Michael Essany