Flying solo may be one of Peter's superpowers. But Milo Ventimiglia's dream of being a fighter pilot was ruined when he discovered it made him nauseous.The নায়ক তারকা was desperate to fly the high speed vehicles, but soon found out that having a weak stomach could prevent him from ever being a pilot.

"I had a couple of options of what i could do with my life" Mil told the Monsters and Critics website. "One, i wanted to be an actor. Two, i wanted to be a doctor. And three, i wanted to be a fighter pilot"

During the writers strike, when Hollywood was shut down, I went up in a fighter plane. And i als spent some time with the Air Force Reserves. It was amazing. It was one of the coolest things i've ever done!"

"But i got sick! It's hard not to. There's actually a ছবি of me before i got into the plane- my hair is polished ,I'm looking good and standing tall. And then there's one of me after i've finished the flight and i look a little crooked..."

This information came from the নায়ক Official Magzine, issue five.