Peter jumping off a building
A look at Peter Petrelli's Powers:

Peter first becomes aware of his ability in his dreams, which tell him he can fly. (Posibly caused দ্বারা the amount of time he spends with his brother 'The flying man') Peter uses an ability fist when he jumps off the roof to prove to nathan that he can fly. He really starts to understand his gift when he realises he also absorbed Issac Mendez's powers of precognition.

Peter's DNA re-sequenses itself to mimic the ability of other নায়ক around him. Mohinder describes Peter as a kind of powers sponge. Peter doesn't just mimic the abilities of others when they are near him, he retains each ability permanently. And apparently he doesn't have to get too close for his DNA to do it's magic. He was many yards away from D.L, Niki, Micah and Molly at Kirby Plaza, though he seems to have absorbed all of thier abilities - though so far he has only used D.L's phasing and mabe Niki's strenght when fighting Sylar in the Plaza.

Theoretically, peter's potential to absorb and master new abilities is unlimited. So far he has absorbes 20 distinct abilities, if not more. He currently uses fewer than half of these, and probally isn't even aware of the others. mental control is essential in the use and development of most powers, so Peter can't continuiosly draw on abilities he doesn't know he has. His unconcious mind does seem able to tap into all of them, as in Four Months Later, when his 'fight অথবা flight' reflex calls on powers he can't even remember. These latent powers don't seem to surface spontaneously in a non-emergancy. Otherwise micha's ability to talk to machines would have helped Peter to open the company's খিলান in Odessa witha lot less time and effort.(just has well he didn't know how to use it because Adam would have got to the virus much আরো quickly!) Peter seems to master the abilities he doesn't know about আরো and আরো easily, helped দ্বারা Claude's training and also from absorbing Sylars origional powers of understanding complex systems. As he grows in experience and understanding of his gift, Peter will probally learn to reconise a new power the moment he absorbs it, and begin to take contol of each new power immediatly. He could become a truley powerful hero.

Peter's most impressive use of his power so far is in the post explosive future of Five Years Gone.
Peter vs Sylar - Five years Gone
Future Peter, scarred, battle-hardened and experienced in assimilation of many abilities, uses a barrage of different abilities with superhero speed, skill and versitility, to fight of Matt Parkmans SWAT team, lead the assult on the New York facility, and finally go head-to-head with the villainous, power stealing Sylar.

Peter has grown up in the shadow of hsi father and big brother - the 'alpha dogs' of the family - underated দ্বারা those who should প্রণয় and value him the most, especially his mother.
All his life he has wanted to make the world a better place - but not in the way of his parents and brother, the way of politics and power. Peter chose to be a nurse because he wanted to help people, even if it was in his own small way. The discovery of his powers, and especially the mission Hiro Nakamura gives him, to 'Save the cheerleader, save the world' gives peter the hope that he might be able to help in a big way. As much as he needs to understand his growing powers, he needs, even আরো to feel that he is a part of something much bigger than himself.
The burden that goes with this new responsibility is Peter's fear of his own weakness. He is afraid to fail at the mission, afraid that he is not good enough to become a true Hero and save the world. And worst of all, he is afraid that his sometimes terrifying powers might become the means to destroy the world.

Mohinder warns Nathan that Peter's gift could become dangerous if he absorbs an unstable ability অথবা absorbs too much power at once. The first time he abosorbs too many powers at once (Claire's Matt's snd all of Sylars) it makes him sick, and he's comatose for weeks. The seasond time doesn't kill him, but it nearly kills everyone else in New York.
Peter the exploding man
Only a short while after he has been exposed to Ted's highly unstable radioactive power, Peter is exposed to the new powers of D.L, Niki, Micah and Molly, and his marginal control of ted's power is ovewhelmed. Only Nathan flying his up into the atmosphere saves him from nuking the city. প্রদত্ত exposure to another forceful and destructivr power (like Maya's) peter could loose control again and cause some unimaginable disaster to himself অথবা those around him.

Peter Destroys the virus
Peter uses his telekinetic ability to catch the vial of dealdly strain 138 just before it shatteres on the floor. Then he uses his radioactive আগুন to burn the vial and the virus into harmless dust. Humanities saved again! For now.....

Is it the time he nearly blew up new york, অথবা the time he helped Adam get into the vault...? Guess again, even when Peter is helping Adam, Peter belives he is doing the right thing to save the world, so he does his heroic best. His worst moment comes a few days earlier, in Dublin, when he telekinetically strangles Ricky's treacherous partner, Will. Hw only stops short of murdering the now helpless thug, when Caitlin intervenes. Peter tells her afterwards that in that moment, he wanted to murder Will; and he's terrified that his true identity might be that of a killer.

Peter goes to Claire's rescue at homecoming, getting between her and sylar while she runs to safty. He keeps trying to delay Sylar even after he's had a taste of his power, and long before he knows his own.
Peter at homecoming
Finally, when Sylar grabs him to kill him and put him out of the way, he grabs back, and throws both Sylar and himself over a five-story drop.Crunch! And he didn't even know he would regenerate and survive the fall. No wonder he's Claire's Hiro!

When Mr. Bennett and The Haitian come to capture peter and Claude, peter freezes time and their tazer electrons and throws the paralysed Claude off the roof, then dives after him, catches him and flyes up, up and away, leaving the two very capable Hero-Hunters standing! It's a very quick-thinking, resourceful perfectly coordinated use of multiple powers. Wheres the kid who couldn't get out of his own way two days before?!
Peter and Claude