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posted by sonic-hisworld
One দিন Mina was taking a walk around town when she saw a two tailed animal standing at the শীর্ষ of a hill.
Mina:Excuse me umm...Im Mina and আপনি are?
Tails turns around
Tails:Hi im...
It was প্রণয় at first site
Tails:Oh sorry Im T-T-Tails and it's very nice to meet আপনি uhhh...
Mina:Is ther something wrong?
Tails:Uhhh...No,No no problem it's just that...never mind
*Mina thinking*"Gosh he just soooo cute1what am i supposed to say now?!
Tails:So...want to go get something to eat,my treat?
*Mina thinking*OMG!OMG!OMG!Its like he asked me out and I cant believe this!I cant believe im going...
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Tails:so....are আপনি visiting অথবা staying?
Jessie:staying দ্বারা the way why did আপনি ask me that?
Tails:o no reason
Both walk to a পাহাড় and look at the clouds
Tails:the clouds look pretty
Jessie:yea I like the one that looks like a baby
Tails:me to
Both smile
And stare
When all of a sudden
Jessie's mind:why douse she want me now?
Mina:I found you!
Jessie:I tought আপনি hated me?
Mina:not any more
Jessie sees that Mina in staring in tails eyes and tails is staring in jessie's
Jessie:ok Mina let's go,bye tails she আপনি tomarrow if I can
Tails:bye Jessie

Part 3 coming soon
One দিন Mina's parents made a meeting
Mina: what!?!? She's my sister?
Jessie: (shy).....
Parents:yes now get use to is
Mina: (gron)
Leaves to room
And Jessie follows her
Jessie: (knoks on door)
Mina: yes.......o it's আপনি again
Jessie: is something wrong Betwin আপনি and me
Mina: yes
Jessie: what's wrong then?
Mina: you.....where......BORN
Jessie has tears on eyes and try's not to cry
Jessie leaves room out side and runs away as fast as she can then she bumps into some one
Jessie: sorry........I didn't mean to bump into you
Stranger: it's........(looks at her) it's ok
Jessie: are আপনি sure?
Stranger: yea..........um..what's ur name?
Jessie: my name is jessie......w-w-what's yours
Stranger: my name is tails ......but my real name is
miles prower I hate it
Jessie: well I like it

That's all please tell me how u feelt about the story part 2nd coming soon!
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posted by sonic-hisworld
After Mina talked on the phone in the other aticle
Mina got dressed for bed.
the পরবর্তি morning she found a letter that was slid under the door
Mina picked it up and saw it was from Tails.
she read it aloun
Mina:to my dear Mina,Please meet me at sunset that very same পাহাড় we met at!
Thank you,Tails
Mina got dressed quickly and and ate a quick breakfast...
Later at Tails house...
Tails calls Sonic...
Sonic:Hey buddy!whats up?
Tails:Hey sonic I need help Im gonna proposed to my Mina and i dont know where to get a ring,what kind to get her,and how to ask her!!!and i need আপনি to heip me!
Sonic:Okay okay buddie...
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