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Prince:*fake yawns* I'm sleeppy time for বিছানা *grabs Alana's hand*
Alana:*laughs a little and walks wih prince*
--after IM NOT লেখা NASTY AGAIN!!)--
Alana:prince can I ask yhu something
Alana:yea babe plz
Prince:sure thing *sits up on bed*
Alana:do yhu think we did this to fast I mean we have only been together (gco)
Prince:*grabs her hand* look I don't give a fuck how long we have been together I have major feelings for yhu I'm falling in প্রণয় with আপনি and we don't have to do this for me to প্রদর্শনী that প্রণয় to আপনি if yhu don't want to it doesn't matter to me
Alana:aww i really have feelings for yhu to deeply and um yhu dont have to I mean it's not that I don't like it I actually really like so yhu may continue Lol
Prince:*smirks* Mhm 
He kissed her but this চুম্বন seemed different after that talk like it changed it became আরো passionate
Alana pov
When he kissed me shivers ran down my spine it's like sparks flew I'd never been kissed liked that before it made me get গুজ্‌বাম্প he gently moved his tounge into the action the motion drove me crazy it felt unreal I think I'm really falling in প্রণয় with this boy he just mezmorized me with every touch and the deepness in his voice when he talked he started স্নেহ চুম্বন my neck which made my eyes roll back and my back arch it felt...amazing for some reason
End pov
Prince pov
Wow just this girl is wow when I kissed her I felt magic like damn shawty fine I wanted to do so much আরো then চুম্বন her but idk if shell let me and I like her way to much to mess this up only one way to find out
Prince:*starting to চুম্বন her neck*
Alana:oh no *pushes him off* yhu had আপনি fun it's my turn *winks at him*
Prince:oh really *pushes her back on bed* but I run this
Alana:*rolls over so she's on top* but I'm boss boo*takes off his শার্ট and kisses him everywhere*
They play this: link (listen to the sounds trey gettin it in damn lmao!!) and the song explains what they do so I wont have to haha
Tbc.. (to be cont)
posted by MzmindlessTlat
At lunch
Me:*sitting at the টেবিল still kinda mad*
Lana:hey boo আপনি ok
Me:no fuck them but I'm calmin
Lexi:yo wanna do some hella fun
Lana:it'll cheer আপনি up
Lana:remember that girl from in the hall
Lexi:she actually real cool
Lana:so we wanna give her a makeover
Me:cool I'm in
??:*walks over* um নমস্কার guys
Me:hey Hun question
Me:wats ya name?
??:oh I'm angelic but people usually call me Lic
Lana:cool so Lic alright
Lic:so are we tonne do the makeover thing?
(she mean gonna but she Dominican so she say ish wierd)
Lexi:so wat else ya do
Lic:I use to sing but not...
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posted by geekygirl1999
at my house
me-*falls on couch*
yah-i can't believe he would do something like dat
roc-im so mad*punches the couch*
ray-bro I say we go him a lessons
roc-k lets go ayy call us if anything goes down

with da boys
dad-*laying on the floor*
roc-*walks up to him*so u like trying to kill ur own daughter huh
dad-shes not mine I just took her n her mother in
dad-her mother had her with another man n then me n her went out n had a baby then Alanas mom died n she thought I was her dad
ray-oh well u still don't try n kill her
dad-i just wanted a lil fun
roc-punches him*ur not a man putting ur hands on...
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 movie theater.
movie theater.
Kay's pov

i was listening to my iPod when i walked downstairs to get sum খাবার from the kitchen. i walked past the main hallway and realized something. i slowly made my way back. i lookd down it but didnt see anything. i shrugged and turned around but i bumped into something. i lookd up and scream. then everything went black.

Dray's pov

i was at jacob's house for হ্যালোইন that night and we were watching a scary movie, idk wat it was called. i wasnt watching it. "babe u can come up from the covers now." he said. i peeked up at him. he smiled. i whined. "this is scaaarrryyyy." i pouted. he kissed...
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posted by princess_pink
The পরবর্তি morning I woke up and went downstairs to look around then I saw this boy who was around my age and he was sneaking around the house
Me: What the fuck are আপনি doing?
Boy: None of your business!
Me: Wait your pulling the glue in shampoo trick on someone really!
Boy: yes really why
Me: Cos I প্রণয় that trick * running towards him* who are আপনি pranking?
Boy: Cameron!
Me: I'm gonna pretend I know who that is so I can prank him
Boy: দ্বারা the way for future reference the names Jason
Me: Roxy but everyone calls me Scar
Jason: Right lets go!
Me: Wait No let's add one আরো thing ... Hair dye
Jason: I like...
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
Recap first দিন clothes

At school
Lexi:hey we got most class together awesome
Me:yea নমস্কার *says annoyed* look who's coming
-mb walking down the hall way-
Ray:man whatever heat is waaayyy better
Roc:nah dude lakers all the *bumps into some one* aye my bad *keeps walking*
Lana:*sees who it is and goes to help* নমস্কার DUDE!
Roc:*turns around* what?
Roc:who tf are you
Lana:MY NAME IS *steps in his face* APOLOGIZE...
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BALLAS!(intro & ep 1)
Heyyyyy guess waAat.......newe stooorrrry #warning this is most likey gonna be a #teamfreak story jus fa yhu guyz so be ready btw I have a co-writer jezs she a real freak so ima let ya kno head হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ (so I know আপনি guys wannna get to the story so ima just do a short intro and go on to epi 1)
Me(finally decided to do it lol)
Alana(ma siista geekygirl1999)


-the girlz are outside playing basketball-
Lana:I just don't get it
Me:really they are not even all of that
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posted by geekygirl1999
I'm bak lol

Roc-*runs up to him n grabs him দ্বারা his shirt*where is my girlfriend
Yah-yes u do now tell
Dad-pushes rock off n walks up to yah*do u dear yell at me
Yah-idgad where is my sister
Dad-*slaps u*
Ray-oh fuck naw*starts punching him*
Roc-*runs to his car*look it says plans to.......kill Alana oh fuck dat shit*punches him then yell 4 u 2 to come on*
y'all run to the car

In the basement
Me-ahhh get off*kicks 2 of they boys off*
2 boys-*grab my legs n hold them open*
1boy-*sits n the corner I'm not doing this
Other boy-who cares*unzips his pants*
me-noo plzz stop I'm a virgin
boy-to bad*pulls his pants n boxers down*
Roc রশ্মি n yah-*bust in*
Me-rocc yahh rayy
Rock n ray-*beats up everyone but the boy in the corner *
Ray-we beating up him to
me-no he didn't do anything
Yah-better not have

We all go home
posted by StandOutForLife
*Later That Tuesday Morning*
"She okay?"
"I mean I guess she okay. She ain't bleedin' . . .
she breathin'."
"Well আপনি didn't have to get smart."
"Roc, Jalila y'all need to stop flirtin' Now"
"It's cute and all that আপনি care but she fine I promise. Now can we go home?"
"She's right I'm perfectly fine." I ব্যক্ত sitting up quickly shading my eyes from the sun's glare.
"Then why আপনি sittin' up slowly?" Asked Princeton
"Cause my back hurts." I replied icily
"So আপনি ain't so fine after all."
"Whateve'. 'Lila we gonna go প্রথমপাতা অথবা what?"
"Or what. We stayin' here for the rest of the afternoon they invited...
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