{Jacob's POV}- The পরবর্তি day
I wondered and wondered some more. People were looking at me strange and i didn't know what to say অথবা do so I kept walking. I স্মেল্ট delicious smells and it made me hungry because I haven't eaten. I would go inside a place but people shoo'd me away. So I kept trying and trying. Eventually i gave up when nobody wanted to feed me. I was sad that I had made no বন্ধু and i had grumbling belly. I saw this building acrossed the রাস্তা and wanted to try it. It looked kid friendly and I'm a kid so i took my precautions and crossed the street. They're were some big cars in the parking lot as i looked around for an entrance to the place.
The wind blew and it made me colder. I was mentally activated my bubble for warmth as i heard laughter. Children's laughter. Maybe they were kids like me. So i walked towards the sound of laughter and saw this barrier that i could see through. They're were kids running around and having fun. I was excited and wanted to play with them until they all stopped what they were doing and saw me. Instead of seeing all smiles I saw frowns and opened mouths. Then i heard laughing and saw those same kids pointing at me. I looked down and around to see what was wrong with me. I couldn't find it and didn't understand. A girl with a high ponytail got up and ran inside the building. I grasped onto the gate to see where she went. The kids all moved to one spot of the playing area as the girl with the ponytail came back with a tall lady. She was darkskin and her eyes went big just like the kids. I don't get it.
The tall darkskin lady walked over to the gate where i was. Maybe she's going to feed me. I'm so hungry.
Tall lady: Hello.
Me: Hi.
TL: Who are আপনি little boy and where did আপনি come from?
Me: Um, outerspace.
I heard the kids behind the tall lady laughing.
Boy: OUTERSPACE? *laughs* yea right and my momma was born under the ocean.
Most of the kids laughed. I didn't think it was funny. I was telling the truth.
TL: Um, yea seriously where did আপনি come from little boy and where are your clothes?
Me: My clothes?
TL: Yea? Why are আপনি naked?
Me: I-I don't know. I was born like this. I had no clothes when i was in outerspace.
Kids: *laugh*
That wasn't funny. My vision became blurry as warm tears fell from eyes.
TL: Oh no, don't cry and don't pay attention to rayan. He's our class clown. Let me see. Um, just stay right there. I'll bring আপনি inside. *walks away*
{10 মিনিট later}
The nice tall lady had me in a room where she provided me with clean clothes and dressed me. Earlier she washed me in another room and washed my hair. Now I looked like one of the other kids. She still seemed worried about me. I don't know why. She kept asking me where I was from and i kept telling her the same thing. She doesn't believe me.
Tall lady: Look sweetheart i know আপনি may not understand me and you're only...how old are আপনি exactly?
Me: I'm 400 years old.
TL: 400? How could আপনি be 400 when আপনি look much younger than that?
Me: Back in my প্রথমপাতা world, i am 400, but on earth I am just 4 years old.
TL: Ok, you're starting to freak me out.
Me: I'm sorry that I am, but I'm telling the truth.
TL: So what is your name?
Me: My name is difficult to pronounce so--
TL: Just tell me what it is and maybe I can try and pronounce it.
Me: Ok
I told her my name and she struggled to pronounce it and gave up.
TL: Never mind. It's a lovely name it's just too hard to pronounce. Why don't i give আপনি a name?
Me: *shrugs* Ok
TL: Hmmm, আপনি look like.....a jacob.
Me: Jacob?
TL: Yes jacob. Whenever anyone asks আপনি your name, আপনি tell them "Hi, my name is Jacob." Do NOT ever bring up your...other name.
Me: Ok
*knocks on door*
TL: *rolls eyes* Come in.
The boy who called me a freak earlier was now in the same room as me. He had mocha চকোলেট skin, two braided ponytails and a lollypop. He closed the door behind him and stood there staring at me as if i was disgusting.
Rayan: Who's the freak?
TL: RAYAN. Watch your language. He's not a freak, he's a.....human just like আপনি and me. Sure he seems different but that's no reason to call out his differences with a negative tone.
Rayan: Sorry ma'am. *turns to jacob* So, what's your name?
Me: Jacob.
Rayan: Hi jacob, my name is rayan. Nice to meet you.
Me: *suspicious* same here.
TL: Now that আপনি too have met, rayan is there something আপনি want to say to jacob?
Rayan: Oh yea. Um, would আপনি like a lollypop? *offers ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট to jacob*
I don't know what it is but it looks dangerous,
Me: *shakes head* Um, no thanks.
Rayan: Cool আরো for me.
Rayan: WHAT?
TL gives rayan a death glare.
Rayan: OHHHHHH my bad. I'm sorry jacob for saying mean things to আপনি earlier.
Me: *smiles* Apology accepted.
TL: Now rayan go back to sleep.
Rayan: *groans* But i can't.
TL: GO RAYAN অথবা you'll be in time-out during snack time.
Rayan: Never mind I'm going. *leaves room and closes the door*
TL: *turns to jacob* Speaking of snack time. Did আপনি get a chance to eat something jacob?
Me: No ma'am i haven't. I'm starving.
TL: Come on. Let's get আপনি something to eat.
Me and TL went to the cafe area as i waited for something to eat. She told me to go wash my hands and return back to the table. I did what was told of me as a hot bowl of square খাবার with some redish-orangish sauce was placed before me with a plastic cup of red liquid. I've never had such strange খাবার before in my life. She also placed what looked like bread, with frosting on শীর্ষ and some decorations on it. This must be my lucky দিন অথবা something.
TL: *smiles* eat up. If আপনি need me, I'll be in my office where we were talking. *walks off*
Me: Ok
A/N: Jacob was eating Chef Boyardee's mini ravioli, চেরি kool-aid, and a vanilla কেক from craig's good-bye special lunch from yesterday.
I faced my খাবার and slowly ate it. It was soooooo good that i licked the bowl. I looked around the room and it was dimly litted because the other kids were asleep. This drink was very addicting, i wanted more. And the রুটি with frosting was delicious. While I was enjoying my খাবার i heard some footsteps approaching near the cafe. I looked around and stood up just in case i needed to run. It turned out to be just a girl. It was only a girl jacob i told myself. She was really pretty. She had a nice mocha চকোলেট complexion, black long hair tied back into a ponytail, pretty eyes and nice lips. I couldn't blink for awhile because something stange was happening. I never laid eyes on a আরো beautiful girl in my life and she was human.
Girl: h-hi there.
Me: *nervous* Hi
We stood there staring at each other. We were nervous. I didn't finish my meal and i wanted to share some with her.
Me: W-Would আপনি like some of my lunch.
Girl: *shakes head* No thanks. আপনি eat it. It was প্রদত্ত to you.
Me: Oh ok. Um, where are আপনি going?
Girl: I was just um...going to the bathroom.
Me: Oh ok.
Girl: Well it was nice meeting you....
Me: *smiles* It was nice meeting আপনি too...
She walked on to the bathroom as I sat down and continued to eat my lunch and drink my drink. I couldn't stop thinking about that girl i just met. She wore lots of পরাকাষ্ঠা in her outfit so i'm going to call her "pinky." I smiled quietly and ate. I might meet a new friend.
{Bahja's POV}
I walked towards the girls bathroom for...no reason. I didn't have to potty i just wanted to see the new kid. He had a nice big afro, with beautiful eyes and nice honey skin. Mmm. He had a nice name. Jacob. I blushed. I opened the door to the bathroom and closed the door. I walked over to the sink and the lights flicked off. What in the world?
Someone grabbed my neck and covered my mouth again. This was all to familiar. It better not be who i think it is. Then he released his hand from my mouth so i could talk.
Me: ugh. Rayan is that u?
Boy: Yes. Why?
Me: What are আপনি doing in here?
Ray: I wanted to know the same thing from you.
Me: I asked আপনি first.
Ray: Who were u talking to on your way here?
Me: Why do আপনি care?
Ray: I bet it was that freak wasn't it?
Me: He isn't a freak. He's a boy. A cute boy দ্বারা the way.
Ray: Cute? *scoffs* I'm cute. I'm your bae, remember?
Me: I still don't know what that means.
Ray: It means me and আপনি like-like each other and আপনি can't like that freak.
Me: STOP CALLIN HIM THAT. He has a name.
Ray: Yea i know, but freak স্যুইটস্‌ him better. The boy showed up at daycare naked and he ব্যক্ত he was from outerspace. He sounds like a freak to me. He belongs in the zoo.
Me: Rayan don't say that. I don't know that much about him but I bet he's a really nice boy
Ray: Psh. Whatever. Don't get your hopes up.
With that he left the bathroom enjoying his lollypop as i flipped on the lights in the girl's bathroom. I washed mmy hands and asked myself in the mirror.
That boy jacob isn't a freak is he? Just because he showed up during outside time in no clothes and says he's from outerspace doesn't make him a freak right?