Me:ok gotta continue
Kaoru:^^ (out of character)
Me:what got into your coffe this morning
Me:are they poisinus?
Me:ummmm ok then no cookie? i dont own most things except for the plot and my computer....and this story and this account but i dont own these letters -.- stupid letters
"WHY DIDNT MY PARENT COME BACK TOGETHER" I screeched , my voice was filled with venom,and pure agony
"why did my parents do this to me" i whimpered in a hushed tone

"why why why why why why why" i found my self crying hyterically and pounding on a dirty spray-paint covered building "why" I whispered faintly

"why did they leave me, all they had to do is atleast of came back together"I whispered
A hushed breath came out of my mouth and i still wept of my divorced parents

"urm miss are আপনি okay" a familiar voice questioned me

"yeah,yes im okay"i didnt bother to turn around and have the boy see me crying i was dignified enough for that

"gosh he must think im some kind of drukered right now" i whispered taintely in my thoughts

i finally decided to look to see some যেভাবে খুশী kid from my class..... but that wasent who i saw

"are আপনি sure আপনি seem depreased" i turned around to see.............HIM the boy that comforted me was HIM?
i stood there blankly gazing at him my comforter?

why was he comforting me?

"Ummm why are আপনি here?" i whispered slightely

"Mi-Mi-Miyako-chan? What are আপনি doing here?"The boy whispered

"I should ask আপনি the same shouldnt আপনি be in the hospital?" I managed to splirt out
"I got relesed today"he ব্যক্ত coldly
"Hmph" I brethed for impact i senced a figure lurcking around us " Nice to see আপনি Tacka-chan"

A gigantic explosion went inbetween us and i feelt someone stradaling my hips OH GREAT my subconsus ব্যক্ত as if আরো was to happen
Me:hmmmm who could it be.....just playin i know and u prob know to
kaoru:ya whatever
me:yay thats the Kaoru i know and occasionally get along with