Super Human was made দ্বারা me The LuNa ZoRo অনুরাগী অথবা my real name Daniel. Super Human was created for Luffy from One Piece. Super Human stared in the Arlong Arc, where I saw Luffy get maximumly mad when he fought Arlong in Nami's room. Also I প্রণয় Dragon Ball Z so I thought to myself what if Luffy became a Super Saiyan. But, Luffy is a human, not a saiyan so what if he became a Super Human.

I then went and drew Luffy except with Super Saiyan hair. Then I made আরো forms for Super Human like Super Luffy, Super Human 2, Super Human 3, 4, and 5. Later, I made a fanfic of LuffyxNami in ফ্যানপপ called Super Human Luffy vs. Arlong, Luffy and Nami's Unbreakable Love. It took place in the Arlong Arc and it is about how I wanted the Arlong Arc to end.

In my version of One Piece, When Luffy was 6, his mother name তারকা died, she told Luffy to go train with Daridikin, who knows the ways of fighting and is a Super Human. Once Luffy trained for one বছর with Daridikin, he mastered Super Human style and ways. Luffy needed was a pure heart, training, and anger.

For Luffy to become Super Human(like in my stories.) He needs:

.Training with a person who knows that technique.

.A Pure heart

.Rushing Anger

But for him to got to Super Luffy, he needs:

.More Anger

.Pushing Beyond The Super Human Limit

For him to become Super Human 2, he needs to:

.Build up lightning to surround his body


For him to go to Super Human 3, he needs:

.Max power


Note: Super Human 3 looks alot different from Super Saiyan 3 because আপনি still have আপনি eyebrows and you're hair looks like Trunk's style but spikeier.

For Luffy to go Super Human 4 he needs:

.Super Stressing Anger

.Bleed out you're hand

.Blood from আপনি to go to you're hair.

Super Human 5 still needs time but I'll update আপনি soon in my ফ্যানপপ profile.

From: The LuNa ZoRo অনুরাগী (Daniel/Danny.) LuffyxNami and ZoroxRobin forever.