Clawdeen And Draclaura
(OK, for ONE. I know Clawdeen and Draclaura are not dating, TWO, if আপনি do not like fanfics that put two characters to be in প্রণয় who are NOT in the original stories, অথবা are not fond of girl and girl relationships then DO NOT READ. Simple as that, and if আপনি do like these stories then I hope আপনি enjoy. I'm new at the Monster High franchise so if I get things mixed up please don't act like your two and be all in my face about it. I wrote this because I was bored and also because Clawdeen and Draclaura are my পছন্দ Monster High chicks. They. Flipping. RULE.)
And no, no crazy sexual content is in this, its a slow first-its-a-secret story. Also, it was just for fun, i প্রণয় monster high the way it is, and i do not have some weird obsession for Clawdeen and Draclaura to be together. Only positive অথবা encouraging মতামত only. Now if আপনি are saying "well maybe আপনি could add this" that sorta মতামত im okay with. im new to this club so i dont want to make আপনি guys upset with me!

“I thought maybe the fearleading squad could use a little bit more.....pazazzzz” Cleo droned on. I just kept nodding in hopes she would can it and let us go on with out undead lives. I stared down at my boots and took a deep breath. I smelled someone very familiar. “Hi Clawdeen” I ব্যক্ত as she sat পরবর্তি to me. “Hey” she ব্যক্ত smiling. I closed my eyes. I don't know, but for the last few weeks, she has been all I have been thinking about. Maybe it was just a phase and it would pass on. “What is wrong?” Clawdeen ব্যক্ত as she dug through her purse. “Oh, nothing...a little bit bored আপনি know?” she nodded. “where is my stinking lipgloss?!” she muttered with her face budged up. “You mean the Bone chill flavor?” I asked pointing to her hand. “Oh!” she ব্যক্ত waving it around. “I'm so silly, I forgot I took it out of my টাকার থলি already!” she shook her head. I giggled, shes cute when shes losing her head. “Helllllllooooo! Are আপনি even listening to me?!” Cleo shouted. “Oh...uh..yeah sorry” I ব্যক্ত frowning.
    After Cleo finished her fabulous lecture me and Clawdeen headed to Gloom beach. Summer is good, but the moon was high and full when we arrived. Clawdeen wiggled and smiled huge. “I just প্রণয় a full moon!” she turned to face me. “You?” I zoned out for a মিনিট to take a good look at her, her hair was let loose and her eyes where bright against the darkness. She raised a brow. “Oh yeah totally” I ব্যক্ত smiling back and looking down. She layed down a large blanket against the sand for us to sit on. Usually Clawdeen comes here on full moons দ্বারা herself, but since I had nothing to do she invited me to come. It was a nice invation, but since my feelings for Clawdeen has been screwed up lately, I was nervous about being here alone with her. “You look scared Draclaura...whats wrong? I don't bite..hard” she smirked and sat down on the blanket. I gulped and sat as far away on the blanket as possible. “Do I smell bad অথবা something?” she frowned at me and I sighed. “No” I ব্যক্ত and sat closer. “I just cant tell you....i have a secret but im afraid telling আপনি would....hate me” her eyes got wide. “I would never hate you!” my eyes tingled. “But আপনি wouldn't want to be near me again” I turned the other way. “Is it a vampire thirst thing?” she ব্যক্ত crawling closer. “No....” did she think I wanted to drink her blood? “Is it some vampire angest thing?” I shook my head again. “Dude” I looked at her.
“Justin Biter asked আপনি out and your afraid I would hate আপনি because he didnt ask me”
I smiled a little but then it left. “No” she sighed. “Then what is it? I am so হারিয়ে গেছে here”

it got silent for a long moment, I could see the moon in her eyes and my stomach flipped. “I have been feeling emotions I have never felt before, and...for these emotions to be felt toward to another girl makes me confused. My throat tightens and I stop breathing. Not even water on my face calms me down.” She just stared at me and I bit my lip. “Those feelings are for আপনি Clawdeen” my eyes stung and I turned away quickly. “And your my best friend...i am so afraid আপনি will want to leave me out because I like you” I felt her hand touch my shoulder. “D...” her other hand touched my cheek and turned my face to hers. “I would be lying if I ব্যক্ত I didn't want আপনি as well....as my best friend, I will always প্রণয় আপনি no matter what happens. If আপনি like me in a different way then just a friend....” her face got closer. “then im not going to hate you..not one bit” my fangs grew out more, and the moon began to look red. I felt dizzy, and Clawdeens face grew closer. Her mouth curved into a smile, and the world spun around and around, and my head hit the sand. Clawdeen stood up and howled, so loud....so sleepy....

“Draclaura! Girl wake up!” Clawdeen shook me hard and I mumbled. Did I pass out? “Girl আপনি just went all freaky on me! Then আপনি fainted! Are আপনি okay? Can আপনি hear me?!” I nodded. “How long have I been out?” I asked. “About 3 minutes, আপনি where gonna ask me something then আপনি started this real weird breathing thing...and Bam! Out like lightbulb” ...so I never really told her. She stared into my eyes and leaned in. I felt like crying, but what happened next...