After what happened on হ্যালোইন deuce and cleo got back together , clawd and draculaura still dated, gill and lagoona are reunited once more, abbey and heath gets together but clawdeen stays single pretty much on her delight jackson rejects claire which was a "heat-of-the-moment".

claire didn't take the news badly as she states apology that she was using him to get chad jealous. they remained friends.

At the hyde/jekyll residence
jackson decided to make a pact to his counterpart.
jackson held his i-coffin firmly he turned it to a video set where he could start a conversation with holt.
"well clair took the news pretty well' , besides she wasn't really that pretty , not really my type" jackson ব্যক্ত from the video in holt's i-coffin.

He too wanted to start a conversation.
"yeah your right , আপনি know when i ব্যক্ত i'm was pretty good with the ladies i was good when all the ladies but after hearing what she ব্যক্ত about using us i was like no way man holt hyde doesn't play like that , i hope her and brad have a great life yo" holt comented in jackson's i-coffin.

jackson nodded agreeing with himself.
"actually his name is chad not brad."
holt rolled his eyes in annoyence.
"whatever anyways there has been something going on in my mind আপনি know ? , and i have a feeling আপনি know too." he stated.

"yes your right" jackson looked away from his i-coffin and took a deep breath before turning back.
"okay আপনি first"
"naw man i insisted আপনি first" holt offered.
"how about this we say it together ready ?"
holt nodded lifting his i-coffin a bit closer to his face
"okay what i have on my mind right now is "-
"frankie" the two boys ব্যক্ত in unison.

the boys countinued to talk they agreed on one thing they wanted frankie ,
the পরবর্তি দিন they would do what they should've done after the events that happened on halloween.

frankie stein was walking in the hallways . she was happy that humans and monster can now live in harmony but was sadded on what happened between jackson , holt and claire

okay even though frankie didn't actually saw what happened let's just assumed she did

she was pretty upset and jealous.
this is all my fault , if i hadn't push the pause botton none of this would've happened

frankie begun to cry blue tears fell from her cheeks she put her hand over her eyes as she countiuned to sob quietly.

she wiped her tears and make a decision to be happy for the frankie walked near her locker until she bumped into someone.

"oh i'm sorry , my fault it's just- jackson?"
'oh hi frankie" the normie teen ব্যক্ত rubbing his head and got up.

frankie helped him up "are আপনি okay"
she asked in concerned.

"i'm okay , actually um i just came looking for you" he ব্যক্ত blushing.

"oh okay well আপনি found me so do আপনি need help with anything ?"

"no but can আপনি meet me and holt well -actually can আপনি meet us at the catacombs after 4th period..he ব্যক্ত adjusting his glasses.

"frankie smiled warmily "sure" she ব্যক্ত getting her stuff from her locker and heading towards her পরবর্তি classes.

When 4th period was over frankie went to the catacombs. hmmm i wonder what jackson and holt wanted to say to me ,

when she arrived at there she saw jackson holding something on his back
"hi frankie glad আপনি could make it" he ব্যক্ত smiling.

"yes i'm glad too but jackson i need to ask some প্রশ্ন first is that okay?"

"sure" , what is it আপনি wanted to ask ?" he asked

frankie bit her lip as she asked

"jackson, holt do I ever ক্রুশ your minds?"

"No." he said

"Do আপনি two like me?" she asked again

"No." he answered again

"Do আপনি two want me?" she countinued

"No." he replied

"Would আপনি guys cry if I left?" she ask as she begun to walk away but stopped

"No." he মতামত প্রদত্ত still standing on his place.

frankie walk over to the normie and hopefully ask him another প্রশ্ন to prove her point

"Would আপনি and holt live for me?"

"No." he answered for him and his conterpart

"Would আপনি two do anything for me?"

"No." he turned away

"Choose -- Me অথবা your lives."

"Our lives."he ব্যক্ত not turning around.

"oh" frankie begun cry again "so this is what আপনি wanted to meet me here in the first place to tell me this ?. she started to walk away until jackson grabbed her hand unexpectedly.

"wait frankie , it's not like that there's something holt and i have to tell you, please hear us out"

frankie looked deeped into his beautiful ocean like eyes as he looked into her mismatched's

"okay" she replied giving him a chance.

jackson put his headphones on and music.
he transformed into holt

holt grab frankie's hand gently and চুম্বন it he ব্যক্ত

"The reason আপনি never ক্রুশ our minds is because you're always on our minds." he replied for him and jackson

frankie's eyes widened at this statement and as holt
wraps his arms around her and continues speaking

"The reason why we don't like আপনি is because we প্রণয় you." he ব্যক্ত

"The reason why we don't want আপনি is because we need you." he countinued

"The reason why we wouldn't cry if আপনি left is because we would die if আপনি left."

"The reason why me and jackson wouldn't live for আপনি is because we would die for you."

"The reason why we're not willing to do anything for আপনি is because we would do everything for you."

"The reason we chose our lives is because আপনি ARE our lives."

"frankie fine we প্রণয় আপনি ". he embrace her passionly
"oh holt , jackson" she whispered" i প্রণয় আপনি guys too"

holt cupped her cheeks , an looked into her eyes.
he kissed her .frankie eyes wided as she close her eyes and kissed him back.

they countinue to চুম্বন for 5 মিনিট but pulled away when the ঘণ্টা ring.

"c'mon frankie-fine" i'm gonna walk আপনি towards 5th period." after আপনি wouldn't wanna be late and there's no way a gilfriend mine and jackson would want that he ব্যক্ত স্নেহ চুম্বন her hand

"of course we won't" frankie ব্যক্ত simling. as the two teens walked out of the catacombs hand-in-hand
they were together now and nothing was gonna tear them apart.