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Hello MP fans,

My name is Vinvin (French writer and comedian) I live in San Francisco and I'll be pleased to interview John Cleese nest Tuesday (7th) on seesmic, at noon PST. আপনি can ask your প্রশ্ন দ্বারা video, connecting to (my video is on the right, easy to find there is a Cleese icon). I'll give him all the প্রশ্ন and we'll try to reply most of them, directly to you, INDIVIDUALLY. Feel free to ask all the প্রশ্ন আপনি have in mind (movies, Flying circus, Fawlty Towers, Wanda, etc, etc, his friends, his philosophy, his lemurs...). It's a cool NEW kind of project that we can only have on the Internet (not on TV). I swear that it's not a spam অথবা a joke, I'm the biggest MP French অনুরাগী and I am very serious when it comes to laugh... ?!?

See আপনি there
posted by Everybodylies94
Hey, I just প্রণয় Monty Python. And here is some of my favourite উদ্ধৃতি from The Flying Circus. Enjoy! :D

- I'm Inspector Tiger.
- Tiger?!
- (Jumps) Where? Where? What? Ah. Me Tiger.. আপনি Jane.
- What's brown and sounds like a bell?
- ?
- Dung!
- আপনি are Rear Admiral Sir Dudley Compton?
- No. He die. He have হৃদয় attack and fell out of window onto exploding bomb, and was killed in shooting accident.
- With a melon!?
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Near the end of a documentary about Monty পাইথন that was shown at the Ziegfeld Theater on Thursday, Terry Jones, one of the members of that influential British comedy troupe, describes the awkwardness that invariably results when all five living members of the group are assembled. “It’s as if we were always waiting for one other person to arrive,” he says in the film.

This is followed দ্বারা an admonition from Terry Gilliam, who warns that অনুরাগী do not really want to see the comedy group reunite — they just want to be young again.

After the film concluded, the Monty পাইথন founders appeared...
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NOTE: The following one-night only production is on at certain Odeon cinemas in England, Wales and Northern Ireland only. It is not being shown at any cinema in SCOTLAND. If Scottish অনুরাগী of পাইথন want to see this one-off screening could they please e-mail link (click here) from their website selecting Customer Services অথবা Marketing. The আরো Scottish পাইথন অনুরাগী that e-mail the better!

Courtesy of the Odeon website:

'Not the Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy)' - at selected ODEON Cinemas for one night only.

A fabulously entertaining 90 মিনিট comic oratorio দ্বারা Eric Idle and John Du Prez (creators...
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