'Izzy, that stuff is in the past, it doesn't matter."
"Isabelle?'' Simon asked. He opened the door to Isabelle's room a little more. It had been a week since they got back from Alicante. Izzy hadn't come out of her room since the battle. Probably still mourning over Max.

At first Simon reconsidered stepping into the room. He remembered back to the last time he and Isabelle were alone in a room together. The results were...interesting. Not really something Simon wanted to experience for awhile though.

The room was dark. Izzy must had dimed the lights. The only light that came through the window was the brilliant কমলা that streaked through the blinds. It was late evening and the sun was setting. The whole sky was either কমলা অথবা pink. Simon had always been fascinated দ্বারা the evening sky. It was a beautiful sight. Apparently, Isabelle must have thought so too.

She sat in the উপসাগর window, her legs pulled up to her chest. Her long, jet-black hair cascaded down her shoulders. It had grown a little since Simon first saw her. Isabelle just sat there, staring out the window. The colored lights reflected off her brown eyes, making them sparkle. Simon took a step closer. He heard something squeak. One of Church's cat toys. Just his luck. Isabelle's head turned, a look of suprise on her face.

"Oh, Simon." She turned her head toward the window and put her hand to her eyes. Simon's best guess was that she was wiping away tears that hadn't exaculy dried yet. She didn't want him to see her like this, অথবা anybody else for that fact. Simon didn't blame her.

"I didn't hear আপনি come in.'' She said, a false smile plastered on her face. Simon shrugged.

"I get that a lot these days.'' Simon said, referring to the silent panther-like grace that came with his new vampire powers. He walked over and sat down দ্বারা Isabelle on the window. She had turned her head back and was now looking at the sun. He couldn't help but think the reason behind it was to avoid his gaze.

"You okay, Izzy?'' He asked, he instantly regretted it. What kind of stupid প্রশ্ন was that? A small smile snuck up on Isabelle's face. Simon could see tiny tears welling up at the end of her eyes, but she tried hiding it.

"Yeah, Simon. I'm fine." She lied.

Simon wasn't one to act on impulse, but he found himself doing it before he could stop himself. He wrapped his arms around Isabelle's neck, his head leaned against the side of her hair. He knew Izzy was probably suprised because she didn't do anything for about a সেকেন্ড অথবা two. But eventually, Simon felt her মোড়ানো her arms around his back.

"It's okay Izzy, i'm here.'' He breathed. Well, said. ভ্যাম্পায়ার don't breath, he always forgot that, yet found himself taking breaths every now and then. The two broke from the embrace. Isabelle only stared at him for a second.

"Why are আপনি always so nice to me?" She asked. The প্রশ্ন kind of caught Simon off guard.

"What do আপনি mean?" He asked, confused.

"I ব্যক্ত why are আপনি always so nice to me. Your a vampire, Simon. I know আপনি can hear me fine.'' Isabelle ব্যক্ত matter-of-factly.

Freaky, how did she know?

"Why wouldn't I?'' Simon asked. Isabelle stood up, walking past him and leaning against the wall.

"Well, I only had আপনি turned into a rat, had আপনি turned into a vampire...because I turned আপনি into a rat..."

'Izzy, that stuff is in the past, it doesn't matter." Simon said.

"Yes it does! Simon, আপনি died because of me!'' She yelled, then stopped. "Just like...Max did..." The pitch of Izzy's voice got lower. Simon stood up, preparing himself.


"Just GO AWAY!" She yelled. Any other guy she dated would have left দ্বারা now, not wanting to deal with the drama, but Simon still stood there. He walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder. Isabelle took her hands off of her face. Simon stood there, his face sad and serious. His eyes were full of innocence.

"Izzy, what happened to Max...it wasn't your fault."

"YES IT WAS!" Izzy yelled. Tears rolled down her eyes now. She wiped them away. Simon tried to stay calm. He didn't like people yelling at him. But he had grown up in the past মাস অথবা two. He could handle it.

"No, it wasn't. It was Sebastian's." He soothed.

"You mean Jonathan.'' Isabelle said, almost emotionless.

"That dude with the face." Simon said, rubbing his temples. Isabelle raised an eyebrow. "Clary has so many twist and turns in her life right now it's like পাঠ করা a really long ফ্যান্টাসি novel that আপনি can never finish.'' Isabelle had calmed down a little.

"I'm not a big অনুরাগী of reading, Simon." Izzy admitted.

"Neither am I, that's what জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা is for.'' Izzy laughed a little to herself at Simon's answer. He was a vampire, but he was still the nerdy Simon she had gone out with at the beginning of the Summer. A relationship she had possibly ruined forever. She still couldn't understand why Simon followed her around like a হারিয়ে গেছে puppy. She knew it was for her good looks. He was actually the first guy who cared about her mind and emotions before. She wouldn't admit it, but she didn't want to lose him.

Then again, she didn't want to lose Max either, but it happened.

Isabelle took a deep breath. she didn't even have to say anything. Simon knew what she wanted him to tell her.

"You want to know why I care so much?'' He asked. Isabelle nodded.

"Well, Max was your little brother. He was young, so everyone thought he was naive. He had glasses, he liked manga. He kind of reminded me of myself when I was little." Isabelle took this all in. Simon did remind her of Max, minus the fangs. It might have been how he acted,if he had a chance to grow up. Simon continued.

"But the main reason is...I have a sister. And as much as that chick annoys me," Simon rolled his eyes but caught Isabelle's gaze. He smiled. "I don't know what I would do without her.'' Isabelle smiled. Her eyes looked down.

"And why am I standing here admitting I প্রণয় somebody that annoys me and "Sharing my feelings", I guess i'm just a little pansy boy.'' Isabelle laughed. She looked at Simon. Before he could stop her, Izzy ran at him, wrapping her arms around his neck, the two falling on the বিছানা togrther.

"Please not again!'' He begged. He was going to say, Oh God-not again, but hey, আপনি know.

"Don't worry, i'm not." She ran her fingers through Simon's hair, messing it up. "Unless you..."

"Oh no, it's okay." He said. Not that Simon "didn't want to" he just couldn't find himself to do it at the moment. Isabelle was a good friend for the time being. He had enough of the বন্ধু with benefits deal.

"Hey, Izzy." He began. "If আপনি ever need to talk to anyone, অথবা আপনি just need a shoulder to cry on...i'm here for you.'' He said. Isabelle sat up.

"I would Simon, but...I don't really like for people to see me crying অথবা anything. It's kind of a sign of weakness." She said, twirling a piece of hair around her fingers.

"What people? It's just me.'' Simon said. Isabelle considered this. Good point.

"And I promise..." Simon's voice was a whisper now. "I won't tell anyone. Shhhhh.'' He put his fingers to his lips. Isabelle tilted her head, স্নেহ চুম্বন Simon on the side of the cheek. They both didn't have anyone at the moment, except each other.