Suicide Squad is a 2016 DC film. The film has জনপ্রিয় DC characters including Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn.

The Plot

Amanda Waller is interested in having a group of criminals help fight crime. The team includes Deadshot, Harley Quinn, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang, and Killer Croc. Rick Flag, a hero, is in charge of keeping the group of criminals under control. Their enemy is the Enchantress, a dangerous woman who is very powerful.

Suicide Squad is a interesting film. It is rare to have a film that stars villains. Even films that claim to তারকা a villain like Despicable Me turn the villain into a hero. This film makes criminals do heroic things, but are still dangerous criminals. Because of that this film is unique and fun. The film has a subplot involving Harley Quinn and the Joker's romance which is entertaining.

The Cast

Will Smith was cool and fun as Deadshot. The film focuses a lot on him which I'm okay with. Margo Robbie is my পছন্দ Harley Quinn actress. I usually just think that Harley is okay, but she is very witty and enjoyable in this film. Rick Flag has the important role of being the most heroic and reasonable member of the team which he does well. Captain Boomerang is 1 of the funniest characters in the film. Jared Leto is pretty great as the Joker. He is entertaining and sounds a lot like my Heath Ledger who is my পছন্দ Joker. The Enchantress is a cool villain. Ben Affleck's ব্যাটম্যান has a small, but great role in the film. Also the Flash has a cameo.

The Visuals

This film has some good visuals. There are some really cool visuals involving the Enchantress. The Joker's costume and makeup is impressive. Plus Ben Affleck's ব্যাটম্যান costume is awesome.

The Overall

Suicide Squad is a fun film that has a lot of entertaining characters. It is 1 of DC's most enjoyable films.