The train finally made it to the crystal empire. Princess Cadence was waiting.

Princess Cadence: আপনি made it.
Easter bunny: Yeah, and now to celebrate easter.
রামধনু Dash: Did আপনি see me pull the train?
Princess Cadence: What
রামধনু Dash: I pulled it most of the way here from Ponyville.
Pinkie Pie: We filmed it to!
রামধনু Dash: Now everyone gets to see my awesomeness!
Easter bunny: Not yet! We've gotta celebrate Easter.
রামধনু Dash: Fine! Let's color some eggs.

Everypony in the crystal empire started painting eggs. While this was happening the easter bunny hid some eggs for the ponies to find.

রামধনু Dash: Why'd আপনি paint all your's pink?
Pinkie Pie: Because I প্রণয় pink!
রামধনু Dash: But you're supposed to make them look different.
Fluttershy: I think it looks fine. *paint cub on egg*
Applejack: Aww, I like yours.
Fluttershy: Thank you.

When they ran out of eggs to paint, they went finding the eggs that the easter bunny was hiding.

রামধনু Dash: I got 15 bits, and জেলি beans.
Pinkie Pie: So did I!
Applejack: Ah got 20 bits. But I'll pay ya both for your জেলি beans.
রামধনু Dash: No thanks.
Pinkie Pie: Ja, give me your money! *hands জেলি beans*
Applejack: Ok, *hands money*
Easter Bunny: Allright, I have to go now.
Fluttershy: But why?
Easter Bunny: Easter is over, and I have to get going.
Pinkie Pie: Aww man.
Princess Cadence: Hey, where's King Sombra?
Applejack: Dead.
Pinkie Pie: I killed him.
Princess Cadence: Wow. আপনি ponies do some amazing stuff.
রামধনু Dash: Thanks, but we have to go to.
Princess Cadence: Ok then. See আপনি around.

And that was the ending of the very first easter celebrated in Equestria. A few wierd parts, including the clopping, and hopefully that never happens again. Goodbye.