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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Peter's wife, Kayla
Peter's wife, Kayla
At the hospital, a টাট্টু on a বিছানা was being rolled down a hallway. He was being filmed দ্বারা news reporters.

News: Can আপনি tell us who did this to you?
Scorpio: It was somepony working for the San Franciscolt Police Department. Some call him Dirty Harry, and he beat me up like this for no reason.
Captain: *turns off tv* Explain this to me.
Harry: I was nowhere near him.
Captain: Then how come he's saying আপনি beat him up?!
Harry: He's framing me.
Captain: If আপনি touch him once more, I'm gonna suspend আপনি of your work.
Harry: Yeah whatever *leaves police station*

Harry was at another hospital where his partner was at.

Peter: Thanks for coming to check on me আপনি guys.
Harry: No problem Pete.
Kayla: You're welcome handsome.
Peter: Tell the kids I'm going to be out in four days.
Kayla: Sure thing baby *kisses Peter*
Nurse: Ok আপনি two, your time is up.
Harry & Kayla: *walk down stairs*
Kayla: How do আপনি know Peter?
Harry: He's my partner in the police force.
Kayla: That's nice. How many crimes did আপনি solve together?
Harry: None. But he helped me prevent a টাট্টু from killing himself.
Kayla: Wow.
Harry: I went up to where he was about to jump, and when he did jump I caught him.
Kayla: Why did he jump with আপনি up there?
Harry: I forced him to. Do আপনি enjoy being married to a cop?
Kayla: Why? What's your wife like?
Harry: She died three years ago.
Kayla: Oh, that's so sad.
Harry: Yeah. Peter's a good টাট্টু I don't want the same stuff happening to him.

That night, in a gunshop.

Scorpio: Hello.
Cashier: Hi, how are you?
Scorpio: I'm great. Listen, I need a gun, any gun.
Cashier: Well I have a Walther from WW2.
Scorpio: Let me see it.
Cashier: *shows gun
Scorpio: Ok *K.O's cashier*

After knocking out the cashier, Scorpio গাউন ammo for the gun he had, and took আরো money. He was now going to make his escape.

2 B continued
Trixie Lulamoon arrived at a hotel late one night.
"The Great and Powerful Trixie requires a room right this instant!"
The bellhop replied, "I am very sorry madam, but our rooms are all occupied. There is only one empty room, but we do not rent it because it is haunted."
"I'll take it," ব্যক্ত Trixie. "The Great and Powerful Trixie does not believe in ghosts!"
Trixie went up to the room. She unpacked her things and went to sleep. As soon as she did, a ghost came out of the closet. It hooves were covered in blood, and it was moaning,
"Bloody Hooves! Bloody Hooves!"
When Trixie saw the ghost, she grabbed...
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posted by Mylittlecute12
When mane6 were doing there own business when they all heard evil laughing. Twilight: who's there!
Discord:its me (evil laughing)
twilight:oh so its u discord! i knew it!
Discord: why i don't like being a filly (evil laughing)
twilight: i can't cause i grew up and why are u asking me!
Discord: cause of this! (makes twilight a filly)
filly twilight: hey!!
Discord: just to tell u when this hourglass is out of sand u will be a filly forever!!!!!!!!!!! (evil laughing)
filly twilight: no no!!!!!
Discord: now to do the same with ur friends!!!!!!!

To be continued.........
posted by mariofan14
It was a dark night in Ponyville, and it was raining hard as well. Our friend, Twilight Sparkle was finishing up an experiment she was nearly done with, until lightning scared her, nearly destroying her experiment. After she saved her work, she was ready to hit the hay. "Another hard দিন of work," she said. "Hopefully I'll be done with this tomorrow before lunch." As for Spike, he was already asleep, having a dream of him and Rarity living together.

Meanwhile, out in the dark, near the town, a shadow was approaching the town, slowly, but surely. It was a long way from the entire town, yet the...
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1. Scootaloo is chicken
At S1E17 (Stare Master) CMC is helping Fluttershy rescue her chickens back. When on way. আপেল Bloom teases Scootaloo as "Chicken". This thing annoys Scootaloo very much. This thing start spreading many sites such Memebase, Know Your Meme and more. Many অনুরাগী are creating silly প্রতিমূর্তি e.g.: খাবার which chicken flavoured, areleady photoshopped দ্বারা switching the chicken with Scootaloo.

More info in: link

2. Rarity is marshmallow
Due her কোট color, she known to be marshmallow দ্বারা fans. অনুরাগী makes many fanart like a marshmallow with Rarity's mane.

More info in:link...
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posted by Pikachufan25
After waiting for what seemed like forever Derpy walks into the মাফিন shop. Pinkie Pie runs over to her and starts jumping around with excitement hi Derpy!!! ব্যক্ত Pinkie Pie. oh um hi Pinkie Pie what are আপনি doing here? replied Derpy. I've been waiting for আপনি here at the মাফিন ভান্দার almost all দিন I was going to ask আপনি if আপনি wanted to do something? ব্যক্ত Pinkie Pie. Something like what? replied Derpy. I dunno I just really wanted to do something with আপনি today I dunno why I just do. ব্যক্ত Pinkie Pie. Derpy smiled. Pinkie Pie your so random! replied Derpy. They both laughed for a moment and...
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posted by shadirby
নমস্কার it's shadirby. I usually don't put my লেখা on here, but it's just a cute little story I thought up when I was bored so...Enjoy!

This is it. Today I am going to fly. আপেল Bloom and Sweetie Belle are looking at me with big, hopeful eyes. I have to fly. I have to learn today.
"C'mon, Scoot! Just remember what we watched on flyin'!" আপেল Bloom calls up to me.
I think of রামধনু Dash, flying and zipping around. I picture it clearly in my mind. She's always been the one person to really inspire me to fly. And today, I'm going to do it.
I trot to the edge of the branch and jump. I flap...
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(Note: This is told from Light Speed's point of view.)

Today was the day. It was the race. I had been training all week. I was pumped, with my number card on my back,(I was number 8, out of 10) I was ready to run. And with my best friend Electra cheering me on, I was sure I could win. But I suppose I should start at the beginning...


I was unicorn, with a unicorn family, living in Canterlot. My relatives had soft, pastel colors, but I had loud, dynamic colors. A red, wind-blown, glossy mane and tail, and pure, dark blue eyes. And yellow hooves that contrasted...
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When my ma was rushed to the hospital, there was an silent and stressed feeling in the air. Granny Smith would pace the floor nervously while I shut myself in my room, trying to forget that I would have a little sister.

My pa came প্রথমপাতা the evening after ma and he had left. He seemed quite happy. "Your ma had a beautiful filly," he told me. "You're gonna প্রণয় 'er!"

I wasn't so sure.

Granny Smith was then frantic. She made a warm cake in a matter of minutes. It was a sweet vanilla with chunks of apples and আপেল frosting.

Granny set it on the table. "I'm so excited!" she yelled to me as I inhaled...
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Quick Note: StarWarsFan7 inspired me to do this. X3

5. Princess Luna~
Even though she's only appeared in a few episodes, this Alicorn is an amazing and beloved character to me. I প্রণয় her hilarious personality, her beautiful looks, and her in general!

4. Applejack~
I adore Applejack's honesty, faithfulness, and devotion. She's a kind and resourceful pony.

3. Merry May~
I know that she hasn't had any lines, but I adore this pony! She looks quite nice, and I প্রণয় her looks! X3

2. Octavia~
OHMYCELESTIAILOVEOCTAVIASOMUCH~ *squee* I absolutely adore Octavia! She's so composed and classical, it's hard not to প্রণয় her. She's really pretty, too!

1. Fluttershy~
As much as I প্রণয় the others, none of them compare to Fluttershy. Her sweet attitude, her beautiful heart, her প্রণয় of animals, and her adorableness are just some things that make her my all-time পছন্দ pony. She's so nice, and I loved her from the start.
 Luna and Nightmare Moon
Luna and Nightmare Moon
 Merry May
Merry May
Author’s Note: Yeah I got really bored so I thought I would mix the MLP characters with characters from Team Fortress 2. So the characters in the প্রদর্শনী will play characters from that game. WARTNING: The fallowing প্রবন্ধ will have cussing, alcohol talk, violence, and blood. No pony/dragon/zebra were harmed in the making of these articles. And the narrator of these short প্রবন্ধ are the character they are about. When I talk it wil be in (). And no worries, if Anypony dies, they won’t be dead forever. They will just respawn back to live like in all shooting games XD! Thank you. :3

My Little...
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posted by Emmylove786
About Pinkie and Rarity, Coming Soon
It is a Story অথবা an Episode in My little টাট্টু friendship is magic,
Pinkie Find a Tornado in Ponyville, That makes rarity Mad!
And The Tornado Crashes in the Sugar cube and the Salon.
Which Means there is NO PONYVILLE.
They have no food, They হারিয়ে গেছে there home, Some of them died, And Cheerilee is Dead.
They Start All Over to rebuild Ponyville.
Everyone was sad (Except Derpy) (including Granny Smith) The Earth and Unicorn Ponies had to go to Cloudsdale With the Pegasus
Warning contains cussing and violence

Applebloom-"I dont cry anymore, because it shows weakness. I need every last fuckin` bit of strength to survive here in this living hell hole. I`m what they call An ordinary outlaw can ya`ll believe that cowshit?"

Sweetie Belle- "Don`t call me cute, because then I`ll scar my face to ease the pain. But all great hobbies die hard, so now I kill rats and other wild জন্তু জানোয়ার to stop my despairs. I can`t get what I want, if I`m not with my friends. So that`s what keeps me going"

Scootaloo- "I ain`t happy, but I`m not sad. I got roaches in a bag, I`m useless but not for long, the future is coming on. My Celestia, I`ve never felt better about my self-confidence ya know? This big shit hole that nopony gave a fuck about might just be my destiny. আপনি never guess what happens, in Melancholy county."

To be continued...
posted by Tawnyjay
Chapter 6: Fluttershy
    “Angel!” I ran toward Trixie, yelling in anger. “YOU HURT MY PET!” Then Twilight stepped in front of me. “Fluttershy!” she ব্যক্ত softly. “I was the টাট্টু who teleported the pets.”

I skidded to a halt beside her. “But… why?” “It was safer for them and…” Twilight hesitated here. “Well, I got a feeling the Elements need to be used again, and our pets shouldn’t be involved.”
I gaped at her. “Th-the Elements have to be used again? Why?”
“Because of that,” ব্যক্ত Twilight as Trixie shot another spell from her horn....
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posted by shadowknuxgirl
"It was really nice of the Princess to let us explore the castle, without all the commotion of the gala." ব্যক্ত Twilight to her five friends. "Hey, Pinkie!" shouted রামধনু Dash,"What's with that bag of yours? You've been carrying it since we got on the train to get here!" It was true. In Pinkie Pie's mouth, there was a brown piece of cloth that seemed to hold a few items. "Oh, it's nothing!" Pinkie Pie replied with struggle, since she would drop the bag if she opened her mouth too much."Just a gift for a friend." Pinkie Pie told her বন্ধু she would be right back, and ran off to deliver her...
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 Rise up!!!
Rise up!!!
Trixie flaunted her mane as se giggled at her reflection in her golden mirror. She was interupted দ্বারা a knock at the door. "Slave!" she called. "Yes great Trixie" ব্যক্ত a young Pony. "Answer the door" the টাট্টু obeyed. Standing at the door was a male blue pony, about five foot eight, blue-ish green eyes, light-blue stripes, and a matching mane and tail that had Long blue spikes.

"Well, what brings আপনি here?" asked Trixie. "In case আপনি haven`t noticed I`m obviously new here." he ব্যক্ত with a scowl. "And your name is?" "Jeff Luis Bluehooves" he told Trixie. "Well I am the great and powerful TRIX-"...
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It was as if time itself had stopped, Twilight stood there staring at the poor pegasus sitting there lifeless on the ground. Pinkie Pie trotted around the bookshelf looking for a cure. "Shoot there HAS to be someting we can do, I KNOW! We could ask Zecora." "Good idea Pinkie." ব্যক্ত Spike.

Without speaking they ran off রামধনু Dash carried Fluttershy in her arms. It took about a good short ঘন্টা for them to reach Zecora`s hut. "Oh, why must Zecora live so far from here?" complained রামধনু Dash.

Zecora was surprised to see রামধনু Dash carrying Fluttershy in her arms. "Ah,what brings আপনি here?...
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(3rd person POV)

Twilight Sparkle's eyelids open slowly as she gets up from her cozy bed. Only wishing to go back to a deep sleep. If there weren't any school that day, she would. Twilight looks around. This is her room. A bedroom full of scienc-y posters, theories and post it notes that are infesting the walls. The paint color is black, representing the darkness of outer space. Little dots of white are supposed to represent the stars. There are no planets present. Twilight approaches to her vanity mirror. Her reflection shows a girl with a purple and পরাকাষ্ঠা bed-head. She is wearing a শীর্ষ that...
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posted by Tawnyjay
Chapter 4: Applejack
    So, jus’ as we found a solution to our Winona and falling-out-of-the-sky problem, we were faced with another.
    “Uh… Twilight? How do we get home?” asked Spike curiously. “We’re kinda stuck here…” I added. “I don’t know!” cried Twilight. “But we have to get home!” She grabbed her bag and swung it over her back. She started up the steep slope that the others had slid down earlier. “Hey, wait up!” yelled রামধনু as she sped after Twilight. Fluttershy got to her hooves and spread her wings, letting...
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Chapter 5: Try Again

Rainbow Dash was at her could house in the sky thinking about what she should do. Trying to ask some টাট্টু out wouldn’t be hard for her. Asking স্ল্যাশ out is a totally different story. She was trying to figure out how to tell স্ল্যাশ how she really felt about him. Before she could think আরো about this, a knock was coming from her door. It was Slash.

“Rainbow Dash, are আপনি in there?” asked Slash.

“Uhh, no, রামধনু Dash is not here. Please leave a message after the beep…. beeeeep.” ব্যক্ত রামধনু Dash.

“Oh, well I came to finish রামধনু Dash’s গিটার lessons and-...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Rainbow Dash first appears in Friendship is Magic, part 1, where she accidentally crashes into Twilight Sparkle sending her into a mud puddle. They briefly get to know each other, রামধনু Dash tells Twilight about her adoration for The Wonderbolts, and Dash later joins Twilight and the other ponies in Friendship is Magic, part 2 on the quest for the Elements of Harmony. Just as the ponies are about to reach the দুর্গ where the Elements are located, Nightmare Moon takes the form of The Shadowbolts, doppelgangers of রামধনু Dash's personal heroes, The Wonderbolts. They solicit রামধনু Dash into...
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