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posted by misscrazel
Kowalski was sitting in his বিছানা when he heard the transporting truck. He went topside. His girlfriend, Abigail, was there.
Abigail had green eyes and long eyelashes. Her feathers were soft and shiny. She was Skipper's sister.
Kowalski hadn't seen Abigail since high-school.
Kowalski was about to hug Abigail when he realized that she might not like him anymore. They hadn't seen each other in such a long time.
Abigail ran over and kissed Kowalski.

I'm also posting this on the penguins of Madagascar spot so if u want to read the other chapters then আপনি can go there. I'll post আরো on this club soon though. Please মতামত and add to your favourites. Thank আপনি for পাঠ করা this.