when i watch naruto, i always focus on sasuke.
he's body , he's power, he's all are the best. i প্রণয় him, i think all of girl will be প্রণয় him when see him, i always hope that i can meet person as same as sasuke. i প্রণয় sasuke the way he is.
when i see him on evening, sometimes i dreamt him on night, that was a beautiful experience saw him on my own dream.
have u ever meet him on ur dream?
altough now my age is 18 , i still প্রণয় him, altough i have boyfriend, i still প্রণয় him (this make my boyfriend feel jealouse XD ) hahaha
but i still প্রণয় him :p
its have been a few years but i cant forget him in my mind :*
i প্রণয় sasuke-kun