team7 just add there first fight
with ZABAZA demon of the mist
KAKSHI was in বিছানা after using most
of his power SAKURA and both
SASKUE and there SENSI were bin mean
to নারুত first SAKURA shout at poor নারুত
my poor SASUKE got HIRT becomes of your
আপনি all ways in the way why don't আপনি
DISSAPER আপনি loser and don't come back
ব্যক্ত a very angry SAKURA
আপনি নারুত it wood be best if আপনি were
never on this team to get in the way
ব্যক্ত KAKSHI yeah loser ব্যক্ত SASUKE
oh how sorry they were at that মিনিট
looking shock at নারুত with blood
coming out his body not red but ice blue
with that নারুত cry sniff in pain
I new from দিন one আপনি 3 hate me
like the rest of the VILLAGE
GESS there all right I am a demon a monster
don't worry আপনি not going to see me ever again
I am going to end it ব্যক্ত নারুত as he run
fast he can to the forest
end of part 1