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It was the দিন of the dance.

Tenten was already dressed up and she was on her way.

Tenten- Alright. I'm ready.

knock knock knock

Tenten- Hmm? Who can that be?

Sakura- hey! Tenten আপনি ready?
Tenten- Sakura !? Oh.
Ino- আপনি ready অথবা not?
Tenten's mind - Making it sound like were playing tag.

Tenten- Yeah I'm ready!
Sakura- Alright. Open the door and let's see how আপনি look.

Tenten opened the door.
Sakura- Wow!
Ino- Tenten আপনি look so bueatifu!!
Hinata- Tenten- chan. Your pretty.

Tenten was wearing the কিমোনো she brought. She let go of her hair. It was striagten. She was even wearing lip gloss. And her...
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Tenten was sad. She was thinking about Neji.
All the happiness and প্রণয় Neji and her did.

Tenten- Neji...
she whispered.

She was praying for Neji for luck.

Tenten got up and brushe her teeth and hair.
She dressed up like a normal person.
simple শার্ট with jeans.

Tenten- .... Well I got to...

knock knock knock

Tenten- Huh?
She opened the door and it was Ino, Sakura, and

Sakura- hey, Tenten Hyuga!!
Tenten- Oh. Come in.

Ino- Yay! আপনি got married to the man of your dreams! I'm so proud of you!
Hinata- Congradulations Tenten.

Tenten- Thank You.
Hinata- Where's Neji?
Tenten- Oh...
Ino- We want...
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Hidden Leaf Village morning, when the sun is shining up and good. নারুত and the others go off to a mission which leaves off to team Guy, in the leaf village. Lee and Guy sensei had to do something else for Lady Tsuande which was to go to the Hidden মেঘ Village and take order to take the princess attention and steal the scroll that the princess took from Tsuande, it's not easy and simple as it sounds. Sooo...

"Neji,there's like nothing else to do. I bet we could train অথবা do some targets or...I dunno something that will keep us up." ব্যক্ত Tenten

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"princess tenten, get ready we are going to the city!" yelled princess tenten mom. tenten was a princess of konoha. she was always nice and royal just like a real princess, which she is. she got packed up and headed down the hall of their castle. on the other side of the other tenten she was a down town girl. she was playable and always making conversation with everybody. the best part about the regular tenten is that she is like the most best girl in school. I know I hadn't ব্যক্ত much about princess tenten because being a princess is hard work and a boring life. but being a down town girl is...
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