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posted by gryffindorgal
I sighed and toyed with my pearl earring as my বন্ধু boasted about how many guys they'd turned down to hang out with each other. I couldn't care less about dancing with anyone, anyone besides him. "Are আপনি still thinking about him?" Alice sneered at my side. Her pale face was pinched under her chocolaty locks. Rhiannon and Nicola had stopped talking and turned their gazes to us.
"I think I'm just going to get a glass of water," I ব্যক্ত shakily, swallowing the lump in my throat. I slowly revolved towards the large জলখাবার table. One foot in front of the other, I whispered to myself. I nibbled my bottom lip as I reluctantly lifted my right foot. I tried to hide the fact that I held it up for a moment, not wanting to take a step forward.
"Get me a glass too, if আপনি don't mind." Nicola called from behind me. I nodded quickly, the lump floating back. I didn't feel the floor beneath me as I toppled over, I only heard Rhiannon and Alice's laughter as I tried- and failed- to haul myself back up. I could only lie there and watch them strut away to the dance floor as if they were born wearing heels. I blinked away tears as Nicola bent পরবর্তি to me, extending a slender hand. My হৃদয় sank as she suddenly stood up, smiling. And then she just walked away.
"Need a hand, love?" My eyes snapped open wide, and my jaw pressed against the cold stone floor. His deep chuckle vibrated through my entire being. I felt my cheeks glow as he gently helped me up. "What do আপনি say we sneak down to the quidditch pitch, for old time's sake?"

"So," I raised a slightly numb eyebrow as I tossed a quaffle towards the lower right goalpost, "what are আপনি doing here?" He caught it just before it passed through the metal ring.
"Well, I heard Harry beat his dragon on a broom. Sounded interesting." He chucked the heavy ball back to me. My স্কার্ট wafted on the breeze as I took a moment to set up my shot, and my bare feet tingled against the cold metal crossbar. Oliver glanced away for a moment, and I quickly tossed the quaffle through the central goal. দ্বারা the time I had retrived it, he was still staring off into the distance. "We should probably go," He ব্যক্ত after a moment. His dark eyebrows knitted together over his nutmeg eyes. He brushed a few stray strands of hair away from my face. "You've got a pretty nasty cut, are আপনি all right?"
"Yeah," I shrugged, tucking the quaffle under my arm. "Know any healing spells?"
"Just one," He smirked, placing a giant hand over my loosely hanging hair. Soft lips pressed against my swollen temple. My eyes flickered open and shut, but I caught a glimpse of white light from near the edge of the pitch. Oliver pulled away hesitantly, and we floated back to the দুর্গ as the sun began to rise.