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Via's POV
I woke up the পরবর্তি morning. the weather was cold so i put on my পরাকাষ্ঠা sleeping robes and makes my বিছানা since its messy. I comb my hair and heads to the kitchen. It was really cold even though i'm wearing my sleeping robes. I cooked my পছন্দ breakfast 'pancakes' :). After eating breakfast, I head to the bathroom and takes a shower. Gosh, the water is soo cold so i turned the heater on. After taking a ঝরনা I went to my closet and wears this: link When আপনি see my outfit, আপনি might be thinking that I'm goign somewhere. On a date, hanging around at the park, and etc. Well, you're right. I'm going to Arc de Triomphe! haha! That would be fun!
I get my phone and calls Fabrizio. i told him to send the car here at my house. I also told him that i will be the one driving but he ব্যক্ত that what if i get lost. Me? Probably no. I came here at Paris last year.
When i went to my room to get my camera- because going to beautiful places without cameras is boring, i saw an envelop on my drawer near the bed. i opened it and it was from my mom. She sent me a driver's license. yes, that's right when we were still at L.A. i inquired about my new driver's license so that when i go from places to places I can still drive. oh, I প্রণয় my mom so much. She's so alert.
I put the driver's license in my গুল্তি ছোড়া bag and gets my camera. Fabrizio arrives and leaves the car for me. I say thank আপনি to him and he leaves.
I drove for almost 30 মিনিট and at last I reached the arc! link
It was so so brilliant. I took many shots of it and when I look at the camera the pictures are brilliant. I get inside my car and drives to the Eiffel Tower. I rally প্রণয় that place. maybe If I can, I'll visit the tower everyday. I parked the car and heads closer to the tower. When i sat on the grass, I accidentally clicked the camera's button. When i was about to মোছা the picture, i was shocked. Is this real অথবা am I just imagining link .
Oh gosh. This is impossible. When i look at the direction where I pointed the camera when i sat at the ঘাস i really saw Zayn.
I keep on avoiding them but they keep on following me. I hurried towards my car and gets inside. I took a glance at Zayn who's watching those little kids playing. I really want him to stay away from me. ughhh. never mind. I went home. Now, I'm afraid to hang around places because what if Zayn saw me. Oh that would be huge problem to me.
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Will's P.O.V.
We played ফুটবল forever until Micheal and Coan came up.
"Hey dudes and dudet" Micheal said.
"What do আপনি want?" Shannon ব্যক্ত giving him the death eye.
"Nothing, Micheal and I were just wondering if আপনি guys would like to go to the সৈকত for a swim?" Coan said.
"No we're good" Shannon said.
"What the heck was that for?" Johnny asked
"SHUT-UP" He ব্যক্ত punching Shannon.
Shannon droped to the ground in tears, we could tell she was is in horrible pain.
"Dude, leave her alone"...
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Tess'sPOv: we all were in a club drinking when Niall and linda joined us 
Louis: let's dance 
Tess: oh k we all began to dance.
I was dancing vth Louis tomilson . Bt 
There was still confusion in my mind. 
Louis and we all left the club. The paps were asking questions. The boys wanted to answer them so we stood পরবর্তি to them. 
Paps: one direction who is your girlfriend.
Louis pulled me closer to him and ব্যক্ত " this one" Liam and the rest did the same.
Louis: u scared
Tess: no I have a habit of this 
Louis: how
Tess: dad and luke are famous so whenever i go out alone people...
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Alicia POV:

Okay. Here we go. This my time to shine. My moment. No one will take this from me. Breath Alicia. Breath. Okay. Better.
"Ready?" I looked up from my আসন and saw a tall thin man with brown hair and a mic অথবা something hooked to his ear. I nodded. We headed down a long skinny hallway and then I stepped out onto the grass. I walked to the mic.
"Please stand for the National Anthem!" Someone ব্যক্ত then everybody stood. Wow, there's a lot of people...
"Oh, say, can আপনি see, দ্বারা the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright...
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Saphire's P.O.V

I wake up snuggled close to Harry. I wake up and ally and the guys to. Everybody does except Harry thats when I thought me and ally and the boys pick Harry up carefully and put him in the bathtub. Then turn on the ঝরনা he jumps up 'oh you're going to get it' says Harry giving me that look. "uh oh Im dead" I say running down the stairs. I turn and see Harry right behind me I run to the রান্নাঘর and grab whip cream. "don't make me Harry" I say aiming the whip cream at him. "try me" he says getting chocalote. I spray him and run I turn and he pours chocalote all over my hair. "you should have never done that" I say getting two whip creams and spraying him like crazy and put a চেরি on his head. I walked away and give him a চুম্বন and a little spray and walk off.
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Ashlyng's POV
As i walk in i notice my baby sister sitting the room with 5 boys and her bestfriend Saphire. Those boys look familiar. Oh thier those boys from that band she likes. I wonder how she got them here. One of the boys with dark brown hair and light brown eyes is looking at very softly also very calmly. I just look at him and smile. I tell my sister to keep it down cause i am very tired from work. She tells me good night sis and saphire says night as well as the rest of the guys. I get around the corner to go upstairs but instead of going up stairs i stand close to the দেওয়াল and listen...
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Ronnies POV:
Holding dereks hand made me fill confident,I was smiling ear to ear.My mind kept repeating "I'm holding his hand!"
I only focused on that,it made me ignore,the loud noises of the busy school hallways.The only thing that stopped me is a flier,
For football.
"Hey আপনি should try out."said অ্যাঞ্জেল to Derek.
"Um,I don't know.."he's ব্যক্ত unsurely.
"I think it would be cute."I smiled.
At that spilt সেকেন্ড I ব্যক্ত that,He grabbed the pen and wrote his name down.
"Hey,Your going to be on the team?"Rebecca walked up to us.
"Um,yea.Where were you?"he asked.
"I was not in the boys locker room."She said...
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~ Getting ready ~
Stephanie ‘ s P . O . V
    I gotta text from Niall while I was in church . I had 20 মিনিট to get ready since church was over at 1 ; 30 . I wore a light blue শার্ট with skinny jeans and light blue chucks . I put my hair in a ponytail and headed out to the park . I walked there since it was only like 7 মিনিট away from me . When I got there it was 1 ; 54 . I didn’t see Niall anywhere . Then I heard footsteps . I turned around to see who it was , but I didn’t see anyone . Then পরবর্তি thing আপনি know Niall hugs me from behind , which put me in complete...
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One Direction
It has been a long time since One Direction last released a single.

In fact their last single আপনি & I was released in April and only reached a peak of number 19 in the official UK chart.

The boys have of course been incredibly busy since then. Niall organised a charity football match, they launched their latest perfume and most importantly they have been travelling around the world on their Where We Are tour which reached its final leg this month.

But looking at the dates of their single releases over the past few years, we should be due a new release any time now.

Their past two singles haven’t...
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