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posted by GabriellaAdams
Ambers POV:
We arrived at the gates of the boys house.
I had hitched a ride from Anna,it was going to be the first time going to the boys house.I was nervous but excited.
I told mrs.rose that I was spending the night with Anna,because she wouldn't let me go to a house full of boys.She'd ব্যক্ত I had হারিয়ে গেছে my marbles if I asked her to.
The gates opened and Anna drove in,The mansion was very exquisite and fancy আরো then I ever imagined.
Anna stepped out the car and instantly started flirting with Zayn.
"Hey,Amber."said Zayn.
"Hi."I wispered
He then returned talking to Anna.
While they were all lovey dovey,I was about to have a panick attack because I was now alone.
Louie came to my rescue through and came outside,he greeted me with a hug.
We went inside,Louie led us to the ডিনার table.
He sat down and started to dine.Louie had a mountain of carrots and hamburger helper on his plate,Those were the only খাবার I could recognize. The rest looked gourmet cooked.
I spent so much time with Louie,I ended up falling in love...with carrots.I stared at the carrots,in excitement.
We sat down with the boys.
"What do আপনি want আপনি can have any thing?"Zayn offered.
I noticed Liam was absent from the table,but he shortly walked in,He wore a পরিচ্চদ-রক্ষক বহিরাবরণ that ব্যক্ত "Kiss the Cook."
Harry then stood up and kissed Liam on the cheek.
Some of the guys chuckled.
"Nice apron."Louie laughed.
Liam blushed as Harry ed laughing.
"Well,the guest just arrived and আপনি all have already stirred up trouble.Now what did we talk about earlier?"Liam spoke like a mother would."What would আপনি gals like to eat?"
"Do y'all have spaghetti?" anna asked.
"I প্রণয় your southern accent."Zayn smiled at her in a flirty tone.
"Yes,we do."Liam said.
"can I have done carrots?"I whispered to Anna for I was to shy to speak.
I felt so out of it,why must I be so antisocial!
"Amber ব্যক্ত she would like some carrots,like Louie."
"Oh my Carrot!Your my best friend!"Louie yelled then hugging me.
"I প্রণয় carrots!!!"I yelled I broke out of my antisocial bubble.
"Sorry buddy that positions filled."Anna smirked.
"not for long."Zayn whispered in Annas ear thinking we didn't hear.Zayn kissed her,making it awkward for all of us lonely people.i interrupted the silence.
"Sorry,he likes carrots and I like carrots and it's a big happy carrot world!"I yelled in glee.
"Really?you have to do that here?"harry smirked.
Zayn stopped and looked at Harry.
"We should have a carrot festival!"Louie smirked
"Yea!!"I laughed.
"What's the mayors number?!?!"Louie laughed
"We can as long as theres a মাফিন and পিজা stand!"Harry giggled.
"And a chicken stand!"Zayn smiled.
Liam came back with our food.
"No,we are not having a festival."Liam told us."Now,behave and eat."
"I প্রণয় carrots through..."I wispered
Liam made us eat and stopp debating about carrots and food.
I couldn't really help to notice that Niall,hadn't ব্যক্ত a word.He sat in his chair,not eating.Just with his ঘোমটা up and his head down.
I made me wonder about him.
"Okayz"I smiled.
After we all finshed our food,we decided to go swim.
Zayn gave me and anna bathing suits.
We changed in the bathroom and walked downstairs.Anna pushed me outside,she then went back inside,probably to make out with Zayn.
I felt so embarrassed,in that tiny white bikini,I was in front of so many boys,boys I hardly knew.I crossed my arms attempting to cover myself,but it didn't help,it made it worse.The boys looked at me,I realize that my arms we're pushing my boobs together,causing cleavage.I dropped my arms and turned around.I didn't have confidence like Anna did,She was practically a boob monster.Louie got out the pool and walked up to me.
"I don't want them staring."he ব্যক্ত the taking off his শার্ট giving it to me.I nodded and put it on.
"Better?"he asked.
"mmhm."I smiled.
"good,you look cute in my shirt."he complimented.
Suddenly,He swoop me off my feet and started to walk toward the pool.I kicked and screamed as the other boys chanted.
"don't!"I yelled,to late.
He threw me in the pool,the water was freezing at first,then I adjusted to it.I got out and chased him,but he ran to the hot tub.
"no fair!"I told him.
A chilly wind then blew on my body,causing me to shake.He grabbed my hand and tugged me down পরবর্তি to him.He put his arm around me,and held my hand under the water.I was a bit surprised,because he didn't do that yawn thing,where he yawns and then puts his arm around me.It seemed he wanted the boys to know I was his.
Louie's POV:
So tonight would be the night,I asked her out.
I had the looks,the heart,the love,and no self esteem whatsoever.It would be a one in a million shot,wait...scratch that.
.5 and a million shot.
Well,that's what at least it felt like.Niall had told me to go for it,because last time he had the chance to be with a girl,he blew it.It was later on,that night I found out he fell in প্রণয় with Anna.
He ran out the house,that night.We had to খুঁজুন for him.
(if আপনি would like to know আরো about how and why that happened,please read One Life,by GabriellaAdams.)
After about an ঘন্টা অথবা so,we grew tired of the pool.
I took amber upstairs to my room,and,after arguing with Harry about whose clothes she was going to wear, I gave her a Tee-Shirt,and Harry's pants.She changed in the bathroom,then shortly returned asking if she could spend the night.Almost instantly,Harry argued with me on where she was going to sleep.Some how we ended up in nialls bedroom,basically this was a disaster,because I was going to aske her out.
Yet again,my plans felled.
We sat together on Nialls বিছানা talking.
"Do আপনি think Niall,will be okay in Zayns room?"amber asked.
"as long as he stays under the bed."I chuckled.
"I know,Anna and Zayn are like always attached to each other.It was the seven মিনিট we made them play."said Harry.
"That night was fun."I said.
"We should do that again."Amber suggested.
"Yea but where to?"asked Harry.
"Mexico?"I threw out there.
"I প্রণয় Mexico..."said Harry then suddenly became silenced.His eyes widening.
"what's wrong?"I asked.
"Were in the US right?"he asked.
"yea,what about it."asked amber.
"When we were in Mexico,Zayn started to smoke alot of weed,and he gave it to me.And it's illegal in the US."he spit out.
He pulled it out of his pocket.
"dude,How did আপনি crosses the border with that!"I freaked out.
"I don't know,I was flirting with the security guard!I got her number to!"he shouted.
"what are আপনি going to do with it?"asked Amber.

45 মিনিট later......
"hah,your muffins are flying..."giggled Amber.
The atmostphere was smoky and heavy.We made Nialls বিছানা room into a hotbox.
"your সানাই is dieing too."I told her.
"what!No Freddy don't die!"
"I meant dieting."
"Yay,I turned আপনি to into potheads."Harry spoke.
He acted totally immuned to it,while we were stir crazy.
"Amber,I have to tell আপনি something."I studdered.
"What,Louie poo?"she asked.
"I think your hot"i slurred.
"haha,I know."
"I also প্রণয় you.."
Harry's POV:
The fuck did I just hear,I thought.
They were so high,and they only puffed it once.
"I প্রণয় আপনি to."
I had decided to get them so high they'd forget they ব্যক্ত that.
Why,I don't know.It was better they confessed at a different time.of course I remembered it through,which put me through hell.Why did I have to know everything,that goes on in this house?i chuckled at hat idea through,I like knowing everything.
I was like Cupid...I think I should buy an arrow.
Nah,im a প্রণয় guru.i helped Anna and Zayn get together,that wasn't real hard.and I would be responsible for this প্রণয় story.
After I got them higher then Wiz kalifa,I laid down at the edge of the বিছানা and fell asleep.

-Writers comment-
I hope আপনি all enjoyed this,I did out of humor.
So how do আপনি think it'll end?what will Harry do?
Will they admit they're feelings on there own?
Idk either,I haven't decided:)
Just read the পরবর্তি article!
Louie's প্রণয় <3
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