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blackpanther666 posted on Jul 18, 2012 at 07:40AM
This RP is based around the sucessful retrieval of One Piece by Straw Hat Luffy and his pirate gang. Pirates have begun to take over the world, starting with the dangerous line of ocean, known as the Grand Line. The Marines and the World Government declare war on the pirates and swear to wipe them out completely, by relying on the CP9 and Shichibukai... The original Shichibukai were wiped out by Luffy and a series of unfortunate events, but a couple of less known pirates have had enough of Luffy and his gang and want to destroy him. Steel Club Alvida, Pirate Buggy, Captain Kuro and a couple of others have congregated with World Government and the Marines have a plan - one that could destroy Monkey D. Luffy, the Pirate King, for good.

Character Format







Special ability:

Other abilities:

My pirate crew is called, the Dragonlance Pirates and the Captain is Rakki Tenshoku.


1. No god-modding. I want to promote fairness and equality on this forum.

2. No straight kills in battles, unless you are fighting Marine soldiers.

3. Please don't abuse others.

4. If you want to join, please ask first, then post a character.

5. If you are posting Devil's Fruits, then put them on Jstar's 'Make Your Own Devil's Fruit' and I will review them.

Shichibukai List:


Admiral List:

Namikiji (Cipher Pol Admiral)

N.b: This RP takes place 10 years after Luffy retrieves One Piece.

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বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
I will create my own pirate crew for this RP. Someone better reserve Luffy quickly, because I imagine he will be taken very very quickly. Lol.
বছরখানেক আগে wishey said…
big smile
I call Nami!!
বছরখানেক আগে Cadmus-The-Hero said…
Cool, Can I Join Too? Oh, And Can You Make Your Own Characters? If So Then You Would Need To Make Some Rules Like
1) NO GOD MODDING!!! 2) One Character Per Person, Stuff Like That, Oh, And Also Maybe A Character Creation Chart, Which Is Something Like This (You Don't Have To Follow This, It Is AN EXAMPLE! Though A Good One I Probably Would Use This. DO NOT FEED THE TTTRRROOOLlLLSSSS This Is COOL ---> ΩΩΩΩΩ)


Status (Marines, pirates, or other):
Crew: (if your a pirate or marine)
Rank OR job:

Eye color:
Hair color:

Abilities/ Fruit Power:
Skills/ Nifty Tricks Related To FP:
Weapons (If Any):
Fighting style:
Other info:

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বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Yeah, you can join. By the way, I'm well aware of the need for rules, but I'm not doing them yet. I won't really be on again for a week or so, anyway, but I'll decide on the exact rules later...
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
big smile
@Wishey, yes, you can be Nami. XD.

(I wonder do any of you guys know anyone else that would join?)

Oh, yeah, if you plan to make any Devil's Fruit, post it onto Jstar's Make Your Own Fruit forum and I'll review them. Also, I think I will post a template for the characters, like the one above, onto the forum updates and such. I think there was other stuff, too, but I can't remember now. Please post your characters when you can, guys. XD
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Heh, okay then, dude. You wanna join my pirate crew? (As Luffy would say, be my nakama, Zord!!!)
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mangaman222 commented…
can i যোগদান with the dragon dragon ফলমূল that i put on the make your own devil ফলমূল page বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
@Cadmus. Are you still interested in joining this RP? I'll add rules at some point.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Awesome. My Captain's Devil's Fruit is the Butsuri-Butsuri No Mi - it is in Jstar's forum. XD. Since you joined, you may be my first mate, unless there's another position you'd like your character to take. I was thinking that we could be called the Cognut pirate crew and our Jolly Roger would a skull, in the form of a nut (like a mechanical one) and has a fedora for a pirate hat. My Captain shall wear a fedora as his hat. I may even change it to Fedora pirate crew, lol.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Okay, sounds good, dude. I'll post my character up later on, too. XD
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Is that the character you are joining my Cognut/Fedora pirates with? I'm just wondering, that's all. Are you planning to make another, one that will have the Devil's Fruit you put on Jstar's forum?
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
Can I be first mate :D ?
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
I already offered it to Zord, so you two can discuss it and figure out who gets to be first mate. You don't have to join my pirate crew, either, you can make your own, or you can be a Marine, or a revolutionary, or just someone else. XD
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
okay I'll find something else to be on your ship :P
বছরখানেক আগে Zordaik said…
I'll put that fruit to use, don't worry. Oh, hey Wolfmaster. Long time no see. If you like, you can have the position of First Mate.
বছরখানেক আগে Zordaik said…
Yeah, I'm joining the Cognuts with Sako.
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
Naa it's fine I'll put up my characters after I'm going to introdouce two pirate crews if that's okay BP one is the black sword Pirates & the other is the Red Shark Pirates i'll RP as both captains and the first mate of the Black sword pirates people are welcome to join my crews. other than that they'll be NPC's mostly. Reason why i'm declining is because I wanna be a Shichibukai or a Yonko or be like black beard be both. yes it has been a while :D
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
(Just note, I changed the name of my pirate crew)

Name: Rakki Tenshoku ('Lucky Weather')

Affiliation: Dragonlance Pirates

Age: 27

Appearance: He has light-brown eyes, that are almond-shaped and with dark pupils. His hair is messy and mid-length (just covering his ears), with a longer fringe, that often gets swept back; it is also dark-brown, that appears to be black when it is wet. He is fairly tall, reaching about 7'11 and he is quite well-built, even for his moderate size. He wears a black overcoat, with a white singlet on underneath; he also wears black slacks, that are shiny, with metal bolts sticking out of his belt and studs running down each leg.

Personality: He is the very image of a typical pirate Captain, strong, principled and intelligent. In theory, he is probably the very opposite, in personality, to the current Pirate-King. He treats each member of his crew with respect and would never harm them - he also avenges the deaths of any of his men in a heartbeat. He is serious during battle, and sometimes normally, but he can also laugh when he and his crew are feeling jolly and drinking rum.

History: He grew up in East Blue, on the same island that the Pirate-King Monkey D. Luffy grew up on (Windwill Island). He was always in awe of Luffy's sucess and grew up following his example, and eventually becoming a pirate. Has been a minor pirate for many years, but recently got some fame after raiding a Marine base and killing a Vice-Admiral. His bounty was increased from 9,000,000 beli to 25,000,000 and his Vice-Captain had a 15,000,000 beli bounty placed on his head. In spite of this small bounty, he is actually quite strong and has defeated many pirates with larger bounties on their heads. These days, his bounty is 35,000,000 and his Vice-Captain's is 20,000,000; they are currently heading for the Grand Line, where they plan to make their mark on the world.

Special ability: Butsuri Butsuri No Mi (Physics Fruit)

Other abilities: He is an expert at martial arts, and can fight his way out of almost any situation.
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
Not entirely sure how much I can commit to this in the short term, but I'll happily be involved as it moves forward. Figured I'd make a character, hope you guys like it.

Name: Lucia Lawson

Affiliation: Shichibukai

Age: 30

Appearance: A lithe young woman with short, black hair with long bangs and deep olive skin, hazel eyes, and a fair complexion. She wears tight clothing that covers her from neck to wrists to ankles, including a turtleneck and long, clinging pants, each made of black velour. She tends to keep either keep her tail in a short pony tail for casual occasions, though when she’s on the job she lets it flow free.

Personality: In many ways, Lucia is still the girl she started out as in Goa. She shows an amazing amount of naiveté for someone so widely traveled, having experienced the world mostly as a mercenary and fugitive. However, her history has left many an imprint. She trusts few people, and lets even fewer get close to her. Still, she tries to put on a happy face when she can, and is easily entranced by new and interesting scenery. She very rarely showcases the sorrow of her past, excepting her fighting style, which seems like a woeful dance more than actual combat.

History: Childhood for Lucia was straightforward – it was an abject lesson in the importance of power. She was born in the Goa Kingdom on East Blue, and though her family was poor, life wasn’t so tragic. The Lawson family was highly regarded, and due to the kindness of other residents, allowed to stay within the city. Unfortunately, that kindness didn’t last. The patriarch and matriarch of the family protecting them passed away, and her family was forced to pay exorbitant rents they couldn’t afford. As a result, Lucia was contracted out to the other family. At first, she was forced to play a role in removing trash from the city. That didn’t last. She was placed in more and more dangerous roles without her family’s knowledge, often forced to face down brigands and pirates in the Gray Terminal. Each job she survived became a mark of her ability, though her success was a constant annoyance to her employers, who had wanted her family kicked out time and again. They sent her into tougher and tougher places, even sending her off the island against severely dangerous opponents. She came back with blades, acquiring Kamakiri and Kurēn in her first off-island mission and constantly being pitted against more and more difficult opponents. She developed a 20,000,000 beli bounty in that time.

It was only after she acquired Kage Hokou that they became suspicious that she might be a Devil Fruit user, and planned to drown her. Thankfully for her, she was prepared. She found Kaido, and joined his crew. After proving herself worthy of a high role within the crew, she pressed them to attack the Goa Kingdom, intending to save her parents. Unfortunately, Kaido had other plans. He wreathed the city in flames. When she entered her former home, she found her parents slaughtered, and a man with two blades standing over them. In a rage, she fought with the man who stood over them, a Shichibukai contracted by the family who had used her. In one of the most brutal fights of her life, she stood triumphant. Taking both Yoruchi and Nido To Shinai from his corpse, she hardened herself, striding out of the city, leaving behind a furious Kaido (who wanted the blades for himself). When news got out that she had killed a Shichibukai, her bounty increased from 50,000,000 (upon joining Kaido’s crew) to a whopping 200,000,000 beli. For 10 years, no one heard from or saw her. Afterwards, she showed up at the Marine HQ, and demanded to become a Shichibukai. The reason for that choice is still unknown, but they took her. She appears completely loyal to the marines.

Special ability: Busō-Busō No Mi (Armament Fruit)

Other abilities: Though she is an expert with a variety of blades, most of her capability resides outside normal straight blades (i.e. regular swords and daggers). She is incredibly capable utilizing odd blade designs that go outside the norm. As the wielder of two Ryo Wazamono Grade, two O Wazamono Grade blades and one Saijo O Wazamono Grade blade, she has tremendous experience wielding top quality weapons. She also utilizes Kenbunshoku Haki lightly, and has dedicated much of her time to mastering Busoshoku Haki.

Weapons wielded: Yoruchi (Saijo O Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath crossing down her back from her right shoulder), Nido To Shinai (O Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath on her right arm with the hilt just under her right palm), Kage Hokou (O Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath on her left arm with the hilt just under her left palm), Kamakiri (Ryo Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath on her right leg with the hilt just below her right knee), and Kowareta Tsubasa (Ryo Wazamono Grade, resting in a sheath on her left leg with the hilt just below her left knee).

Kamakiri [Mantis] (Ryo Wazamono) – A wide shortword, 2 inches across for most of its length, rounded at the tip and 8 inches long. A heavy blade for its size, it’s made of very dense steel, complete with a green and brown hilt with a serrated guard. Meant as a defensive blade, the guard is almost as strong as the blade itself, a deep green with a thicker core than usually necessary, making the blade seem wider than it actually is.

Kowareta Tsubasa [Broken Wing] (Ryo Wazamono) – An incredibly brittle blade, considered practically unusable due to its regular shattering, it’s also one of the oldest. Though rust has been cleaned off the blade multiple times, it has stained its length a reddish brown. Its hilt is wrapped in several layers of plain linen cloth, the guard long-since disintegrated. A shortsword is even shorter than Kamakiri at a mere 6 inches in length and the blade itself is less than half an inch across. Despite all this, it is known as one of the sharpest blades of its grade, never dulling in its long years. The sole other benefit is that when it repairs, it does so seamlessly.

Kage Hokou [Walking Shadow] (O Wazamono) – The shortest of her blades at just 4 inches, it’s almost as much hilt as blade. The hilt is a series of black leather straps with finger holds along the sides. The sheath is charcoal grey leather with slits along the side that show the silvery blade underneath. That blade is an inch and a quarter wide. It’s so named because while it’s within the sheath, the blade seems to disappear as it passes through shadow.

Nido To Shinai [Nevermore] (O Wazamono) – The second-longest of her blades, the steel extends a full foot. It has a glassy, dark blue hilt with an icy look to it. The blade is a notched nodachi (one edge grey, one silver), slightly curved with a small guard. When the blade is removed from its light blue sheath, it seems to whisper unintelligible words. Cuts with this blade are especially dangerous, since any cut creates a short-lived vacuum around the site that draws out more blood from the wound.

Yoruchi [Nightblood] (Saijo O Wazamono) – A large black sword in a silver sheath, this is the only blade wielded by Lucia that is longer than a shortsword, extending to a length of 4 feet. The hilt and blade are all black. The hilt is capped by a black diamond, its length composed of two thin metal bars twisted about each other. The guard is a simple black “u” upturned around the blade itself. The blade is 3 inches wide at the base, narrowing to 2 and a half at the middle, and expanding out again to 4 inches just before the tip. It is fastened into the sheath with clasps. When it is removed from its sheath to any extent, the blade leaks an inky black smoke that seems to pour out of it. This blade is sentient, and talks to whoever is currently touching it. As such, it can act on its own as long as any of the blade is showing. This often causes a difference of opinion between the wielder and the blade. While the blade is difficult for the wielder to use, it’s nearly impossible for anyone else. If the blade deems someone nearby as evil, they will feel drawn to possess it, though the blade will take control of their movements the moment they do. Someone it deems as “good” feels sick in its presence.
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বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Awesome! Nice character Whiteflame. As to what you were saying about time available, this RP is a work in progress - I don't expect it to begin any time soon... I don't really have the time to be able to contribute much at this point either, but I will still update every few days, or so. XD
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
I changed my crews name :P . awesome job so far everyone ! :D

Name : Karasu Konjou ( Raven Spirit )

Age : 20

Height : 6'8

Affliction : Black Bird Pirates ( Captain/ Founder ) , Yonko (former ) , Shichibukai ( current ) , Raven Empire (current )

From : Karate Island (south blue )

Weapon List

Kuchibashi Saijo Wazamono make ( first grade )

Kouchou O Wazamono make ( second grade )

Hane Ryowazamono make (third grade )

Satou Ryowazamono make ( third grade )

Apperance : (picture below ) however the feather cloak is black and he keeps Hane and Satou on his back side by side the hilts peering out of his cloak. Kuchibashi and Kouchou being his prized possesions rest on his right side Kuchibashi being on top and Kouchou being on the bottom. all 4 swords are full legenth Katana's.

Devil fuirt(s) : Metaru metaru no mi / Kaze Kaze no mi

other abilities :


Master of one sword & two sword style

exereme sight

way of the 100 fists ( black belt )

Bounty : 550,000,000 beri ( revoked )

personality : Karasu seems to have a some what mysterious personality he doesn't speak much if at all about his past and doesn't wish to attain strength witch is odd rather than be a loathing person Loathing those who wish to gain power. he is laid back and calm in most situations he is an extermly good leader and seems like he cares a lot about his crew. he is very loyal to the Shichibukai and his crew. despite his some what depressing personality he does show signs of happiness and laughter when drinking or celebrating with his crew. he almost never wants to resort to violence unless he really has to. Though there are times when he can be dead serious.

Past : Karasu grew up in a town in south blue that unforunatly met it's end when some pirates completely destroyed his Village. causing him to gain the ambition to get strong so he set out to Karate island there he met his two teachers one being a sword master the other a black belt in the martail art of the way of the hundred fists. his Marael arts master also taught him and helped him unlock Haki. by the time he was 12 he had mastered a good chunk of moves as he did nothing but train. when he was 14 he decied to start his journey to find the pirates who destroyed his town and in doing so he met his first soon to be crew members Naraku and Mitsukai. the three eventually consumed devil fruit and became renown as the three demons of the sea. when Karasu was 16 he consumed a second devil fruit and his body went into great pain and shock in witch he went into a 6 month indused coma and luckily woke up. having two devil fuirt powers people quickly joined his crew and friend and they set sail to the grand line. being recognized as strong pirates and when he was 18 he was considered Yonko. As he didn't do really anything to anger the marines he struck a deal that allowed him to become a Shichibukai. Now Karasu has formed what is known as the Raven empire he also controls four islands one of each season the Raven empire is a trading company mostly between his three islands. Karasu himself lives on the summer island known as Black bird island. it resides in the second half of the grand line. he also has 18 "war" ships under his control. Even though he is Shichibukai the marines question his methods and trading company some times even though he supplies the marines as well with weapons food, drink & some times money.

keep in mind the feathery cloak is black and he has a long coat under neath like mihawks.
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 I changed my crews name :P . awesome job so far everyone ! :D Name : Karasu Konjou ( Raven Spir
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Naraku

Age : 24

Height : 6'2

Afflictions : Black bird pirates ( first mate ) , Raven empire ( commander of fleet 1-3 )

Devil fuirt : Kami Kami no mi mohan Tenma ( awakened )

Weapon : Kagen unknown grade

other abilities :

Mighty fist art ( black belt )

high speed movement ( Master )

Unnatural strength

Bounty : 400,000,000 beri ( revoked )

Personality : Naraku is very ruff and tough and the exact opposite of his calm minded captain. he enjoys drinking and can always been seen with a gourd of sake or some type of rum. he's very energetic and very short tempered often getting into fights with his crew members though he doesn't hold them. in combat he has very hard time holding back.. he's oftein seen as reckless and insane in comabat. however Karasu holds him highly as a friend and wouldn't trust anyone else with his life of the title of first mate of the black crow pirates.

Past : Naraku also grew up in south blue but was born and raised on Karate island . At some point in time he met Karasu and sailed off with him and Mitsukai. as they grew more and more famous Naraku got into a fight with Shanks at a bar one time he also combated agaisnt Smoker before entering the grand line. at some point they went into a war agaisnt the buggy pirate witch resulted in the buggy pirates needing a new ship. Naraku is among one of the highest bounties in the grand line and he has people try and claim it everyday.

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 Name : Naraku Age : 24 Height : 6'2 Afflictions : Black bird pirates ( first mate ) , Rav
বছরখানেক আগে NateBind said…
Oo, One Piece!! ( for the win.. ) anyways i would join too... but not as pirate... as Marine, if thats possible ^_^..
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
as far as I know were trying to get crews & marines :P
বছরখানেক আগে Insane_Pirate said…
Name: Ninima

Age: 14

Appearance: Long green hair and blue eyes. Wears a purple shirt and a hat cap and has two knifes in her pockets.

Personality: Bubbly, a bit of a prankster.

History: When she was 5 her parents put her up for adoption, she didn't like her new care-takers so she ran away; later she found a abandoned puppy, named it Inuka, and kept it as a pet . When she was 7 she found the Transport Transport Fruit and ate it since she was starving. One day she found a cruise ship stowed away on it. When the ship was near an island she transported off it and was found by Kaya (yes that Kaya). Kaya took her in and raised her as her sister for a year and a half before Ninima decided to become a pirate and began sailing on a small dinghy.

Special ability: Transport-Transport Fruit, allows her to transport herself or others places as long as it's within a mile, the longer the distance the more exhausted she gets.

Other abilities: Great with knifes and a good fisher.
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 Name: Ninima Age: 14 Appearance: Long green hair and blue eyes. Wears a purple শার্ট and a hat
বছরখানেক আগে NateBind said…
Name: Nejireta D. Doukeshi, known as "D"

Affiliation: World Government, Vice-Admiral (former), CK-5 (Leader)

CK-5: Is a group of "Elite Marines" that was created for taking care of pirates with over 500,000,000 bounty.

Age: 19

Appearance: A tall, slender man with silver hair that almost reaches his shoulder and almost always covers left eye, piercing grey eyes. Unlike most of powerful marines that tend to be very large in size, Doukeshi remains having normal human size. He tends to wear a white silk- blouse, pair of elegant black trousers, black shoes and a black coat-robe that is the uniform of CK-5.

Personality: Doukeshi is a man of justice, he keeps the order by purifying evil which makes him rather obsessed with his work and thus his personality had changed to rather good and loyal side instead of evil and rebellious. He is very kind to his comrades as he cares about them very much, whilst in combat against pirates he enjoys provoking them to argue with eachother and instead of fighting, enjoy the show. After joining CK-5 he became rather mysterious and quiet.

History: Doukeshi was born as a noble in the capital of world government, Mariejois. Ever since being a child, he was taught the way of nobles which he did not accept lightly as he wanted to become a great marine, who would cleanse the world from all the nasty pirates that abuse their powers in order to control the world. So instead of living his life as noble, he took the path of marine. For ten long years he trained with the grandmasters of many different arts who taught him everything in need to become a great marine who would stand a chance against pirates during their "Golden Age". After he turned fifteen he officially joined the marine forces, one year later he was promoted to Commander but even that was not good enough for him as he kept pushing forward, towards victory and glory.

After turning eighteen, he alone defeated a pirate fleet that was attacking one of the East Blue's islands. Captain of that fleet was a man named Chop-Bob who had bounty over 290,000,000 berri within few of his crewmembers that had bounties of 120,000,000 berri and the rest of their crew, afterwards he was promoted to Vice-Admiral due his immense capabilities as a warrior and loyalty to the World Government. He was later ordered to join a group of "Elite Marines" named CK-5, he was given the position of leader.

Special ability: Ki-Ki No Mi (Mind Fruit)

Other abilities: Doukeshi is known as one of the strongest swordsmans in the world, despise of that he is also expert with guns. He might not be very powerful in matter of strength but his speed outmatches most of the living beings. He has also mastered Haki which he uses against stronger opponents.


God's Cutter: Appears to be one of the most rare and famous swords in the world, it has a shape of a longsword that has golden guard and handle. It is foretold that the holy sword has ability to cut almost through anything.

Guns: Doukeshi tends to carry two guns that also appear to be very valuable due their golden and silver design. He keeps them inside of his coat and uses them very often.
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বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
Time to post one of the Antagonists of the RP :P

Name: Akario Hachuu

Affiliation: Sea king pirates ( founder / captain ) sun pirates (former ), New fish man pirates (former ), Yonko ( current )

Age: 42

Appearance: Akario is a megalodon merman and is very tall standing at 14'8 he is also very Muscular and his muscles buldge out in almost anything he wears. his fin is located in the middle of his shoulder blades his hair is jet black and is kept in the fashion of Arlong's hair style. Akario has tinted white skin and razor sharp teeth. Akario's eyes are a deep green color. when enraged his eyes become blood shot and look more like an angry sea king about to attack. he wears long black pants with a red silk sash wrapped around it. He also has Large captains coat that he let rests on his shoulders ( like white beard ) with a plain black martail arts Gi that is almost sleeveless do to his massive size. Akario also has a tattoo of the sea king pirate flag on the right side of his chest.

Personality: much like Arlong and hody Akario absloutely despises humans and finds them as nothing more than insects that should be ruled by the mermen. Because of his extreme power surpassing his former captains. Akario is rather prideful and arrogant to the fact that he could be defeated. He is also Cruel towards humans by doing things such as enslaving them or selling them to Dolflamingo in a beaten up state. he also enjoys the pain and suffering of humans. Akario is best known of his really short temper and his rampages on random cities that reduce them to nothing. Akario like arlong and hody care deeply for his race and get's angered when humans pose his authority.

History: when Akiro was just a boy he admired Jinbe and wanted to follow in his foot steps so he started to study and train in the art of merman karate when he was 17 he joined Jinbe's pirate crew and when he was 20 got the honor of being the first mate to Jinbe however in the years to come Akario for reasons still unknown started to hate and despise humans and even hated his captain for allying with them so one day Akario seeked out the captain of the new fishman pirates Hody and challenged him for the right to be captain witch resulted in hody loosing his life. Now the captain of the new fishman pirates Akario was still first mate to jinbe so he set up an ambush for his former crew mates and captain. Akario returned to the sun pirates where Jinbe's age was getting to him Akario was then informed Jinbe wanted Akario to be the next captain happy with this outcome of events. Akario sicked the New fishman pirates on the sun pirates and Akario himself ended up killing his "captain" Jinbe. The marines took note of this and put a bounty on his head for 340,000,000. Now as the captain both the sun pirates and New fishman pirates he made the two merge into what he called the sea king pirates the new fishman pirates begun to influence and change the opinions of The sun king pirates. They begun to expand and take over islands with people and enslaved them for the fishman empire. taking note of this his bounty and was raised to 440,000,000. After a year of laying seige and expanding and killing two super novas. Akario's bounty became 490,000,000. when Akario reached age 32 he killed the Yonko known as Big momma and took over the proection of fishman island the Marines now terrified of the regin of the current merman raised his bounty to a whopping 580,000,000. and is now Considered a Yonko and one of the most dangerous pirates of the sea. he resides on a island in the second half of the grandline is rules over many islands in the 4 oceans and first half of the grand line. his crew is also noted to be the new protectors of fish man island as well as one of the largest. Any marines and pirates who have tried to kill or take Akario captive have all been sunk , died or captured and forced into his allied human trafficking with Doflamingo. his nick name is "Sea King Akario" or "Red shark Hachuu" Also unlike most merman Akario did something almost unthink able he ate the devil fuirt known as the Mizu Mizu no mi witch gives him power over the element or Water. This also might be a reason why he was able to kill both Jinbe and Hody so easily.

Devil fuirt : Mizu Mizu No Mi

Other abilities:

Fishman Karate ( mastered )

Super human strength

he also wields two war hammers that are named Kuzusu & Kurushimi

Bounty : 580,000,000 ( current )

this pictue below is the flag desgin of the sea king pirates
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 Time to post one of the Antagonists of the RP :P Name: Akario Hachuu Affiliation: Sea king pi
বছরখানেক আগে Insane_Pirate said…
I don't know what crew Ninima's joining though. :P anyone up for a new crewmember?
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
I am my seaking pirates need everything & my black bird pirates need a chef, muscain, Navigator & second mate message me about the dets
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
I need some followers, too. Zord will be my first mate, and I still have to add my Commander, but i want a navigator and a Doctor. The rest I can add to my crew. Nice one, everyone.
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
Character's now updated with blade descriptions. I'll probably roll one other character, though I haven't decided where to place him/her.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Name: Long John (Johnny Regal)

Age: 42

Affiliation: Dragonlance Pirates

Rank: Commander

Appearance: A tall, muscular man with long, green hair and sideburns. His hairstyle resembles that of Franky's before he rebuilt himself with metal. His eyes are red/black. Customarily, he always walks around, wearing his chain-mail, something he got used to doing; this allowed him to become used to moving his body while it was under weight stress. He also wears white slacks, with a black belt, with a metal buckle. Underneath the armor (chainmail) he wears a red top, with long sleeves and a v-neck. He has a bit of an infatuation with jewellery, often wearing gold bracelets, with rubies, or saphires set in them and he always wears his necklace, which is shaped like a dragon. All over his back, arms and chest, he has a series of red, green and black tattoos, that each represent something he is proud of in his life.

Personality: He isn't fiercely intelligent, or incredibly stupid. Instead of being known as intelligent, he is remarkably straight-forward and logical - he doesn't boast superior knowledge, unless it is about history, instead he merely concentrates on the things that are important. He is not a nasty man, or a nice man, rather he is nonchalant to a point, but can get violently angry if his nakama are harmed. Along with his Captain, they both believe in revenge for their nakama, if it was required.

History: He grew up alone, his parents died when he was about 4 or 5. Because of the way he was taught, Johnny never bothered to try and find someone to take care of him, instead he grew up alone and taught himself everything he needed to know in order to survive. When he was 14, he met a man who claimed to be his grandfather and they lived together for a time, at least, until he decided (at the age of 20) to become a pirate. He joined a pirate crew, known as the Phoenix Pirates and worshipped Puzzle, the Captain, until his death. After Puzzle's death, the former First Mate, Stansen, took over being the Captain and Johnny stayed with them for a while, until he received an invitation from a youngster claiming to be the Captain of a pirate ship. That was when he met Rakki Tenshoku, a 18 year old kid, with big ambitions and a fierce resolve. Johnny decided to leave the Phoenix Pirates and joined the kid as his First Mate. As their crew grew larger and larger, the need for a Commander became greater and greater, until Rakki asked Johhny to be the Commander. Soon after, Rakki changed the name of the pirate crew to the Dragonlance pirates, instead of the Fedora pirates. It should also be known that, during his stay with his grandfather, that he learned a lot of history about pirates, Marines and of the world.

Special ability: Tsume-Tsume No Mi (Claw-Claw fruit)

Other abilities: He wields a large rapier, with two blades, like claws. This blade has a dragon's wing-spread as the guard and both blades are silver/chromed. He also can fight one on one combat, but prefers to use his Ittoryuu style swordsmanship.
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বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
I'll write a post now.

[Shichibukai Vs. Dragonlance Pirates! Ballad of the Dragon Man]

(Rakki and Johnny were standing at the bow of the ship, the helmsman directing them towards the nearest island. They were drawing closer and closer to the Grand Line, but Rakki wasn't sure if the crew was ready for it, or not. Many of the crew were greenhorns and hadn't been sailing with the Dragonlance Pirates for long. Rakki knew that he had to find a navigator before they got to the Grand Line, otherwise they would not be able to navigate it. Also, they desperately needed a Doctor, one with fighting skills too, otherwise things could get ugly.)

Rakki: Ready to visit Dunghill Island?

Johnny: Yeah. Of course. I wonder what will happen on there...

Bug-eye: (Frowns) What do you mean, Commander?

Johnny: Something always happens when we visit a new island.

Bug-eye: Oh, I see. Yeah, I guess you have a point there.

(Bug-eye was probably the most powerful of their crew, not only did he boast an incredible strength, but he was also quick and nimble. While not being quite as intelligent as Rakki, or as logical as Johnny, he was much more skilled in certain arts. He wasn't a bearer of a Devil's Fruit, but he had been trained by a man who had once been a member of CP9 and Bug-eye had been taught many of the components of Rokushiki. This made him very dangerous in many ways - he was incredibly faster, even faster than Johnny and Rakki put together.)

Rakki: Don't worry, Bug-eye, you'll get your chance to rumble.

Bug-eye: That wasn't really what I was worried about... More, about the inhabitants, if there are any, on the island.

Johnny: I imagine we'll be able to handle them. Don't underestimate your Rokushiki training, Bug-eye.

(Finally, they anchored at the island, and Rakki organised the landing crew. Once it was done, they numbered ten, including Rakki, Johnny and Bug-eye. They landed on the island and wandered, searching for inhabitants - the island was fairly sparse and they landed on a beach that didn't look like anyone had been on in years. Rakki and four of the crew members decided to search for foodstuffs, so their cook wouldn't complain. The others goofed off and climbed the nearest hill.)

Johnny: I'm bored. How about we go collect driftwood and search for native plants?

Bug-eye: Yeah, sure. I know what you mean.

Mysterious Voice: And, who are you?

(Both turn, in time to see two mean - one large and one fairly tall, but obviously much smaller than the other man, who dwarfed both Bug-eye and Johnny.)

Johnny: Uh-oh, this ain't good... They are Shichibukai... The question is, what are they doing here?
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Name: Barrie 'Bug-eye' Andrew

Affiliation: Dragonlance Pirates

Rank: Crew member/Lookout

Age: 22

Appearance: Short, brown hair, that spikes out at the front and the back, but it is flat on top. His eyes are blue, with dark pupils and white irises. He is fairly average in height and weight, but, for his size he is very strong and he has a very defined musculature. He normally wears well-fitting martial arts robes, with a large coat over the top, when it is cold.

Personality: He isn't very bright, and can be slow at times, but he has a well-liked personality and is loved by the rest of the crew. While he isn't chilidish, generally, on occasion, he can be and gets along well with the Chef, Bacon, and some of the more immature crew members. Even Rakki, sometimes, enjoys a joke with Bug-eye. Deep down, Bug-eye is actually a lot smarter than he appears most of the time and he is always deadly serious in battle.

History: He grew up with his grandfather, Jyabura, who is a former CP9 member. Jyabura taught him many of the components of Rokushiki, notably Tekkai, Geppou and Rankyaku. He learned all of these by the age of 12 and spent the other 6 years of his life mastering them to a certain degree. At the age of 18, he joined the Fedora Pirates, not long before they changed their name. He has been a member of their crew for 4 years. He specialises in swift, close-handed combat and acts as their assassin, when it is needed; so far, his 'special services' have only been needed once, which was to kill a government official. He also functions as the lookout in the Crow's Nest, and keeps a watchout for changes in weather, islands and other ships.

Special abilities:

Rankyaku ('Leg tempest') When he kicks, this sends a blast of wind/energy, that can cut through even the toughest of materials. This is often used in close combat and ranged combat, as he can fire it at a great range.

Tekkai ('Iron mass') When he uses this, his body appears to harden like iron and can resist tough punches and sword strikes. If the opponent is stronger than him, or has more training, then this will work to a lesser extent than it normally would.

Geppou: He can swift his weight, while in the air, in order to appear as though he is flying and kick the air, in order to continue rising in height.

He can also move so fast, that he appears to have completely disappeared, when, in reality, he is right in front of, or right behind the opponent. He also possesses great strength.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
[Kuma Vs. Long John! Dragon Fights The Bear?]

(The two Shichibukai faced off against the two pirates and their Nakama waited behind, the three pirates terrified of the Warlords. Long John, of course knew exactly who these men were, since he had taken a great interest in Pirate History since he had been living with his grandfather. The tall man was Bartholomew Kuma, a pirate with a former bounty of 290,000,000. The other man, was Dracule 'Hawk-eye' Mihawk, a terrifying swordsman, who outstripped any other swordsman in the world, except maybe taht of Roronoa Zoro. Both were incredibly strong and skilled in their prospective ways of fighting - Kuma possessed the power of the Paw-Paw fruit and Mihawk was an incredible swordsman, who they said could even cut through steel.)

Kuma: Just our luck, Dracule. We have prey.

Mihawk: Indeed. It seems travelling with you came in handy for something, after all.

Kuma: Shut up! Don't insult me, Mihawk.

Mihawk: I wasn't. I normally would travel solitary... I don't know what possessed me to travel with you, Bartholomew.

Kuma: Liar. You knew that we would find some fun, out here.

(Long John snarled)

Long John: Quit your bantering and face us! Or are you too afraid?

Bug-eye: Are you crazy?! Don't provoke them!

Kuma: Too late. I want to destroy you, boy! (Lifts his great arms and raises his fist)

Long John: I'm no boy... If you want a fight, then I'll give you one. I know all about your Fruit abilities, Bartholomew Kuma.

Kuma: (Surprised look on his face) How did you know that?

Long John: I have done my fair share of history, and your name came up when I was researching pirates and their ties with the government.

Kuma: Bastard. I'll wipe that smug look off your face. (Kuma pounces, punching at Long John with immense force and power)

(Long John dodged, easily and jumped backwards, deciding whether to use his Fruit powers, or not. He decided to wait and blocked Kuma's massive fist with his rapier.)

Kuma: You're pretty strong, for a small guy.
বছরখানেক আগে NateBind said…
Guess i'l introduce D. aswell ^_^.

[Hero of Mariejois Vs. Witchblade Pirates! CK-5, awakening]

(Somewhere in Grand Line, at a unknown island, Witchblade Pirates we're preparing for their leave to the New World. Everything was alright untill one of the lookout's managed to get a sight of something strange, it was not a ship, not even a boat but a man running on the water towards the island itself. After looking through his binoculars, the man fell on his back with his face covered by fear itself. Quickly he turned around and pulled by the bell's string before being impaled with sword from behind.)

Lookout: W...w-hat.. but you we're..so.far... away...

Doukeshi: Pray before the death with hope that the god will have mercy on you, pirate.

(After pulling his holy sword out from the pirate's body, Doukeshi carefully swept the blood with a white towel which was later placed on pirate's head. Turning around he noticed being surrounded by the whole crew itself. Only few of them knew about his identity, the others who did not charged recklessly towards him, ending up being defeated with a single sword slash.)

Witchblade Pirates: H-he.. took them out just by a swing of his blade?!?! The rumors we're true.. Captain! This man is .D, hero of Mariejois!

Witchblade Pirates Captain, Lin the witch (Bounty 535,000,000): Ooh? You're telling me that.. this cute little boy.. is the glorious .D a man who deals with powerful pirates like myself?!

Witchblade Pirate: Ma'm, he has the holy sword "God's Cutter", there is no doubt about it.

Witchblade Swordsman, Xao (Bounty 236,000,000): Holy Sword huh!?! Haha that will just make me so powerful, after defeating him!

(Xao, dashed towards Doukeshi at great speed, attempting to cut him in half with his sword technique but instead of cutting, he was the one to recive the cut as he appeared behind Doukeshi, having his sword cut in half and a large wound around the chest.)

Wichblade Pirates: Whaaat?!?! Xao was defeated!?! But that guy didnt even move!?!

Lin the witch: No, both of them clashed and Xao was defeated. He just moved so fast that you guys couldnt even see it.

Doukeshi: Witchblade Pirates in three minutes, your crew will be annihilated by justice, may the god have mercy on your souls.

*Now to make all other 4 members of the group ^_^*
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বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Nice! I see that this RP is going to end up being interesting, if everything continues this way. Great post, dude. XD
বছরখানেক আগে NateBind said…
Nah, i sck but thanks anyways ^_^, hope that this is going to end up being interesting aswell..
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
[A Warm Welcome for a Turncoat]

Well, she’d asked for it.

After all of these years on the run, she had returned to join the side to which she’d done the most damage in her years as a mercenary slave and as a member of Kaido’s crew. What did she expect?

The kairoseki cuffs chafed her wrists, rubbing them raw as they stepped off the ship, and the lack of her swords left her with an itch going all the way down her spine. It wasn’t a pleasant experience to be deprived of the strength she had relied on for so long, and soon enough she’d be debased still further.

She wasn’t sure who the order had come from to have her imprisoned, though it was likely one of the top brass in the Marines, perhaps even the Fleet Admiral himself. She’d never met the man, nor would she now. She barely even got to see the Marine HQ in its entire splendor. And this might well be the last sight she’d see in the open world.

Though what a sight it was. Impel Down was certainly imposing. A pinprick of green in the ocean, it was a massive prison, surrounded by two incredibly thick circular walls. Of course, all she could see of the prison proper was three towers. Much like an iceberg, there was far more hidden below the surface that she would only get to see from the inside. The ship she was on docked among a fleet of other Marine ships waiting outside, and she was escorted down the gangplank and through the first gate, a look of awe and rapture on her face.

???: Well, it’s certainly unusual to see someone so excited to be imprisoned.

Lucia peeled her eyes away from the sites around her to meet the stare of Head Jailer Domino. Most of the other woman’s blonde hair was hidden beneath an oversized black hat, and her eyes were veiled behind thick sunglasses. She wore a cloak with peaked shoulders, a symbol of her station, and a flat expression.

Lucia: I’m not excited about that. I’ve just… never been to Impel Down.

Domino: And now you’re so glad? You’ll be lucky if you ever see these walls again.

Lucia smiled: I know that. I’ll cherish this memory.

Domino: This one maybe, but not what’s to come.

She was right, of course. The baptism was excruciating; Lucia screamed as she was dipped into the boiling waters. To her surprise, however, she was allowed to keep her clothing, a strange gesture to make for someone who was never again to see the outside world. What’s more, they were set to place her on Level 5. She, like many who had heard of the mass breakout, knew of the once secret sixth level. While the fifth was more commensurate with her bounty, it was a perplexing choice considering that she had killed a Shichibukai to earn that bounty. It gave her some hope, if only a glimmer.

That glimmer should have shriveled into nothing as they descended, but she couldn’t help but gape at the Kenju and Haribarisō forest on the first level, the wild beasts of the second, and the sands strewn about the third. She hardly even noticed the transitions in temperatures as she entered the oven that was the fourth floor, nor did she appreciate the freezing cold of the fifth, in spite of her relatively thin clothing. It wasn’t until she’d reached her cell, seen the dank confines and dismal company, that she began to feel the chill in the air and truly begin to appreciate how desperate her situation truly was.

Domino said something to her as she left her side and closed the door, but Lucia couldn’t hear her. Blood pounded in her ears, and she felt a numbness that had nothing to do with the cold. She was trapped again, this time without any hope of escape. Fool girl.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
@Nate. Sucked? Not even, I enjoyed reading it. XD

@Whiteflame. Nice post, dude. Your character seems interesting at this point. In Impel Down, not a fun place to be. Lol.

@Everyone. I will add the rest of my crew soon, as well. At least, the important members. Also, when I get a chance and when everyone has added their characters, I will post a forum update, so everyone can keep track of whose character is whose.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Name: Jimmy 'Bacon' Savoy

Affiliation: Dragonlance Pirates

Rank: Chef/Comedian

Age: 25

Appearance: Jimmy is of average height and average build, being about 5'11 and weighing about 68 kgs. He generally wears a blazer, over the top of a pastel-coloured shirt, the colours of which tend to vary; sometimes, he wears t-shirts. He also wears baggy trousers, that are usually either blue or black and often match his blazer. His hair is a very light-brown colour and kept short and trimmed, and never is allowed to grow past his ears - this is due to his high belief in hygiene, something he will never compromise. While cooking, he wears a white apron, with a black trim and a white chef's hat, along with rubber gloves. He never wears jewellery as he considers it to unhygienic.

Personality: Jimmy believes in well-kept hygiene and often growls at the others to wash up before eating; if they don't, he will refuse to serve them, often causing a fight. Jimmy can be very funny, very serious and very aggressive and this tends to vary on his mood and his instructions being followed. Even though he berates Long John and Rakki, he has the utmost respect for the two and will never truely insult them. Because he is usually telling jokes and being funny, he often acts as the boat comedian and tells them jokes when they are bored. When he is insulted by someone, he defends his honour with a fierce temerity and will never back down from a fight; during a fight he is always serious. Jimmy is only ever serious during a fight, or when he is feeling down.

History: He grew up on an island on the Grand Line and spent many happy years with his parents, until they were killed by a pirate crew; interestingly enough, it was the Buggy Pirate crew that ambushed and killed his parents and he swore revenge on Captain Buggy. He was 10 when his parents died. A relative, his uncle, was friends with Shanks, from the Red-Hair Pirates and Shanks agreed to transport Jimmy out of the Grand Line and to East Blue, where he had always wanted to live. During his time on their boat, he gained an affinity for cooking and was taught minor skills by the Red-Hair Pirate cook. When they arrived in East Blue, Jimmy begged Shanks to take him to Baratie, the restaurant of the fighting chefs and where Sanji, of the Strawhat pirates came from. He pleaded with Owner Zeff to take him on and allow him to become a chef. Zeff, who had become somewhat lonely over the years since Sanji left, decided to take the boy on and he trained him for 5 years. When Jimmy turned 16, Zeff regarded him as a chef and allowed him to work for food and meager pay. After 6 years, Jimmy grew restless and wanted to leave to become a pirate, just like Shanks. Zeff was growing unwell, and Jimmy finally left when he died and roamed East Blue, until he happened upon Rakki and his pirate crew, who had docked at Windmill Island to visit his younger brother. Jimmy decided to join them as their cook.

Skills: Jimmy is small, but he is quite tough and resilient for his size, often defeating opponents twice as large as him. Shanks taught him Haki, during their voyage to East Blue, Mantra, or the Colour of Observation. He is also well-versed in karate, using his superior kicking power to his advantage.

Equipment: He has two long knifes, a bunch of throwing knives (he has deadly accuracy for someone who has no sharp-shooting skills) and a staff, that has curving blades on the top and bottom - he can wield this extremely well.
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
Glad you enjoyed it, believe me it will only get more fun from here.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Heh, fair enough, dude. Are you still interested in creating a Doctor for my crew? Oh and just wondering what you think of my latest character?
বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
Yep, looks like fun. As for the doctor, I'm still working on a concept, but I should have one by the end of the night.
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
Heh, there's no rush, was just wondering about it, that's all. XD
বছরখানেক আগে wolfmaster3000 said…
Name: Kiya Dagon

Affiliation: Marines, chore girl (former), pety officer (former), captain (former), Vice admiral (former), Admiral (current)

Age: 42

Appearance: picture., Just note she wears her coat how all the other admiral do resting on there shoulders.

Personality: Despite her age Kiya is a very up beat person and very out going she seems to have a postive out look on life. She also seems to be and act very rightoues when it comes to her rank. she is very nice towards marines and acts hateful and scornful toward pirates oftein sinking them on sight. She has even treats most of the Shichibukai though she has respect as well as a deep hatered for the three swordsman in the Shichibukai. Karasu, Mihawk & Lucia. She is also very strict and runs her squad with an iron fist oftein doing ruff training excerises on there days off.

History: Kiya was raised by the retired marine Monkey D. Garp just after his loss of ace. Kiya was found on the grand line some where she had been floating on a raft and was as garp told her half dead. Garp took in the little girl and begun to take an interest in the young girl as she couldn't say anything but "Kiya" Garp started calling her"kiya" and the girl soon reconized this as her name. Garp also begun teaching the young girl how to fight with swords and train her so she could fend for her self. Garp also beat her up constantly and encourged her to eat big meals. when Kiya turned around 10 Garp begun traing her in the art of Haki at that time Garp also begun to fall ill do to age. Knowing that he didn't have enough time Garp left a detailed list of excerises on Haki and just as she turned 15 Garp passed on but left him a gift and the location of some one else who would continue her training. She seeked out a man known as Sengoku who garp had talked with at some point about Kiya's well being so Sengoku begun to train the young lady when she was 18 she departed from senoku's care and went to the marine base. She ended up becoming a Chore Girl as she was laughed at for being a girl. during some time in her life she fended off a pirate crew and consumed a devil fuirt known as the Sen Sen No Mi. so she trained with her new power and incereased her Haki and sword play. at age 24 she became captain and age 28 Vice admiral at 39 she was finaly premoted to Admiral. her dream doesn't stop there as she wishes to become the fleet admiral some day.

Devil fuirt : Sen Sen No Mi
Weapon(s) :
Martail arts ( mastered )
Katameru O wazamono (second grade)
Other abilities:

Haki ( has mastered because of graps training and Sengoku's help )
 Name: Kiya Dagon Affiliation: Marines, chore girl (former), pety officer (former), captain (forme
বছরখানেক আগে blackpanther666 said…
You should write an introductory post soon, Wolf. I'm interested to see what you do. Also, can you just leave your numbers of characters at that, for the time being? I'd rather that we get this going and see what happens, before we start adding a whole lot. I'd rather we didn't get into a confusion before we even get going, if you know what I mean. I won't be adding anymore characters, I don't think, at least not until the storyline on the RP has been properly clarified.
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বছরখানেক আগে whiteflame55 said…
[A Warm Welcome for a Turncoat, Part 2]

It was freezing. Hoarfrost covered much of her clothing, standing out starkly from her black clothing. Icicles hung from her ears, nose and chin, and she huddled in the corner. There had been some concern that the men in the cell with her would try to assault her, though the few that still had fight in them were after her clothing, not her body. She dissuaded them of that quickly enough.

Lucia didn’t recognize any faces in this particular cell, though she could count the number of people she met with a high enough bounty to be here on one hand. And most of them were dead. By her hand.

She had begun to wonder if she deserved to be here. While most of her kills were not her choice, that didn’t prevent her from feeling responsible. She had committed those killings rather than allowing herself to be killed. Was she worthy of redemption?

What was redemption? Did she even want it?

Difficult questions were never her forte, and she was easily distracted from such questions. Here, the cold was a constant distraction, though so were the moans of her cellmates and the howls of ravenous wolves nearby. It was almost like they were singing… at least, that’s how she imagined it. She thought to ask the men around her for stories of the outside world, as her imagination craved, though most of them were already broken beyond the point of conversation. The few that weren’t were terrified of her. She slunk her head between her knees, forcing back tears.

???: I wonder if any one of these men mmmmm--!? knows just who they have in their midst.

Lucia raised her head, meeting the stare of one of the chief gaolers, Sadi-chan. In the freezing temperatures of this floor, she was forced to wear less revealing clothing, but the ostentatious pink robe with a flame-like trim was form fitting enough to be provocative. To her side stood Minozebra, who had opted not to wear any additional clothing, and was shivering from head to hoof as a result.

Lucia: What do you want?

Sadi-chan: Oh, come now! Didn’t we used to be mmmmm--!? old friends?

Lucia: I left those days behind long ago. It seems you haven’t, though. Still getting pleasure from beating poor souls, just those behind a cage this time.

Sadi-chan: Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, sister! When you hold a whip in your hands… mmmmm--!? the screams are just to die for! Though these days, I’m only doing it to scum like yourself.

Lucia: Could you just get to the point? Why are you here?

Sadi-chan giggled: So impatient, mmmmm--!? I told you, I’ve turned over a new leaf. These days I try to stay away from torturing innocent kids, and while I would have no trouble with you remaining here the rest of your miserable life, mmmmm--!? I just can’t let him have his way.

Lucia perked up: Him?

Sadi-chan smiled: Joker always did pick the choicest targets, mmmmm--!? .
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