I looked around me the redrose sky was sure beautiful tonight just like the perfect rose garden I was in! I may have had to stay up all night doing those host club bill's but it all worked out I thought.I looked around me the garden was so calm and peaceful that annoying Tamaki isn't here to disturb me my mind cried out! But he can be rather funny in his own way!Bang my হৃদয় thumped, my whole brain swirled, blackness covered my vision.I was up later than this before and they never closed the রাস্তা lights down before."Kyoya" a faint voice cried...but it must have been loud because whoever it was.. was right পরবর্তি to me."Come on get out of the rain"the voice commanded.Oh thats the reason my vision is so blurry the rain must be in my glasses my mind whizzed.I lifted up my arm..it felt like lead suddenly I was on the floor.Darkness had filled my vision.
"Kyoya ...Kyoya.wake up" The darkness in my head started to lift.. who..who was calling me? "Kyoya!"light shone into my eyes "It's me Tamaki are আপনি alright" Tamaki? My mind was ablaze I looked around me, the room was so bright as if it where the sun itself.Then suddenly I realized " How did I get to this room" I cried to the blurry looking Tamaki "Ummmm what did আপনি say Kyoya well আপনি could use a drink" Tamaki sprinted off and brought back a tall icey glass of water.I drank the drink like my life depended on it, it was so refreshing I repeated my প্রশ্ন "How did I get to this..room".Tamaki started laughing "Don't আপনি remember i carried আপনি here" I looked at him blankly. "Ohhh so আপনি don't remember well Kyoya.. আপনি collapsed" I stared at him with horror my mind was on the verge of death if my farther found out I...I collapsed well he would..."Don't panic your dad hasn't found out,not like I'd be the one to tell him his son collapsed!"Tamaki smiled.
I asked him how he knew I didn't want my dad to find out and he explained it just like this..."Well Kyoya I know you, আপনি live under the shadow of your two elder brothers.Most say আপনি are far আরো superior than them, but they are still the eldest, so are treated far better দ্বারা your farther.So therefor আপনি have to be strong just to stay in that family....Am I right"..."Yes" I replied in a solemn tone. Somebody had spoke my mind...for once. "Sorry I have to go see Haruhi this morning we are planning tomorrows plans for the host club...since আপনি are so ill."
"No আপনি can't do that" I cried. It was no use I just fell back down again but something strange happened Tamaki caught me! As he settled me down Tamaki lifted himself from his chair "I bid আপনি farewell Kyoya" he ব্যক্ত as he swiftly went out.Through those many hours I thought about him maybe he was not such a idiot আরো friend... আরো of a brother.He came out for me in the rain...looked after me ....cared for me...like a real brother would.He was not like my older brothers.. why they are...just fake.
The others visited me later that night telling me some mumbo jumbo about how to get better and placing little presents পরবর্তি to my বিছানা as I drifted off to sleep.
The পরবর্তি morning I stumbled to my window and saw how elaborate the host club was looking today Haruhi in a beautiful Kimono.Mori and Honey sempi having a চা ceremony and the twins larking about in the pool. It looked fun.. a thought I hadn't had in a long time. "Your fever has gone down Kyoya but I would still like my vice president to stay in বিছানা for a while..okay" I looked around me and there he was...Tamaki.I wisped some words as he walked out of room and till to this দিন I still say " Thank আপনি my brother!"