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posted by xDark_Angelx
Happy New Year, fanguins! :D Yeah, I bet you're surprised to see me here. It's been a while, hunh? Goodness, I've been so terribly busy. I'm a senior now, got accepted into the college I most desired to get accepted into, লেখা and making videos, and of course, school work. God, I hate school--especially Math. CURSE আপনি CALCULUS!

Anyway, I want to say how much I miss it here. I want to come back so much, and yet... I don't know. I loved it here so much, it's not even funny! I had a great few years here, and the অনুরাগী all meant so much to me, whether they're gone অথবা totally new. Even if I don't even know you, we're friends, 'kay? Just because you're a fanguin and on Fanpop, I'd like to be friends. আপনি know, if I came here আরো often. If so, I'd be everyone's friend, because I প্রণয় people here.

As for this article, I feel like I have so much to say but don't know where to start. I guess I can say that... I've হারিয়ে গেছে interest in the show.

Is it because I've grown to dislike the show? Heck no! Mainly to blame is how it's never on, and with that, I watch other shows and fall in প্রণয় with them. Legend of Korra, Big Bang Theory, My Little Pony, and now I'm watching House (man, I have a lot to cover with that!). And with these shows, they take my mind off of the Penguins, yet when I realize I হারিয়ে গেছে interest in the show, I do feel sad. It was such a great প্রদর্শনী in its running, and the অনুরাগী are unbelievable. It was great run, but I think it's now going to be done for a while.

So while I might come around every once in a while, don't expect me around. আপনি might find me on Youtube, Fanfiction, অথবা FIMFiction (My Little টাট্টু fanfiction site only... go figure!). I haven't been on this site at all in weeks, and I'm here only to let the few of আপনি who actually remember me know I do not desire to leave, nor do I like leaving good বন্ধু behind and forgetting the show. It's just life, it happens.

It's so weird; months ago, I was afraid this would happen and I'd be devastated. Now... I'm pretty fine, আপনি know? I'm happy with life and everything, and I like to think this site helped me go through the shit life put me through.

In exchange for my sad sob story of my departure, however, I'd like to mention that I do a sort of series on Youtube. It's called My Two Cents, and I've been doing কার্টুন a lot. I'm going to do this one, and I mentioned আপনি guys in it near the end. Would anyone like to see it (it's not out yet, since I have yet to উঠিয়ে রাখুন it). It's sort of my good-bye to the show, at least until I can rediscover the spark; it's not likely, but it's also not impossible. After all, we still have the show's finale to look অগ্রবর্তী to.

Until then, fanguin on.

~Dark Angel
Skipper woke up with the sound of Hans voice

"hey skippa!" he shouted

"wha?" he ব্যক্ত mumbling

"my তারিখ with Marlene was perfect! I asked to be her boyfriend and she accepted, I am sooo in প্রণয় with her!!"

"ahahaha, h-how good Hans, how good..."

"skipper, আপনি really like her right?"

"no, NO! I dont like her!"

"hahaha, anyways, আপনি lost, I got the girl skipper, so আপনি হারিয়ে গেছে the oportunity!"


Just when the conversation seemed to continue, Marlene entered though the fishbowl

"hey skipper, hy hans" she ব্যক্ত as she rushed at him, hugged and kissed him, Hans continued hugging her, and turned to skipper,...
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posted by skipperfan5431
It's a dark night in the Central Park Zoo, and Skipper and the guys are patroling the perimiter of the zoo. "Skipper...can we PLEASE go to bed. Everyone's asleep and nothing is going on!" Lilly asked, her eyes nearly shut. Kowalski and Rico were leaned up against the side of the Rhino habitat, falling asleep. "WAKE UP আপনি TWO!" Skipper yelled, causing the two penguins to fall over. Lilly, Skipper and Private began to laugh, when suddenly they heard a loud CRASH!!! "Come on!" Skipper ordered, then he slid twoards the স্কুলের at the back of the zoo.
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Hello, reader. In this story I (Skipper) am the narator অথবা also known as the story teller. So enjoy, soldier! I keep adding the Skipper name because আপনি might think that I am "not" the real Skipper even if I am the real Skipper. I know আপনি soldiers think that I am not been লেখা a story. Well, think again. Phil and Masen taught me of লেখা and reading. Leave your মতামত if আপনি have some opinions and such thingies. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!

The Penguins of Madagascar - Providing Pro-vider
Chapter I - The Creation of Happines
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posted by Colonelpenguin
"Enchanting!" cooed me.
"Noble!" exclaimed Kowalski.
"Exsquisite" ব্যক্ত Lilly.
The other Guest murmured similar expressions of delight. As all of them where crowded দ্বারা a new mirror my sister had won.
"It's hard to believe,But I look better than I have ever have," I ব্যক্ত checking myself out."Not one of আপনি can hold a candle to me,"I added.
"My dueling has paid off,"said Rico."I'm in better shape then when I was Sixteen!"
"I have a beautiful smile it's breath-taking!" Lilly cooing.
"Well, I'm handsomer than ever," ব্যক্ত Jeremy."If only I could remember what caused it?"
"I like a movie star!" ব্যক্ত Hannah....
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posted by Penguinangel
Okay, this has been going on for a while now, and with PoM recently losing at the KCA's to Spongebob, it seems like a fresh new wave of hate's spreading over the site. I have to know, why does everyone hate Spongebob so much? It really bugs me, because I know how it feels to have people flaming our spot, and I can guess how it would feel to have people talking about PoM so regularly as a horrible প্রদর্শনী that they hate. In fact, I think some of us see now exactly how it feels.

Yes, he won the KCA. Yes, if it weren't for Spongebob and his millions of অনুরাগী we would most likely have that blimp. But...
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People saw the শিরোনাম card for The ভোঁদড় Woman. It had Skipper and Marlene "dancing" on it. They think it's Skilene.
But it's not.
You may ask, "Have আপনি seen it? NO! NO ONE HAS! SO WE DON'T KNOW!"
No, I haven't. BUT my friend in New Zealand saw it. It's already aired there.
Marlene calls herself Arlene after being bleached white (she thinks the others would know her, but they think she's some new animal species). The only reason they like her is her pretty white fur. In no way are they attracted to her personality. And Marlene shows no interest toward any of them. And no, not Skipper. In...
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posted by Colonelpenguin
After Dinner, Skipper asked us all to stay put for an important announcement
Rico turned to me "what time is it?"
"i have no idea" i said"You know how Skipper likes to surprise us"
"One দিন I might surprise him"Rico ব্যক্ত impatiently "By missing one of his important announcements"
"Please Skippy get on with it" Private whined"I have my tv প্রদর্শনী coming on in 30 minutes"
"very well" Skipper ব্যক্ত getting to his feet looking like he was about to burst."I have a magnificent surprise to প্রদর্শনী you,"he said.
"I don't think আপনি haven't been so excited before,"said me."Don't tell!"
"lets all go to Kowalski's lab,"said...
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Ok, before আপনি read this, I haven't পোষ্ট হয়েছে a story of how we got to the penguins world, but this is about my character Valentina and her twin Angelina finding clues to a treasure much greater than that of the golden squirrel. They must destroy it, but there is only one way, to find the firestone of Elapinia and set them on আগুন together.

Part one
I was on my laptop one দিন when Private looked over my shoulder.
"Can I borrow your laptop?" He asked.
"NO! I'm using it, and I'm very busy!" I yelled back.
"What are আপনি doing?" He asked, obviously very curious as to what I was doing.
"Well, the...
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The পরবর্তি morning, Skipper had woken up as usual, the দিন was bright and sunny, and birds were drowned out দ্বারা traffic noises. He looked out at the gate and saw a team of zookeeper, including Alice, trying to block the entrance to the zoo, but they were all rammed out of the way দ্বারা a group of cars, 2 jeeps, 1 pickup truck, and a volkswaggen. The cars screeched across the path and burst through the main gate, they proceeded to stop at the zoo. 'Skippah what's going on?' asked Private. 'We're getting an escort from the emperor of Antarctica, and we can't mess it up okay?' asked Skipper. 'You have...
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posted by Colonelpenguin
The night was young about to storm the thunder was distant and long it was sprinkling outside we wanted to play something before it started to pour.
So we decided to play hide and seek I was the seeker first so the first পেংগুইন i found was Rico and then Skipper and Kowalski and Lily.
Rico was mad when he was the seeker and thought it will be fun if he murdered someone অথবা a lots of someones.
so i hid it the hotdog cart.kowalski was hiding in the হাতি habitat and skipper and lily hid together.
Rico held a bat and hit kowalski and he ran off and he was so happy because he never felt so good before. It started to rain মার্জার and সারমেয় it was nasty out we all went in the HQ without Kowalski following in and we started to worry where he was and we went back out nowhere to be found and we found the bat and the body
posted by Magix01
Skipper took out a ninja mask. He took out ninja daggers and slipped earmuffs on everyone in the zoo.
He tested his sonic scream. The whole zoo shook.
He teleported to Coney Island and snuck into the শুশুক pool. He stabbed a few lobsters. "Well, well, well," a voice said. "It's Slappy Hurt-Punch!
MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" "It's Black Ninja now," Skipper yelled. "Now surrender cyborg, before I scream!!" Blowhole gave an evil smile. Skipper screamed. Blowhole put up a sound-soaking shield on his scooter. Finally, Skipper stabbed him with his dagger and Blowhole, a.k.a. Cyborg was killed দ্বারা a hero.
posted by Colonelpenguin
It was dreary, that দিন with nothing to do the boys and the girls where very bored.

So they decided to have fun indoors but it was hard to decide " Let's see who is better girls অথবা boys" ব্যক্ত Me,Lily,and Icicle.
"Aw.. no no" The boys began to say,but skipper butted in " We're better then আপনি at a lot of things," skipper barked."No... আপনি not" Rei ব্যক্ত with a disappointing smile. "Are আপনি threatening us," kowalski ব্যক্ত angrily. "okay the only way to settle this crap is to find out who is better so... let the games begin" the girls said.
"we'll take easy on আপনি girls okay," skipper ব্যক্ত with...
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posted by Grimms-Dragon
I do not own the songs used.





When we made প্রণয় আপনি used to cry

Say; "I প্রণয় আপনি like

The stars above

I প্রণয় আপনি 'till I die"

There's a place

For us

(You know; the movie song)

When আপনি gonna realize?

It was just the time was wrong


-Romeo and Juliet দ্বারা Dire Straits



She ব্যক্ত it's like you're somewhere

Far away

-Love Like Winter দ্বারা AFI

Skipper shivered a little but his tears were ফ্রোজেন in their ducts. His flippers were wrapped about his trembling body and he was chilled to the core, save his হৃদয় which seemed to have slowed its beating....
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Well just to tell আপনি if আপনি like me then I have to tell আপনি something I already have a girlfriend and no it's not Marlene অথবা kitka it's Alex me and her have been dating for 5 months and well became Alex took it to the the পরবর্তি level and well were already to find out our baby ' s if it' s a girl her will be Maria and if it's a boy we will name it Will that' s all I have to say well the crew is waited for me so is Alex and the our kids it turn out to be a baby boy and girl And will Alex and I had a great time at our তারিখ when we were youger
posted by anna447
when marlene and skipper woke up they felt like there arm/flipper was ganna fall off.but that wasn't the least of there problems for ringtail was playing muisc that could droun out a valcano.marlene and skipper desided to deal with ringtail themselves.they went to ringtail's place and said"TURN OFF THAT MUISC RINGTAIL.some of us are trying to sleep".then(for people heres were the werid things happen)out of marlene's and skipper's paw/flipper came a keyblade.marlene and skipper looked at there keyblades then etach other and said"wow how did..?" then they know what happend last night.kawalski came and said"hey guy how are.."kawalski saw the keyblades then he looked at the new keybladers(skipper and marlene)and said"oh my gosh আপনি two have keyblades." then he fanted.skipper:well this is odd.marlene:your telling me.ringtail:wo wo wo yous 2 have keybaldes and the roril me does not give me those.ringtail grabed the 2 keyblades but they soon came back to there owners.

posted by anna447
But the king still fearful for his girls life decred that all spining weels shall be burned.and so it was done.the 3 good sorsoris know a bonfire was not going to stop jane so they made a plan. the plan was to raice the child themselfs without magic.and so the king and qween wacthed as there only child disappered into the night.

marlene keeped her name and grow up to be the most bueatifulist ভোঁদড় in the land.she was loved দ্বারা all she know.at the forbiddin pcik jane had not yet found marlene.it was marlene's 28th bday.the দিন jane's corese was to come true.meanwile tamon was takeing his horse for a storel when he heard marlene's গান গাওয়া he sing along.
posted by skipperfan5431
The Central Park Zoo is a-buzz with commotion today. Theres word that a new arrival is coming in about twenty minutes, so Alice and the other zoo-workers are getting everything prepared. " Do আপনি know what type of animal it is?" Lilly asked, as she had the hope of it being a lion. She missed Alex! They were dance buddies back in the day. * bet আপনি didn't know that huh?* Skipper looked at Kowalski, who just shook his head. Then he turned back to Lilly and replied. " Negatory. We have no intell what so everon the new arrival." Lilly frowned and turned back twoards the humans. Then, it came. The...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The clone hung Lilly and Marlene upside-down from the monument. To make matters worse, Lilly is afraid of HEIGHTS! (go figure huh?) " Lilly,Lilly,Lilly.You had the chance to be mine forever, but instead আপনি wanted to hit." The clone turns his head to reveal an eye-patch covering his other eye! *lol! She poked his eye out!* Lilly smiled proudly. " Yeah, পরবর্তি i'll go for the other one and make it even!" She mocked. " Oohhh, BURRRN!" Marlene teased. Then, he হারিয়ে গেছে his temper, he cut the rope that was teathering Lilly to the ground, and down she fell.
The clone moved to...
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posted by skipperfan5431
The boys are in the HQ doin'n their own thing, when suddenly, another Skipper (real) springs in. " What the?!" Asked the clone, trying to play it off. " Got ya now CLONE! Get him boys!" Skipper commands, pointing his flipper to the imposter. None of his teammates obeyed. " How are we so sure YOURE not the clone?" Kowalski asked skeptically. " Yeah! Get them BOTH boys!" Lilly adds. On her command, everyone jumped onto a Skipper,and tied them each to a chair. "Come on boys, আপনি know it's me!" The clone Skipper pleaded, but all of a sudden,one of his contacts fell out! He was...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Okay people, if your expecting Darth Vader, do NOT read this story. lol.
It's a nice sunny দিন in the Central Park zoo and Kowalski has just unvailed a new invention. Ofcourse he needed a test subject, and Skipper was the only one willing to do it. What is the invention আপনি might ask? Well, it's a cloning machine, and this is where our story begins.
" Kowalski, is this gonna hurt?" Skipper asked, poking his head through a small window in the Clone-o-matic 2000." Kowalski made a weird face . " Yes,very much so." He ব্যক্ত bluntly. " Wait- WHAT!?"...
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