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The newly created পেংগুইন stared blankly at his fish. Having tears forming at his eyes, soaking his feathers on contact with the salty liquid. He couldn't stop thinking about his past life as a human. He missed his family, his friends. Everything is going to hell. And no matter how much he wished, he was stuck like like this, a flightless bird.

The short পেংগুইন in fount of him had a concerned expression stuck on his face. He felt like he needed to say something, something to comfort him.

"A-are আপনি alright?" He ব্যক্ত in a British voice.

He didn't respond. Before the British bird could speak up, someone barked across the room;

"Private! Get over here."

"Coming Skippa. He said."

The depressed পেংগুইন looked up. What kinda name is Private? Well, it is easy to remember I guess. He saw four birds huddled up in a circle. Constantly glancing back at him.

"I know your talking about me behind over there. So what ever আপনি have to say, আপনি can say it to my face. Like a real ma- I mean a real male penguin." He ব্যক্ত sitting up in a stern voice.

"I told আপনি the shields don't work Skipper" The tallest bird whispered to a short one standing In the middle."

"Alright" The one in the middle said. "Here's what we were saying." Then quickly he pointed

his flipper and yelled "Get him!" Then all four penguins pounced the lone one and started punching at him. Yells and screams echoed around the room under the Penguins habitat. And then a metal door behind the dog pile opened, and a brown figure walked in.

"Hey what's going one?" It yelled in a female voice.

"We're a little busy- Marlene" The one of the penguins ব্যক্ত between grunts. Marlene heard muffled screams beneath them.

"Are আপনি guys fighting someone?"

"Yes. A spy." He replied. The female groaned and rolled her eyes. She walked over to the pouncing group and one দ্বারা one she grabbed them and threw each of them off, to reveal a ruffled up, frightened penguin. He was wincing and silently groaning in pain.

"What the!? What were guys thinking!?"

"That he was a spy." A shortest one said.

"Are আপনি guys crazy?!" She yelled again. "You just can't assume that every single animal that arrives at this zoo, is a spy অথবা a minion to 'Dr. Blowhorn.'" She said.

They all stared at her for a সেকেন্ড and the tallest one spoke

"Actually His name is 'Blowhole.'"

Marlene growled and went over to the পেংগুইন on the ground. She put his flipper over her shoulder, and grabbed his waist. "When আপনি guys are ready to make him fell welcome, আপনি can have him back." She ব্যক্ত as she and help the পেংগুইন out of the metal door she entered from.

"Maybe she's right Skippa, maybe he's not an evil spy." The British পেংগুইন said

"Well Private, do আপনি have any proof?" Skipper said.

"Well." Private ব্যক্ত "He was crying. And he seemed, depressed."

"Depressed?" Skipper said.

"Ah Depression: A mental disorder characterized দ্বারা an all-encompassing low mood, accompanied দ্বারা low self-esteem" The tallest bird said.

"Well thanks for the Lesson Kowalski." Skipper ব্যক্ত sarcastically "So what are আপনি saying Private?"

"I'm saying: maybe we should leave him alone for sometime. আপনি know?" Skipper looked back at the tallest one, he shrugged his flippers.

"Alright." Skipper sighed. "Well leave him alone. Maybe Marlene can talk to him.

At Marlene's habitat, they both walked from a hidden door that was built in the দেওয়াল of the cave. Greg looked around and saw the various paintings on her walls. A lot of them are painting of Asian objects and writing. Marlene walked him over to her stone বিছানা and laid him down on it.

"Is there anything I can do to make আপনি fell better um..." She paused.

"Greg" He said, still keeping his head down.

"Marlene" She replied, looking at him contently.

Feeling better due to the hospitality of Marlene, he sat up. "There is something আপনি can do. আপনি can tell me what the heck is wrong with the penguins!"

"Oh trust me. They're like that to every one who is new to the zoo." Well almost everyone. She thought. "Once আপনি get to know them the can be very kind."

Greg pulled himself to the back of the বিছানা and leaned his back to the wall. "I don't know, We came off to a bad start. He didn't even let have a chance to do anything!"

"Well." Marlene ব্যক্ত "How about আপনি just stay here that night and we'll all talk tomorrow."

"It, sounds like a plan."

"So how did আপনি get here?" Marlene said.

Greg eyes widened and put his flipper on his head. "I… I." He sighed

Marlene grabbed his shoulder. "Greg, look at me." Greg turned his head to her. "You can tell me. It's better to let something out than to keep it in. Because it's-"

"Because It's unhealthy to bottle your emotions." He cut her off. "Alright" He sighed "You see I'm not like any other penguin." He ব্যক্ত beginning his story. After he finished Marlene raised an Eyebrow.

"That's it?" She asked.

"That's it? I told আপনি the turing point of my life, and your response that's it!?"

"Well it just... it was, আপনি know, anti climatic." She ব্যক্ত wearing a sheepish smile.

"Marlene my life isn't a fanfiction. I can't make it so intersection অথবা even so good, That someone would take my শিরোনাম name, and story line, and try TO MAKE IT THIER OWN!" He yelled. [1]

"What the heck are আপনি talking about?" Marlene ব্যক্ত confused.

"Uh nothing." Greg said.

"Alright I'm sorry." Marlene said, finally feeling content. "Well, Greg আপনি know what?" He looked at her. "You cheated death. You've been প্রদত্ত a সেকেন্ড chance. Be grateful for that!" Marlene ব্যক্ত smiling.

He look at the ভোঁদড় with a hopeful face. " Your right Marlene. I have a new life. So I should take advantage of this one, and try not to die this time."

Marlene laughed. "Well আপনি do that" She ব্যক্ত walking to her bed. " But right now," She yawned "Let's get some shut eye."

"That's another great Idea আপনি had."

Authors Notes

Wow I didn't expect to উঠিয়ে রাখুন this chapter so fast. But there is a big reason why I did:

[1]: In the rated M section. There is a story called: A Chance at a সেকেন্ড Life. Hmm sounds familiar right. দ্বারা what I can tell দ্বারা the first chapter, It's about when a human dies and he gets turned into a penguin. And then he joins the penguins. That...is... AWESOME. Why আপনি ask? Someone liked my idea so much, that he/she took it and just made it his own. That's that kind of boost I need to write my story. So ottoXmandarin92, keep it up আপনি free loader! I'll think as this as a competition. The original author, versus the copycat. Well until পরবর্তি time!
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..YOU LOOK AT THE পরবর্তি PAGE.......................
was nurses and docters all crowded around Skipper how was laying on the hospital বিছানা shacking will the some of them were holding him down. One of the docters puting a oxagen mask on Skipper and held it there so he could breath easier. Then a nurse came in holding a shot with meadisen filled haf way to the top. As the meadisen was injeted into skipper to calm his হৃদয় rate down the room begian to fall into silence. Slower and slower his
heart started to bet. When the docters looked at the monuter they side in releaf when Skipper's হৃদয় rate...
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In fact, that night, Private had much difficulty in falling asleep. Simply the thought of a friend who was in need prevented the পেংগুইন from sleeping. He wondered if Rico was awake, too. He certainly hoped not. Private only wished the best for the regurgitating penguin.

Suddenly, a noise from below grasped Private’s full attention. On first inspection, it was difficult to determine what the sound was. Luckily, Private merely turned his head to the side and caught the perfect glimpse of Rico’s back. The heavyset পেংগুইন was slowly heading towards the television. This baffled Private, for...
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Skipper: Is the dummy ready?
Kowalski: I took advantage of the খাবার I could find under the table, and the gum made an excellent bonding material to hold it together. (proudly shows Skipper two পেংগুইন dummies made out of gross টাকো meat and other stuff, and disgusting pieces of chewed gum.)
Skipper: Outstanding! These will buy us a few precious moments.
The monster meat টাকো is moving around across the floor, looking around for the two পেংগুইন runaways. It is nearing their table. They quickly dive back under the tablecloth before they could be seen. পরবর্তি Kowalski makes a working গুল্তি ছোড়া shot using...
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Even supervillians still had nightmares.

Balanced on his scooter, the one-eyed শুশুক leaned against the railing of the pier and gazed at the ocean. It had been years since he had last set fluke in it. He had forgotten, in his time away, how to take care of himself there.

He heard it. The soft blow of an exhaling dolphin. It was followed দ্বারা another, then two more, then a few others, until a pod of Bottlenoses had surfaced and began to বৃত্ত the pier.

He smiled. Lowering himself to the floor of the platform, he reached under the final railing to caress his cetacean brethren. Like all dolphins,...
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