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What's that racket? What's that clatter?
We're under attack! It's a life অথবা death matter!
I was in a deep sleep চিনাবাদাম dream.
I heard what I believe to be a scream!
That wasn't me, that was Bada.
He, yo, I was just STARTLED!

But what is this light?
In the middle of the night?
You have it in your sight, it's behind me right?
What the heck is that?
What the heck-is that?!

Check out that mook, in the starry night sky.
Gimme a sec, to wipe the sleep from me eye.
You're showy and glowy and armed for combat!
What the heck is that?

Hey, wait! Does something seem quite wrong?
Oi, Joey's breaking out in song....
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 "Who's Private?" He asks, still confused...
"Who's Private?" He asks, still confused...
Alice snatches him from the doctor and takes him back to the Penguins’ Habitat. Private becomes confused দ্বারা the surroundings. Where was he? What is he doing here?...

Private: [Confused] "Where am I?"
Skipper: [Happy] "Welcome back, young Private!"
Private: "What?"
Kowalski: "We were so worried…"
Rico: "Im maka cake ('I made a cake')!"
Private: "Worried about what?"
Skipper: "Aren’t আপনি hurt, soldier?"
Private: "Hurt?" [Tries to walk] "Ow!"
Skipper: "Rico! Give him some Walking sticks!"
Rico: "Idunnohave! ('I don’t have')!"
Skipper: "Kowalski?"

Kowalski takes out two Crutches out of his lab and...
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I wrote this a couple months পূর্বে and..... I'm not 100% sure why I'm choosing to post it now... but........ Whatever.
CAPS= sung
Skipper: ON THE সেকেন্ড দিন OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE প্রণয় SHIPPED TO ME
2 ট্যাংকবিধ্বংসী ক্ষেপনাস্ত্র নিক্ষেপের হালকা BLASTERS
2 ট্যাংকবিধ্বংসী ক্ষেপনাস্ত্র নিক্ষেপের হালকা BLASTERS
2 ট্যাংকবিধ্বংসী ক্ষেপনাস্ত্র নিক্ষেপের হালকা BLASTERS...
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The Truth, Lies, and Doris - A Dorski Fanfiction: Part 1

    Kowalski woke up with a jolt, almost awakening the team from their deep slumber. He heard the soft thump of his হৃদয় pounding in his chest. Trying to calm himself, he quietly slipped out of his bunk and peered at the alarm clock.
"3:40?! I got to get back to sleep! Tomorrow there is agility training!"
    Kowalski rubbed his eyes and quietly headed back to the small bunk, oblivious to Skipper's disappearance.

The dock...

    Small পেংগুইন feet waddled across the dock,...
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Even supervillians still had nightmares.

Balanced on his scooter, the one-eyed শুশুক leaned against the railing of the pier and gazed at the ocean. It had been years since he had last set fluke in it. He had forgotten, in his time away, how to take care of himself there.

He heard it. The soft blow of an exhaling dolphin. It was followed দ্বারা another, then two more, then a few others, until a pod of Bottlenoses had surfaced and began to বৃত্ত the pier.

He smiled. Lowering himself to the floor of the platform, he reached under the final railing to caress his cetacean brethren. Like all dolphins,...
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posted by KowalskiTheLich
“Whoa, Skipper” ব্যক্ত Kowalski, stumbling backwards. “What are আপনি doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” ব্যক্ত Skipper. “I’m going to finish this before আপনি seriously hurt someone.” Skipper kicked out at Kowalski and Kowalski did a backflip to avoid it.

“Are আপনি two okay?” Skipper ব্যক্ত hurriedly to Private and Rico. Much to Skipper’s surprise, the two penguins ran over to Kowalski and stood in front of him, shielding Kowalski from Skipper.

“Skippa, stop!” ব্যক্ত Private. “Kowalski didn’t do anything! And if আপনি want to hurt him, you’ll have to go through us...
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posted by SJF_Penguin2
Off the Shelf
A Penguins of Madagascar fanfic
Chapter 1: "Operation: No আরো Foolish Risks"

It was a typical morning at the Central Park Zoo. The birds in the air were singing; their flightless cousins below were smiling and waving. Julien was kicking Mort off his feet; Alice had her feet on her desk. Mason and Phil were playing chess. Leonard was asleep. Marlene was out of her habitat and running toward the Zoovenir shop.

"Well, that's unusual," Private ব্যক্ত as he saw Marlene হাঁস behind a garbage can. She was about three-quarters of the way between her habitat and the Zoovenir ভান্দার entrance.

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“What বন্ধু Are For”
January 2, 2014

    “Hello, silly otter!” Julien called, striding up to Marlene, who was taking a walk through the zoo.

    Marlene came to a stop and turned to him. “Hey, Julien,” she replied. “What’s up?”

    “Oh, আপনি know, the usual,” Julien replied.

    “So, kicking Mort, drinking smoothies, and ordering Maurice around?” Marlene teased.

    “Oh, আপনি know me so well, Marlene,” Julien ব্যক্ত with a smug smile.

Marlene rolled her eyes. “So, what...
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Innocence 01.12.16

Disclaimer: MaryRose is an OC owned দ্বারা GrandOldPenguin. She is featured in his story, Beyond DNA as well as its short sequel, Operation: Fluffy পরাকাষ্ঠা Sugar. While credit for the idea and লেখা of this installment is mine, MaryRose belongs exclusively to GrandOldPenguin. In addition, I highly recommend পাঠ করা both Beyond DNA and Operation: Fluffy পরাকাষ্ঠা Sugar if আপনি haven’t already.

— § —

“Ugh! I can’t believe this!” MaryRose complained as she dropped into HQ, where Marlene was washing dishes.

Skipper dropped in behind her. “MaryRose, I told আপনি not to go places...
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Seeking Solace 03.08.15

Note: This chapter contains mild Skilene.

— § —

“Marlene?” Skipper called from behind Marlene.

Marlene sat in the park, staring at her reflection in the pond. She looked in Skipper’s direction, but couldn’t meet his eye. “What are আপনি doing here?” she asked.

Skipper frowned. “Someone told me they saw আপনি leave the zoo. I was worried. What’s wrong?” he asked sitting পরবর্তি to her.

Marlene glanced at him, afraid to answer. “It’s nothing. I just came out here to think.”

Skipper studied her. “Marlene, I know you. Something is troubling you. আপনি know...
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posted by Aquade
"It's that it?"

"No, there's still a few left, sir."

"Well? What are they? Give us a list. Rico and I will gather them as soon as he comes back from gathering the last তালিকা আপনি gave him."

"Sure! Just give me a few moments."

"This had better work, Private. I still say it's a waste of time."

"Don't worry! It will! I just hope that Kowalski is all right with it."

Kowalski paused on his way to the HQ's slightly covered entrance. Bits of conversation had seeped out, and they were not making any sense to the scientist. What were Private and Skipper talking about? That was not the thing what worried Kowalski,...
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Eight Months Later

Kowalski woke with a yawn and hopped down from the শীর্ষ bunk. He slugged his way over to the coffee machine to start Skipper’s brew when he realized it’d already been made. Suddenly alert, he turned to see Skipper’s bunk empty and a faint light coming from under his lab door. He gently pushed it open and peered in.

Skipper was facing away from him at the parallel bars Rico had built for him when he’d finally stood up from his wheelchair two weeks ago. So far, he hadn’t been able to do much but stand and pivot, but Skipper kept swearing he could feel in his gut that...
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Author's Note: And here's the পরবর্তি chapter. I also want to thank SaturdaySurpris for reviewing. Enjoy!

Private and I walked back to the zoo. “So,” asked Private, “how was it?”

I grinned at him. “Amazingly delicious.”

He beamed. “See, everybody likes snow cones.”

I laughed. “You were right, Private. Race আপনি back to the zoo.”

I took off sliding. He ran a little before launching himself. “Not fair!” yelled Private. “You got a head start!”

We arrived, laughing, at the পেংগুইন habitat. “Uh oh,” ব্যক্ত Private, sliding to a stop.

I followed his glance to see a very...
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Author's Note: Here's the পরবর্তি one! Hope আপনি like it!

About two weeks had passed since the visit from Leo. Thankfully, the penguins treated me the same way as they would if they had not heard about Billy. I think Skipper ordered them not to say anything. However, I know they knew.

Each of them would shoot a sympathetic glance at me when they thought I was not looking. I have heard Skipper talk to himself about me when everybody was asleep. Fortunately, I was now completely well and could train once more. Unfortunately, Skipper and I argued a lot.

I breathed in the fresh scent of early morning....
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Author's Note: Here's the পরবর্তি chapter. I decided to post both of them because
(1) I had them already typed out on my computer
(2) I didn't update the story for a while
(3) I wanted to celebrate 2014!
Also, this chapter is in nobody's PoV. The other chapters (except otherwise noted) will be in Nathan's PoV. Enjoy!

“Nathan didn’t always work alone,” explained Leo. “He had a partner –Billy.”

“What happened?” asked Private.

“I’ll get to that part soon,” ব্যক্ত Leo. “Together, Billy and he were one of the best.”

He glanced at Skipper. “Perhaps আপনি know them, Skipper.”

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posted by Aquade
Author's Note: Happy New Year! Here's the পরবর্তি chapter!

For the সেকেন্ড time that day, I woke up –this time with the smell of sardines. Private’s face was hovering close by, and that was the first thing I saw. “He’s awake!” Private yelled.

I held a flipper to my head and groaned. “Remind me not to spin my head like that again,” I said.

Rico smiled at me. He ব্যক্ত something I didn’t understand. “Sorry,” I said. “What did আপনি say?”

Private translated. “He says that you’ll get well soon.”

I glanced at Rico. He nodded in confirmation. Kowalski waddled over. “Perhaps...
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posted by Aquade
Author's Note: For the people, fanguins, cookies, and others who wanted this story to continue. Once again, this has absolutely nothing to do with the holiday season but enjoy!

The first realization I had that I wasn’t dead was voices –familiar, annoying voices. I had never been so glad to hear anyone in my life. “When is he going to wake up, Skipper?”

I knew that voice. I frantically searched in my mind for the name of the speaker. Private. That was his name. Skipper replied. “I don’t know, Private. I don’t know.”

I heard a barely contained sob, and the sounds of another comforting...
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Author's Note: This has nothing to do with বড়দিন at all. Just finished it and decided to post it. Enjoy!

Lobsters were running into each other and spilling whatever they were holding onto the ground. My ears were ringing, because somebody had set off an explosion fifteen feet away from me. Fog seemed to cover my eyes, making it hard to see two feet in front of me.

I heard voices –penguin voices near me. My throat was dry, and I could only manage a little আরো than a croak. “What are আপনি doing here?” I yelled the best I could.

One of the penguins –a flat-headed one- turned and stared...
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Scene 1


"It's coming! Dan! Come quick! He's hatching!"

"Coming Teressa!"

*Teressa & Dan watch as their first egg hatches*

Teressa: *picks up hatchling & cradles it* "Oh, Dan! It's a boy! What should we name it?"

Dan: "Um, how about Skipper? It means leader."

Teressa: "Yes! That's it! Baby Skipper."

Skipper: "Mama!"

Teressa: "Yes, darling! Mama. And Dada." *gestures toward Dan*

5 Years Later...

Skipper: *runs up to Teressa & Dan* "Hi mom! Hi dad!"

Dan: "Hi son! How was school?"

Skipper: "Oh, it was a lot of fun. Is it okay if I go to Jake's to play?"

Dan: "It's alright with me. Teressa?"...
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posted by RockOnPoM
Chapter 1: Who Calls At Midnight

Marlene's Habitat, 11:57PM

Marlene was sitting down, waiting for a specific Dragon Fly to appear. Finally, he arrived.

"Hey Marlene. Ready to plan all o' this?" asked Scouter.

"Of course I am. Look, I kept a map of the পেংগুইন lair. Ya know, in case of emergencies. There are 4 main enterances. First one is the hole hidden দ্বারা the penguin's খাবার bowl. The পরবর্তি are the two windows underwater from the পেংগুইন habitat. The last one is the air vent. But I doubt I would be able to fit in those pipes." Marlene explained.

"I got an idea. How about I go through the pipes,...
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